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  1. Sorry I only see this thread as a clever way to advertise what you are selling on ebay, or SPAM
  2. No we won't! That is probably the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time. When have you seen us argue, huh? I don't think that is what TAR was saying. Besides, what does he know? Hey Chad, i thought this post was hilarious lol
  3. This year christmas was a beginning geocachers dream! It was a coordinated effort from my wife and her family. Lets see I got: Garmin Dakota 20 (Awesome!! way better then the mobile one we got with a 4 hour battery life) from the wife A geocaching starter kit, has a bunch of micro containers, and everything you need to repair a cache, cool gift from mother-in-law Some nice trekking poles from mother in-law H-Tec Waterproof hiking shoes from the wife underarmor moisture wicking underclothes from the wife leatherman - wife a very nice backpack with internal frame step-mother in-law bunch of trail snacks and jerky wife got some trekking poles from me a geocaching t-shirt - her mom a travel bug - mom a day pack with fanny pack - me (fanny pack perfect to stick her camera in for quick access when on the trails) Almost ready for the outdoors, still missing some vital items like a TENT! lol but these items really jump started us.
  4. Sorry but I disagree with you completely, if you suspect that someone is impersonating a police officer and trying to have you pull over, I would NOT pull over, slow down, turn on your flashers so they know you are aware of their presence and dial 911, the 911 operator can verify if the LEO behind you is actually a LEO and then you can pull over. My safety and my wifes safety is far more important than a ticket, and any reasonable officer will understand.
  5. the article didn't make alot of sense, or perhaps, I have been having a few to many drinkss
  6. I have a refrigerator that runs great for trade, but you have to catch it.
  7. This is a sport played with a GPS and it's not supposed to be "easy". Clearly, you're not cut out for it. Recommend you immediately return to playing video games on the couch. Problem solved. G'day. Great! Rather than trying to reel a potential geocacher back in after a perceived bad start, we should alienate them further by telling them to go away. Brilliant! It's not a sport, and it should be simple. Finding caches may not be easy, but getting the chance to get to look for them should most definitely be. And if our new users are having a hard time with any part of our fun little game here, we should be listening before we lose them to sitting on the couch. Or worse, to opencaching.com or any other rival geocaching websites. If enough people get frustrated and leave, or we do what you just did and alienate new members to the point that they don't become new members, guess what happens to your ability to go geocaching. If trying to find a object that requires you to hike miles into the mountains, repel down cliffs and caves and bridges, scuba dive shipwrecks, and doing so increases your find count and smileys on the map is not a sport, I'm not sure what is, billiards is a game, but they call it a sport, its on ESPN, same with texas hold-em, those are games, this is most definitely a sport, unless you just go look for all the 1/1's in shopping center parking lots
  8. I have some Pneumatic Fluid we could trade I have it by the 55 gal drum.
  9. If your cache doesn't warrent a good long positive log entry, you get a TFTC, if you want to place a cache behind a shopping center 10 feet into the brush, where the place is littered with trash, and you somehow as a CO thinks this is a great spot for a cache, all you are getting from me is a found it or TFTC. Or even better yet any LPC, they will never get anything other than a TFTC from me.
  10. Please update the beta soon to show smileys, and filtering options! Otherwise I love it!
  11. briansnat could you give me the link to the cache on the RR bridge? I'd really like to read about that one and see pictures if people have them..I love reading logs of the difficult/fun caches out there...you could PM it to me if you like And I dont really understand the obsession with numbers, I personally dont care how much caches other people have found or how many I find, but Im not gonna log something I didn't find. Sorry i dont have any funny log entries to contribute. sorry i didnt realize this was 38 pages long lol, its on the first page of this topic LOl
  12. i was just thinking how that would be cool just last night lol, funny there is a thread today
  13. I refuse to do yard caches...I think they are retarded to put it lightly.
  14. If those pictures don't spell AWESOME, i don't know what does. And thanks for those links Lil Cav i will check them out!
  15. I'm glad I created this thread, I'm not alone!
  16. If there was any post here that would push me in the direction to jump on a Jeep is this one right here. I'm glad your wife is doing well and you get to spend time with her geocaching.
  17. I'll and a serious answer myself. In the case of the "some sort of watercraft" to get to some of 5* terrain caches that require a boat, kayak/canoe rentals are often available and reasonably inexpensive if you live near the ocean or large body of water. Be warned though, paddling can be as addicting as geocaching and my boat ownership and geocaching linkages went the other direction. I owned 3 kayaks and a canoe before I started geocaching. I can understand, I've always loved the outdoors, and to explore and see things in person, but I've never had the drive to go camping just to camp, or go hiking out in the wilderness just to hike, or get a boat, just to boat. This gives me a reason or a purpose to go out in the woods to hike or boat or even 4 wheel on approved trails, doing it just for the fun in doing those things was never enough for me, now I have a reason. Is that weird, or is that the case for alot of cachers?
  18. John, I am surrounded by 4 lakes and 2 rivers, I know how you feel
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