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  1. I would love to see a 3rd rating criteria that rated the creativity, cleverness, overall "fun factor" of a cache. Possibly this could actually be voted on by the finders when they log their find, possibly just by the cache owner or the approver. This would be a rating of how much thought went into creating and/or placing the cache, not the quality of the swag, not a way to vote against, say, micros, because you happen to not like them, etc. I really think that this could serve to improve the quality of caches overall. I mean, who'd want to place a cache with a Fun Factor of 1 star? For that matter, who would want to go looking for it.
  2. When I was 8 years old, and even today at 55, I consider "buried" to mean "covered with dirt". Digging a hole is digging a hole. Putting something into that hole is putting something into that hole. Filling the hole in is burying what I put in the hole.
  3. I see the best caches being adopted and maintained over generations. They will become famous tourist spots in the future.
  4. We meet again, sir_zman . That is a very nice improvement over your previous version! Now, if you could make the cache name into a clickable link to the geocaching.com log page...
  5. Unfortunately, I don't have room on my ancient home computer for another browser, and I can't install Firefox on my work computers. Hopefully Avantbard will be able to come up with a fix! Has anybody heard of geocaching.com is planning on adding Google maps to the cache pages?
  6. Even the revised version doesn't work for me. I'm using Internet Explorer... perhaps that only works in some versions? I've used bookmarklets before and found that some work, and some don't.
  7. My dog is very intellegent. I have him decode the clues for me while I hunt. By the way, all of you leash-lawers... how do you expect a dog to get any real exercise if it is always on a leash? They love to, and NEED to run. Yes, dog owners do need to respect the laws where they sadly exist, and to respect the rights of others, but to say that a dog must always be leashed is inhumane.
  8. This weekend, I found three warm, but unopened beers. Probably left by some kids, stolen from their parents. It was a humid 90 degree day... I sure wish they had left them on ice for me!
  9. I took the last photo from the Feb 19 log, and tweaked the gamma, brightness, and contrast, then cropped it down to the "creature". It looks to me as though the red "eyes" may be something reflective on top of the "creatures" head, and that there is a real set of eyes below those.
  10. I'd say that if people have gone after caches in Antarctica and the Himalayas, that an island in Lake Michigan (or is it Superior?) would be a piece of cake for some. That said... you say that you hope to visit every six months... which months... July and January? June and December? You must be one tough bunch of kayakers to go out into the Great Lakes in the middle of winter! (spoken by a former Yooper)
  11. "Ticks, How do you find them?" You REALLY have a problem finding them? I have a problem AVOIDING them.
  12. I see that you're both right, but only from http://maps.google.com/ I was trying directly from the main Google search page. Thanks for the tip!
  13. Google offers not only maps, but color satellite images. All you need to do is to enter an address as your search. Then, on the map page (upper right) there is a link to display the satellite images. Real cool. However... I tested and found out that it won't offer the map page if you enter GPS coordinates instead of an address SO!.... instead, go here http://boulter.com/gps/ and enter your coordinates, then select the Google maps link, and from there, switch to the arial photos. Too cool!
  14. I'm a real "tick magnet". I also hunt morel mushrooms in the spring and pick up a lot of ticks. I've learned that, despite the name, you seldom pick them up in thick woods. They climb to the top of tall grass and lie in wait for an animal or human to walk by. I always check my pant legs after walking through tall grass.
  15. Yeah, I certainly had the right menu. But I am using alkaline batteries. Will try a set of NiMH and see if that helps. Thanks for the tip!
  16. Just bought one yesterday (my first GPS). I had entered several coordinates, & then tried to delete them. I could get the menu, but when I pressed the button, I'd move to another page. Tried time and time again.
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