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  1. I just bought a new gps but if I had seen this I would have snapped.it up. Great price.
  2. You can get the 650 for $529 now see how much the 650t is. Two different machines guys.
  3. My opinion for what it's worth. If someone is excited.to start geocaching. And asking for advice from experienced.cachers. The last.thing we should is get "ticked off" and put them down because of.their.financial position. I know a few people who have to decide if they should pay bills or feed their kids. Don't slam people asking for advice in my opinion thats just mean.
  4. Yes they go missing at times. I have put out 1 moved 1 time and went missing. The other never left the first cache. Yet a friend put 1 out some time same place in a year and a half it has 20,000+ miles. So don't attach the tag to something you don't want to lose just in case.
  5. Thanks for the reply. You have pretty much confirmed what I thought. I have tried to contact the cache owner with no response. My caching friend drop his at the same time, it has logged almost 6,000 miles already.
  6. I put out a Travel Bug last year. I put it in a Cache a friend was with me so he took it out and put it in a Cache in the Cayman Islands. My bug Raisin Hell was place in a Cache in the town of Hell in the Cayman. In the cache Go To Hell a fitting start don`t you think. The problem is the first person to get it held it for months. They retrieved others and moved them quickly. After a few messages prompting them to move Raisin Hell along they placed it in a Cache that no one has been able to locate sense. How do I find out if the cache or the bug are still there. I am in Indiana they are in Florida.
  7. A stick is a very good idea....while caching with a friend we got to GZ looked around for a little bit. I saw a hollow tree that had fallen and said check there. He went to the tree and a snake slithered away, my friend is afraid of snakes but he work himself up enough to grab a stick (albeit a small one) stuck it inside the tree and something pulled it out of his hand. While running past me on his way back to the car, he said "Did Not Find"
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