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  1. try downloading the app geobucket. its actually pretty cool.
  2. I suggest we have the ability to be able to set our default map from the options given to us. I would personnaly love to be able to set my default map to the OSM maps and not mapquest maps.
  3. I have spent the last couple days updating my local town, talk about roads not being correct. It's actually alot of fun. I do not like the mapquest maps, but the OSM maps have the potentional to be amazing. As long as people continue to contribute they have massive potential. As far as all these people complaining, these maps aren't going anywhere, geocaching isn't going anywhere. Learn to adapt, that is if you want to continue to cache. Imagine what it must have been like when caching first started, they didn't have these fancy-dancy maps anyways.
  4. Check out geo bucket, its made for the Ipad, its free, I have a Ipad2 wi-fi only version, it allows you to access your PQs online, and it downloads them to your offline map, you can use it in the field, and its really awesome. It has ads at the bottom of the map, no pop ups, and u can pay 4 bucks to get rid of them, the ads dont bother me. I really like it and plan to use my ipad to navigate to caches and then the dakota when on foot. Also I don't blame GS, Google can suck it, first they change thier privacy policy, to basically be able to track everything you do and watch and purchase, and tell you some crap about trying to make a better internet, when in truth it is to sell to businesses to make money. Now they decide to start charging for maps that have been free forever. Wonder how they feel now that they just lost 2 million hits a day??? I bet thats a huge chunk in thier hits. Edit to add: I actually like the OSM maps, except I cant believe there is huge bodies of water missing in my area, also there is a national forest near by and it is not identified....I've already made a OSM account, and look forward to contribute to hiking trails taht arent on the map. I wish they had a legend, so I can tell the different between a hiking trail or some dirt road trail, I've seen purple dotted lines and brown dotted lines, How the heck do u have bodies of water added? Like a giant lake near a major city lol
  5. Its 403pm EST and the maps seem to be loading kinda quickly then they were over an hour ago when I first tried.
  6. maybe Groundspeak doesn't want to pay google millions of dollars a year for something that has been free
  7. Good Luck TAR! Pull through fast and get back out there!
  8. Is geocaching more addicted to cigerettes? I don't know. Is geocaching addicting? Why YES! yes it is!
  9. WOW! I just did a search for Dallas Fort Worth....look at all those caches!!! you should be happy!!!! Do me a favor and search Elgin, SC. and then think about your comment. Talk about saving gas money lol You should be content just finding caches, i would never have time to actually place one there lol
  10. what a great thread, I actually enjoy reading these stories. I have a couple stories to share. The first one is when my caching buddy and I planned a 3 day canoe trip and on the first day we flipped our canoe on the last section of rapids. It was the only class II rapid and it was only a drop, we hit the only submerged rock and quickly turned the canoe over. We didn't get on our knees to lower the center of balance, nor did my friend prepare to get wet. I lost my wedding ring and ruined my 400 dollar camera. We were miles from nowhere and still had about 15 miles to go before our first stop and 12 caches to grab. I studied the river for months, and I knew deep down that those were the last rapids, but I was on the verge of panic, my topo map in my GPS showed another "X" ahead, I thought the X's were rapids, all the other X's have been. It wasn't. I wanted to quit...that was the first time in my life I almost lost it and totally freaked out, you can get your self killed if you panic, I calmed myself down, ate a early lunch, dried off our gear and off we went. Luckly I was alittle more prepared, everything I had was in ziplocs and my tent and sleeping bag were in double trashbags. My friend not so lucky. lol The second one was were I went on my first solo 5 mile hike to the top of Turtle Head Peak in Red Rock Canyon State park near Las Vegas, I went prepared, 9 of 10 essentials (no shelter temps in 80s in the day 40s at night) camel pak with 2 liter bag. I found 5 or 6 caches that day, hiked about 8 miles (alot for me then) I ran out of water half way down the mountain. I also had hiking shoes that didnt fit right, and my front big toes were killing me, had blisters under my big toe and my toes were black and blue for months. Luckly I only needed 2 miles to get to the car, and it was 80 degrees, but I so needed the water!
  11. wow i first thought this was a joke, the first two threads I read this morning are about geocachers who have died. I am really sorry to hear about this, his videos helped inspire me in geocachings and fueled my desire to pursue this hobby
  12. I'm glad to hear you went peacefully in pursuit of something you love. This pretty much sums it up, what anyone could wish for. Condolences to his friends and family. I am sure he will be missed.
  13. There! I just added more numbers to my profile. Thanks for the idea. I can find DNF numbers, sort by caches and by DNFs, my page says I have 201 entries
  14. found a 3 month old joint in a cache. I know it was 3 months old because the person signed the log with a stamp of a leaf and dated it lol. 30 seconds to us finding the cache a security guard showed up who barely spoke english to see what we were doing. It may have only been a joint, but I don't want to have to try and explain why i was ticketed/arrested in california for drugs to my squadron commander. lol
  15. personnally I really enjoy seeing all those caches on the map turn into smileys. =)
  16. You could create an event and have everyone meet top-side after the life boat drill..
  17. my numbers matter to me, but I dont care about anyone elses.
  18. Please archive your yard cache. There is nothing more creepy than a cache in someone's front yard. I'll not even consider doing it and sort of get ticked off when I get to GZ and realise what it is. There is a reason people run away when they see you, despite the cache page welcoming them. They don't know you, they don't know the cache page is legit, and they don't know your not some perv trying to lure people to his house to then throw in a well 'Silence of the Lambs' style. Yard caches......gives me shudders just thinking about them. Agreed +1
  19. I've never been a Reviewer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn once. So... I feel like this qoute needs to go in my signature too but I already have one from you, so I dont want to look like a forum stalker. lol some of the stuff you say really cracks me up, thanks for the laugh
  20. Wow Mr. Yuck!! That is crazy, I don't know if I would have the guts to do that one. Although when I got to GZ I might change my mind lol. I found a cool website searching for extreme caches last night. http://www.extreme-caching.com/ Also here is one: DEATH WISH
  21. Thank you. You just made my evening. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Glad someone found it funny
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