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  1. thats what the responsible adult in me says, but I want to do it NOW!! LOL, if 5-6 mile hikes in the local state forests/parks are long, then we have already done those! lol
  2. wow i said it outloud, i want to trade in my dream car for a USED JEEP, TO GEOCACHE!!!!! I think there is something wrong with me
  3. I'm sure glad I am not the only one. I am actually considering trading in my dream car i bought last year (2010 Camaro SS) I could afford a boat payment and a jeep payment and probably 2 ATV payments for the car payment. Although I would be upside down in any trade, and my wife thinks I am crazy and would hate myself for doing it, I am seriously considering it
  4. I think I have a geocaching problem. The wife and I have been doing this for a month. She likes to find any cache nearby and wants to find all near our house, alot of these I don't have a interest in, but will still do it because it is still fun. Thats not my problem, my problem is that I want to go out and buy 100's-1000's of dollars in backpacking/camping gear, a 4x4 vehicle, 2 ATV's, some type of watercraft, become a expert mountian climber, and become certified SCUBA diver, THOSE are the caches I want to find!!!! This is not financially possible or responsible for me, but I am constantly pricing boats,jeeps, and 4-wheelers AT WORK! Do I have a problem? will my obsession subside? Please note: Although what I said above is true, I do have willpower and probably will never do all the above, but I just wanted to share my feelings with you all, and see some of your replies. and I do have very limited experiance from my teenage/early 20's of everything above except SCUBA diving, I'm 35 now and do not own anything above LOL...thought i would add some background info there.
  5. I am new, the first cache we set out to find was a micro because it was .5 miles from our house, it took me three trips, I had to email the cache owner for a hint, I found it. This was our first experiance with a LPC (light pole cache) they SUCK! lol
  6. good info thanks for the advice, even though this isn't my thread. lol My wife and I decided to not place our own cache until we found 100. And we have also decided the one we place will mean something important to us.
  7. From what I hear, Nuvi's with pedestrian mode are fine. I mean Garmin wouldn't add the feature and call it Pedestrian mode, if they didn't expect people to get out of the car and walk with it, right? The only downfall (no pun intended) I see is the durability. And waterproofedness. Is the Nuvi 1300 waterproof? Are any of the Garmin models with pedestrian mode waterproof? And I see you're not a premium member LoneGrangers, but I've heard they have a really nice GSAK macro for loading all the cache information for paperless caching into the Nuvi as POI's. I wouldn't know any of this though, as I roll with a Tom Tom. But I'm sure there's a macro for that too. Mr. Yuck, No it sure isn't waterproof, after this weekend I am looking into hand helds. The oregon 450 looks amazing, but at the other end I like the Magellan Explorist GC. Price will probably be a factor in my decision lol. I enjoy going after the caches out in the wilderness a lot more than the urban ones, So although the nuvi would work great in either environment, in the future I know I will be going on overnight trips in search for caches, and the 4 hour battery life just wont cut it. But thanks for the heads up on the Macro, My wife and I decided that if we can find 100 caches that this hobby will probably become a permanent one, and at that point I will upgrade our membership, and at the same time purchase a hand held.
  8. I use a car GPS, garmin nuvi 1300, it has pedestrian mode, and has been very useful, until yesterday, i went down a steep hill to grab a cache and hit some loose rocks, landed on my butt, and cracked the touch screen. (left backpack on top of the hill) I'm just glad I bought the accidental warranty at best-buy, I've only had it for 3 weeks. Next purchase, a hand held GPS. The battery life on my garmin is 4 hours, and it hasnt been a issue yet, but in the future I know it is going to be. And to the guy placing caches without a GPS, what are you thinking when you put FOOD in a cache?! Common sense should tell you thats a bad idea...but then again common sense isn't to common.
  9. I am new and only have 1 coin out, would love more, and in the future would pay it forward!
  10. But what is the difference? If you can't beat the champ you can't be the champ. This +1
  11. more the 75% of the plastic containers I have found (havent found many) have all been wet inside from condensation, even the lock-n-locks I have found, the only ones i have found dry inside are ammo cans. Anything to prevent condensation build up? how about those "do not eat" silica pouches that are put in every box you buy, the silica sucks up the mositure.
  12. I agree with J the goat, being new myself I dont think he meant to offend you, and he is right, showing the more experianced cachers the cache in question is not calling anyone out.
  13. yeah Kwhart, my wife and I decided that when we do go backpacking, we want to go with others who have done it before, but first we are going to car camp on our own a few times to make sure she will like it.
  14. Well, my wife and I had a blast this weekend, we went to a local state park to find all the caches in the park, 13 in total, we DNF'd two of them and didn't even get to hunt down 4 of them, we started later in the afternoon, so we ran out of daylight. We also learned that the garmin nuvi 1300 isn't going to hack it on anything longer than 4 hours, Im just glad I printed a topographic map of the park, because our GPS died in the middle of the woods lol. The park also has a small lake, and they rent canoes for like 12 bucks for the entire day, we are going to go back to give them a try. Other then the "swarm" of yellow jackets that scared my wife to death (swarm = 4 when we decided to eat lunch) it was alot of fun, and she really enjoyed being out in the woods.
  15. so far the few places i have been that have trash, i would have been there all day picking up trash.
  16. just want to share my wife and I's first hunting experience last saturday. We went out to retrieve the 6 closest caches near our house, one is 1 mile away, it was a parking lot cache, needless to say we didn't find it. it had 90 logs entered, all finds. I went there 3 times!! The 3rd time we found it only because i emailed the CO, it was in a light pole micro LOL, come to learn on these forums, thats a pretty common place to hide them, lol
  17. Just to show how little I know, I've always thought it was very easy to tip in a canoe, and it was alot of work to maintain your balance in it.
  18. thanks briansnat, i was actually thinking bout a two person kayak. I never have been in a canoe lol
  19. thanks for the good advice, i plan on following it, baby steps.
  20. wow the architect looks awesome!!
  21. Yeah I guess your right, I was at work when i typed this and was in a hurry because i had a meeting to goto lol, this should probably go in the backpacking area. Thanks for your advice, that sounds like the path i need to take, my wife has zero outdoor experience.
  22. I started geocaching with my wife last weekend, learned about it from a friend at work, borrowed a coworkers gps unit from 1999 and went out and started finding ones near my house, after the 6th one (only found 2 of 6) we went to best buy and bought a new garmin nuvo 1300, its awesome! The wife and I are up to 12 finds, and the ones that were the most fun to us were in a wildlife refuge area for a local university. Talk about AWESOME...I am hooked to this...35 years old and never heard of geocaching lol I can tell which ones I will like the best, the ones that require hikes/backpacking away from people...some of the ones i've seen with people canoeing to get to the location, the very adventurous kind. I haven't been camping since I was 15, I've never been in a canoe either lol, but I've always wanted too. I would love to go on a hike that takes a day to get to a cach, stay over night and hike out, I guess i should build up to those, and get my wife used to being in the "woods" Do you experianced hikers carry weapons with you? Is it even necassary? for bears, rattlesnakes, drug runners, etc? lol Would it be irresponsible to go on a weekend hiking trip without ever doing it before with just my wife? I've read what you need to have, I'm in the military, shelter, water, and staying dry are the most important items. I was thinking more on the lines of going to camp grounds and hiking out of there to find caches first, get my wife used to "roughing it" and I need to be reaquainted with it. thoughts/opinions? Sorry for the long post, but I am obsessed with geocaching right now.
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