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  1. I recently "upgraded" my iphone to ios04.2.1....using the released golden master (which apple is due to release anyday). I think this may be causing the problems for me. Has anyone else changed there iphone's operating system to either 4.2 or 4.2.1 and having problems?


    [Please note that the application v4.2 upgrade and Apple's Ios4.2 are simialr names hear which two different meanings....so there is no confusion]










    Yes, I rebooted / power-cycled my iPhone after the install. I researched how to downgrade apps, and even tried to follow the instructions for that, however because the 4.1.3 app was already out of my Recycle Bin (Windows), i tried to use my wife's 4.1.3 (Copied from her iTunes library).


    Since it wasn't "mine" (bought on my iTunes account), it didn't work.


    So i completely removed the 4.2 app from my iPhone.... and re-downloaded it.


    All my settings, favorites, everything... gone.


    I haven't tried it since that point except for looking up a couple GC's... but no finds as i was busy all day Thursday.


    Will try it more today.... but it's been frustrating since it all worked and i had all the data before i updated to 4.2.


    hope it works out for you.. I stopped and grabbed a cache on my way to work this morning.. the app was very responsive and got me within three feet of the cache..


    P.S. You should probably go over to the feedback site to post this.. that way GS can be made aware of it.. as they state above, this thread is not really for posting bug reports other then the features that were addressed in this release.

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