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  1. I heard my two coworkers having a conversation about caching or geohunting, they didn't know exactly what it was, but they were interested in finding something to do when thier kids get alittle older. I talked to them about it and decided to google "caching". And found geocaching.com. I thought this would be something my wife and I would enjoy. My boss offered me his old GPSr from 1994 (its Oct. 2010). I went home, created a account that night and loaded manually the 6 closiest caches. I explained it to my wife, which she didn't seem very interested and thought it was dumb, but that sat. morning we went out to find the 6 i loaded in this ancient GPSr. We only found 3 of them, with DNFing the first one we searched for. (we looked for that one 3 times and its a 1/1) My wife and I were instantly hooked, but not 100% convienced we went to Best Buy Sunday and bought a car NUVI 1300. We thought if we didn't like it, we would at least have a car GPSr. We been caching ever since, she bought me a dakota 20 for Christmas and we love it. Geocaching has changed my life. I traded in my 2010 Camaro SS for a 2007 Jeep wrangler. I've taken up mountian biking because of it, we have started camping to find them, and are slowly gathering gear to backpack to find them. I am also wanting a Kayak.
  2. +100....and snakes and bears and humans, but I still get out there!
  3. go ahead and place it, you will get tired of replacing it with in 10 days. If you even know it's gone, since it's a cache for muggles and not geocachers, it will never be reported as missing. So yeah GREAT idea go ahead and do it.
  4. I think you said a mouthful there! Well put. Thanks knowschad
  5. I find it a little sad that your desire for a number outweighs your desire to even try something that you say sounds like and probably would be fun. I intend to "wait and see" what the product looks like before I pass judgement one way or the other. Given that both the "bring back Virtuals" and "Virtuals aren't Geocaches" crowds both cling to their beliefs with near-religious furor, makes me think a solution that makes both sides equally angry might just mean Groundspeak got it perfectly right. One of the coolest things is to log into the site and pull up your local map and see all those containers turn into smilies. I am not competing against anyone, I enjoy watching my numbers increase, and seeing all the smilies on the map. If the new thing doesn't show that, again I don't see the point. It's hardly sad, it's just a game and we all play it our own way.
  6. I enjoy the current virtuals because they are rare. Thats the only reason, I don't want to see them return. This new "challenge" although sounds like fun, and will probably be, I have no intentions of finding any of them, if I don't get a smiley or a number there is no point IMO, just like benchmarks.
  7. thanks for the log entry, enjoyed reading it, and I highly suggest a bike helmet if you mountain bike, the only ones who will see you wearing it, are other riders, and they will be wearing them as well. LOL. One wrong turn or slip in the sand, or navigated a obstacle wrong, and your head may meet a tree
  8. We are at the beach near Charleston, SC. and are 4 away from 500. We plan on finding http://coord.info/GC2MK1K for 500. it looks to be a 1.5 mile hike up the coast where its very secluded. Should be fun as we already solved it.
  9. congrats! I remember hitting a 100...it wasn't that long ago lol. We are 4 away from 500 now been caching for 8 months.
  10. like benchmarks if the new virtuals don't count in my find count I won't be finding them.
  11. I hate micros in the middle of the woods, but I feel the need to find every cache around my area so I don't filter them out, I just don't spend long looking for them, unless I went far out of the way for it.
  12. lol....i personally hate logging a DNF when I am the only one to DNF, specially when the find count is over 50 or so.
  13. Committed? YES! lol...I traded in my 2010 SS Camaro for a 2007 jeep wrangler...to cache, and we are about to purchase 2 kayaks or a canoe...to cache lol
  14. It's hard because I want to put out a fun one, or one with a great view, but I don't think there are alot of cool enough places around my location that I may be forced to place a guard rail or LPC or something simuliar. I have a challenge in mind, but do I want to place a challenge as my first cache??? I think the regulars around here would just appreciate another cache nearby. But I want something that earns favorite points...thats what I want for any cache I place. I want people to see my CO name, and can't wait to go find my cache because they know it will be awesome...Maybe I set to high of standards? lol
  15. I think to suggest that the hider didn't "even put any thougth into them" is unfair and insulting. I bet the CO put a lot of work trying to find locatins that were available, making log sheets, purchasing cache containers etc. I think more cachers need to be happy that there are caches to find. And if you don't like them, there are plenty more or there to find. This ^^
  16. My wife and I said we would place a cache at 100, we are almost at 500, do you think its time? LOL
  17. I once put a log entry on a cache that was in someones front yard....I hated it, i felt i had to find it, but i was to uncomfortable searching in someones front yard for a cache. I was pretty rude in my DNF Log, the owner sent me an email said it was for her grandmom who couldn't cache anymore, so she could see/talk to other cachers when they came to find it (didnt say in description)...I felt like the lowiest person on earth, I apologized, and changed the log entry...then ignored it so i wouldn't see it on the map or pq anymore.
  18. Im jealous of some of your maps. http://www.photoshop.com/users/granger1/assets/f6e17da9e5b54509886b5962fbd91fcc
  19. Honestly to me, even though your posts are well written and sound intelligent, you are not making any sense, who is to decide what is dangerous? If ground speak says a blind corner cache is dangerous to muggle motorists. Then rock climbing caches are dangerous to muggle rock climbers because the georockclimbers could get them killed by falling rocks or them falling on the innocent bystanders them self, or get themselves stranded and SAR teams could get themselves killed for attempting to rescue. We don't need ground speak to step in and be Big Brother.
  20. Well said....I can sum this well written post into two words: Personal Responsiblity
  21. i needed some magnets tied to about 8 feet of fishing line to grab a cache. Tried that idea in my area but all the fence posts are full of water at the bottom. I take bug spray, a flash light and a notepad and pen. and trackables if i ahve any.
  22. great blog criminal!!! I really enjoyed reading some of them, specially liked the mt. zion one, and the one where you attempted to recover the owners pack. Very cool of you, is it possible for you to link the cache that was up there, i would like to read it.
  23. I would waymark if it was intergrated into the geocache site, much like benchmarking. I dont have the desire to use two different sites....and not getting a smiley on google maps sucks
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