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  1. No email so i guess i wasn't chosen.  I have yet to place my smokey trackable because i want to put it on a smokey the bear figure that i have yet to secure.  I might have screwed myself out of this one because of that.  I figured that since it was such an icon trackable, it should have something of equal value to send it off with.  Hopefully once i get it out there, i will be taken off the black list.  is there a map for the Smokey trackable like the TMNT map?

  2. 37 minutes ago, kunarion said:


    It was in an envelope.  I'd suppose you're asking about official mailings, which my envelope was not.  There was a local TMNT Event, GS was very awesome to provide tags, but they didn't arrive in time for the Event.  The selected cachers filled out self-addressed envelopes.  Mine arrived yesterday.





    That's Awesome.  what did you attach it to?  or is that just for taking a picture of it?

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