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  1. thanks for sharing this cache! How awesome! I've added it to my "Must do Cache list"
  2. It's never too cold, or too hot or to rainy or whatever to cache! LOL
  3. GPSFUN is the reviewer for SC, he is more than helpful. I do know that SC DOT has a policy that no caches are allowed on thier right of ways (the side of the road to include guard rails and bridges.) I had a couple caches not allowed because I had them on a guard rail on a small bridge on a back country paved road. I was told that hwy patrol will seek out the hider and fine them.
  4. We have a local moving cache here and although I only found/logged it once the rule on the cache page states you may find it multiple times, just (i believe) 5 cachers have to find it in-between your finds. Some have logged this cache many multiple times over the years. Are they cheating? IMHO, they are not. And in thier eyes they aren't cheating, and I do not think they are cheating, because they are playing thier game, but everyone plays this game different. I would feel I was cheating myself, and wouldn't log it again.
  5. In the post that I was responding to, he said it had been archived. He may have meant "disabled", but I saw "archived". You can't move coordinates that far by yourself. It takes a reviewer to move more than 528', I believe. I know of a local cache that has been moved over 1000 ft. Down a different path, in a new area, and a different hide, but still has the same GC number. I have no idea why a CO would move a cache a couple hundred feet, and not archive it and start a new one. I think that is as bad as someone logging it as a found. If the cache owner can do that and feel good about themselves, then a finder should be able to log it and feel good about themselves. That being said I will often go re-find a cache that has been moved a significant amount. Hunting for and finding new caches is what it is about for me. However, if it has the same GC number I just log it with a note, not a found. As to the idea of cheating. This is generally a personal game, not a competition. If you decide how you want to play, then play that way every-time, it would be hard to say you were cheating. Just playing different. edited to say, I somehow quoted the wrong post. However, you still get my point. the cheating part is commented here is what I mean
  6. I should have been more clear, new GC code is a new cache. Same GC code then its cheating to me. If you don't think its cheating, then claim it again, its your rules. I am not calling others cheaters, only myself....and I don't cheat myself so I wouldn't do it
  7. Having two smileys for one cache is cheating in my eyes, and I wouldn't re-find it, and you are only cheating yourself. Those are the rules I play by. If you feel its not wrong to log two smileys because it moved then do so.
  8. its a great thread to bring back though, I enjoyed reading the threads, until I realized it was from 2006 then I kinda went meh. lol
  9. I'm going through withdrawls I need to get on a trail and find a geocache, or just find a geocache somewhere its been about a week!
  10. Lostinreno---WOW I nearly forgot how hot it would be at midnight, 99 degrees and its freakin midnight! lol Yeah snoogans sure is hot, dry heat or not lol
  11. Clan Riffster- I think its important to point out you posted AVERAGES tempratures. I lived in the las vegas valley from 96-99 and somedays we saw temps over 115 multiple days in a row. Yes its hot lol
  12. nevermind these aren't alkaline batteries. Not a good deal.
  13. Another great woot deal for 3 20pack of aa or aaa batteries for 5.99. Not sure about the brand, but for 10 bucks (with shipping) its worth it. I am not affiliated with Woot at all, just thought I would share with the community that uses alot of batteries! lol
  14. its a great deal, i got the set they had up a couple weeks ago
  15. I apologize if I took it out of context, but that doesn't leave much room for interpretation... Nope you didn't, you got me, I forgot that post =P. Honestly I am torn on what I would do, half of me says to act as if this thread doesn't exist and drive. The other half says, ok, I'm not allowed to drive on this trail, so I will hike it...and truthfully I probably couldn't answer this until I actually got out there. Of course this is all hypothetical, if I ever get a chance to go to Nellis AFB again, I won't be going after the alien head or the ET trail. I will go after caches that I can legally drive my jeep too, and there are plenty, and look more fun
  16. I do realize that not every cacher is on the forums, and that most, if not all, would look at that trail and say that it's "established." But for you to sit here and say that you would still drive the trail, even after you've learned the rules... Well, there's not much more I can really say about a total disregard for the landowner's wishes... You qouted me out of context.
  17. Thanks for the thread, I found two perfect gifts for my wife, the awesome T-shirt and ornament! My wife is a huge fan of Survivor and geocaching, perfect!
  18. Yes, to YOU it does. But to the rest of us, who have read every post since the thread started, know that, according to the BLM, it is NOT an existing trail. It's pretty obvious that some people here have skimmed right over this clutch post by Clan Riffster. Here ya go, go ahead and give it another read. HINT: The bold portion is very important. So, as you other people can (hopefully) see, this trail, though it exists insofar as we can physically see it, does not exist as far as the BLM is concerned. Therefore, driving on this trail would be regarded as driving off of an existing or established trail. that's great, but you realize that a very small precentage of geocachers actually use these forums? I am giving realistic idea of what would happen, based off what I would do...it's not a fact, just my opinion, based off statistics if one person feels that way, there is sure to be many more...and based off the trail that is made, its safe to bet that is what is happening. Like I said if you do not know about the forums, and you do a search on off-road use of BLM lands, thier rules say "use existing trails, or washes". It doesn't say "use existing trails that are listed on our maps or numerically designated" I spent about an hour on thier website yesterday, looking on thier maps, it's not user friendly by any means. So I am standing by what I said, by driving to the location, and you see a trail, you do not know that the trail goes from cache to cache, you won't realize that until you started. You know that BLM rules say to use existing trails, based off thier website. It looks like a existing trail when you get there, so you drive on it.
  19. NEWHERE, I took a look at the map where you made your finds, and briefly looking over the area, if I were to go there, one area that looks interesting is the davidson-arabia mountain national perserve. looks like about 6-7 caches there, one i looked at had 7 favorites and a 3 star terrain. Also Stone Mountain east of Scottdale has alot of caches, and is actually a place we plan on visiting in the future. Sweetwater creek state park also looks promising. It took me about 5 minutes to look at your area. Not bragging by any means...but I am sure you would enjoy finding those caches. I would be pleased to know if you go to one of these places on your next day off and post your experiance
  20. Just like the dead body found in the link below looked real enough?? For crying out loud. The Front Row WOW! It amazes me the lack of common sense people lack, look at the dang eyes on the thing, you can tell just from the picture it is fake
  21. a simple smell check would have solved the issue at hand. (pun intended lol)
  22. That and the BLM charts. Those, I imagine, are pretty clear as well. I'm all for romping in the desert. Legally. I've broken more than a few truck parts in the sand, so I'm not an anti-4WD person. Does the BLM provide this information? Because I can't find it anywhere. (I have to admit I didn't look very hard) Bottom line, I did more then probably alot of people who wheel (just assuming) and the trail looks like a existing trail to me, so I would drive on it. The BLM website says you can drive on existing washes too, maybe this whole area is a wash?? Doubtful I am sure. So my main question is, how does the BLM let the public know which trails are acceptable to drive on? Are they clearly marked? The serious people here put in a hard and concerted effort to find out where they go off road in the various vehicles. The less than serious ones, and the ones who cause the most problems for the off roading community here, see a trail and drive on it after casually flitting through a website which then affects the community as a whole as land managers aren't keen on that sort of thing. All it took was for one person here to get information from talking a person. I imagine the serious people not only casually flit through a website but if really conscientious about how their actions may affect a community as a whole will pick up the phone if they do not get clear enough information. I would bet if you ask for a map from the BLM they will gladly give you one. I can assure you I am a serious driver. I should have included why I didn't search to hard for a map. My trip was cancelled and I didn't feel the need to keep researching since I wasn't going.
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