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  1. I love doing the Discover log when I am out caching with my wife or a group of friends. Usually one of us takes it, if we are heading in the direction of travel for the mission, then the others in the group will do a discover on it. If we are all leaving it there. We will do a discover note and move on, leaving it in the cache. I like to then watch that trackable to see if it made it to it's final destination or has just been traveling the globe. For my personal coins that I have dropped, plus my wifes car, and a personal coin that I keep on me. I love doing the visit. I find it helps with the journey and mileage of the coin. Sometimes they get a plane ride, other times it gets stuck in a city. I have not had the misfortune of having one of my trackables drop into a list. Though I have had most disappear. I get the points being made on what to do, when you do get on the list, and the desire to not have it locked permanently, and still be discovered if it is that type of item.
  2. That's not a bad idea for a small container, to have that second barrier.
  3. I started out primarily doing urban caching. Usually on a lunch break, as there were enough within a walking distance from work that I could hunt for a while. Many were nano's but some weren't. I don't mind the nano either, as long as it is marked as such and is a clever hide. I personally have hidden two caches and they were both micros. They got some love due to where they were hidden and the type of hide. I admit one of them could have been a small or larger. But I also was afraid anything bigger would get destroyed by maintenance crews. I see a place for all types, even the urban. But I like urbans when I can do them on a walk around the neighborhood or a park.
  4. I was going to say, that I was pretty sure a cache owner could mark one as missing. Like if someone were to drop a trackable onto a micro, where there is no way it could be hidden with the cache. Interesting note on no more multiple logging. When I lived in SoCal there were a few cache's that I loved dropping off trackables to get them started. I am guessing I could write a note and then drop the trackable now.
  5. Except this new app locks out virtual's and locations with higher difficulties. So this new app is locking out more than just PMO cache's. Yes the app is now free, but I can either just do the basic park and finds, or pay a subscription. I can't even go to the website and push a couple more difficult cache's to the app. I understand that they had to update the app. The iphone and android landscapes have changed dramatically. Not only on a hardware perspective but software as well. This caused certain apps to no longer work. They wanted to add features that required a whole rebuild. Sometimes these companies rebuild the app from the ground up and just let you update to the new version at no cost and keep going if you had the previous premium app. Sometimes they get bought out by a competitor and the app that was good gets replaced by an app that has half the functionality and removes the fun, I am looking at you zomato. The app functions just fine as an app, it just has locked access from content that is free on their own website. Along with nags to subscribe, by showing you that there are other options available, but only if you pay. But you don't have to pay for them if you go to the website. Even on that same phone.
  6. Also make sure to scrub any images you may have posted that could have the code visible. Just to be safe.
  7. I don't have a problem with updating the app. I joined right around when the iphone app was in it's infancy, and paid the 10 dollars for it. I was also a premium member. I purchased a GPSr for my wife that was designed for geocaching. We were members so that we could upload large files of caches to it. We even used it to search while on a Caribbean cruise. I remember when the new app was introduced. I installed it, tried it and deleted it, thinking that the old one would keep working. I hardly ever get out to cache, family, and cancelled the premium membership years ago. Again, family. The issue with the new app isn't that they want you to have a premium membership, even the original app locked out locations unless you had the membership. This though locks you out of locations that are still available on the website without a subscription. This is the biggest issue with the app. If I had 30 dollars a year and was able to run around and cache again I would. As it is I don't and only do so when I travel for work. Finding maybe one or two before calling it.
  8. Thank you everyone for your interest. The remaining gold coins that haven't been claimed and awaiting payment are heading the the auction site. As well as many of the Brass and Nickel coins. If I can sell off the inventory I will be looking into doing another coin. However in possibly a smaller of the common coin. If you still want Nickel or Brass at the $2.00 price please let me know by PM.
  9. I thought I was added to this list previously. Please, may I be added to this list?
  10. I believe I have replied to everyone that has requested a coin so far and have coins on hold awaiting payment or shipping tomorrow. If you have not heard from me yet, please PM again and I will verify the request. If you paid yesterday or early this morning I have shipped the coins and should have also sent a confirmation email of shipping at this time. The current stock is now at: Gold: 12 Nickel: 65 Brass: 246
  11. An update on availability. Thank you everyone for your interest. The Shiny Gold are at: 18 The Antique Nickel: 71 The Antique Brass: 252
  12. After a couple of years off and on due to a baby and school I am pulling out my personal geoicoins out for sale. All are unactivated and are micro coins. They are available for $2.00 each plus $1.50 shipping CONUS up to three coins. This is a Groundspeak forum exclusive price. I will also be posting these up on the infamous auction site soon. My coin is based on an old Los Angeles transit coin. They are available in Antique Bronze, Antique Nickel, and Shiny Gold. Below is a sample image of the coin. PM me for shipping outside CONUS and if interested in getting one of these coins. I have also released a couple of the Bronze coins, unactivated, in the wild in the Riverside, CA area.
  13. Well the title really tells the story, and I am not going to provide the link. They want 10 bucks just so you can get one in their reward system. The project does mention geocaching. A quick google search and you can find similar items for 5 to 6 bucks each.
  14. It's good to know you are trying to keep this alive. I would still be interested in the pass when it makes it back to you.
  15. I am still in and passed my new address to the one in front of me. I will send you my new address as well in PM
  16. We did a bit of caching on a cruise. If you are starting at Ft Lauderdale and have an extra day you can grab a few there too.
  17. Just ordered a set myself, and came here to see if it was mentioned. Also told my siblings about the deal. It's too awesome to pass up.
  18. Just a thought, can you test it from another computer. Just to be sure that there isn't anything going on with that computer that is causing that to happen.
  19. My wife and I use the iphone 4. We also have an Explorist GC. To date the only caches we haven't found were either just not there, or so cleverly hidden that we decided to give it up. I will agree that the battery life sucks and it can get really hot with heavy use, and while in an area with a bad cell connection I won't be trying to find anything. But since I am generally an urban cacher this isn't really a problem for me. I am looking at getting my own standalone GPSr in the future, but for now it works well.
  20. I just tested on my own hide and it didn't occur. This is a very strange issue. As for getting votes back from the feedback page. Click on the "My Ideas" button and everything you have voted for will be listed. Definitely sounds like it needs to be submitted.
  21. Somehow missed this announcement, but my address has been sent. I am looking forward to the pass.
  22. Sounds like education is needed in the area. I have posted a few NMs in my limited time of caching. They are generally after a find and something is wrong with the container or log. Or when there is obvious signs that it has been muggled or otherwise destroyed.
  23. Well I wasn't part of the initial pass but really enjoyed watching this thing move around. I would be interested in doing the pass on your next go round. Whether it is after the Int'l one or a new concurrent one.
  24. I have the GC it's pretty simple to do. Once you have a PQ, you can simply drag and drop the file into your GC as it is seen as an external drive. There are two files and each goes into a separate folder on the device. You will should easily be able to determine the differences once you connect it to your PC. Also Magellan has software that will allow you to sync between the device and gc.com but it's a pain to locate and i found that since I was caching with the phone and my wife with the GC, she would log based off of my phone logs. Since there is no practical typing on that thing. We do love the GC though, very accurate, worldwide maps and ability to easily dump a PQ onto the device. For the price you are really getting a lot.
  25. Speaking of. I posted this in another thread. "Andy would never shut up about this hide, and I am happy to say I finally found it. But he failed to mention it was a multi-puzzle that spanned thousands of miles."
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