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  1. OH, just imagine the good you could do if you would just channel that energy in the RIGHT direction.
  2. I am absolutely man enough to tell you................ ..............I quit counting after the first 29th b-day. (momma didn't raise no fool)
  3. The best thing you can do is check out the event caches in the area and start going to them. You'll find a huge range of people from the Married w/kids, to the retired empty nesters and maybe even a few twenty something singles.
  4. Well FenDweller has been known to lurk in the tunnel.
  5. What is it about Slinger, logging roads, mini-vans and flat tires?
  6. You might want to try out some of the local geocaching clubs. There is a statewide Washington organization the Washington State Geocaching Assn. There isn't a SW Washington chapter right now but there are lots of cachers in the area. Many of the Vancouver area cachers are part of the Portland caching community and their website is Portland Geocaching. Check out the state pages for both Washington & Oregon to see if there is an event cache in your area soon. That is the best way to meet people and find caching buddies.
  7. I've always been fond of proper spelling and grammer use. The best advice is get involved in your local caching clubs, have fun caching and do your best to improve caching in your area. Then when you least expect it the nice young men in their clean white coats show up and they take you away.
  8. I started working with Washington State Parks and Recreation Dept (WSPRC), on behalf of the Washington State Geocaching Association(WSGA), about 4 years ago to prevent geocaching from being banned by the WSPRC. After 3 years, a directive was finally brought forth that the WSGA found to be a reasonable compromise for everyone. You can find information about WSPRC geocaching policy at this link. Hope this helps with your presentation.
  9. While caching in Texas a few years back we had a Turkey Vulture fly out from under our feet. Go figure, the cache was hidden in the small cave the bird flew out of. Living in the Pacific NW I get to see bald eagles soaring overhead almost every visit I make to my first cache hide. Countless numbers of red-tailed hawks are perched on the lamp posts along the freeways around here. I was fortunate, this past fall, to be able to show fellow cacher hydnsek, Chum salmon returning to their natal streams to spawn. I have seen sealions while on the ferries crossing Puget Sound. I am really hoping that I get to see an Orca this summer.
  10. I started caching in 2002, and I posted my 500th find log on Nov. 6th 2004. Since then I have found many other caches. Something clicked in my brain back then and I decided that find counts and user stats weren't important to me. So I quit logging finds, but I will post a note for TB's if I happen to pick one up.
  11. On one of my caches, now archived, the very first finders were a family of cachers. They literally cleaned out the cache of brand new in the package items and left a travel bug in exchange. That was my eye opener. Nothing like having to do a maintenance run to restock a cache after the first finder. I try to make sure my family never does something like that, and we try to leave the cache fuller than when we found it.
  12. What you really need is a large number of cats and a corral. Have the kids round up the cats and herd them into the corral.
  13. I wasn't sure if I was actually going to show up today. At about 11am WL told me to go and have a good time. And I certainly had a great time. I'm looking forward to "Shootout III". My father-inlaw says that I can borrow his hand guns. Thanks again Criminal for letting me play with your toys.
  14. Is anyone going over to Bremerton yet tonight from north of Federal Way that hasn't left yet?? If so could you stop by Grave Robber for a special package???
  15. I've got a truck that could probably handle 2 pallets full. I just don't know where I would hide them all.
  16. Javaduck mentioned it, but I'll repeat, my pics are posted, enjoy.
  17. So we made it out alive. Wander Lost wouldn't let me take her digital camera so I was forced to use an old film camera. I'll post images later today if I can. At the very least I can show our track log for the adventure. I must say that doing this cache at night was awesome, I now have my top 3 caches to brag about. They are Ebey Bluffs (GC13DC), Light House Point aka Scary Ladder Cache (GC126C) and now The Bloated Festering Head... (GCJ7VH). I shall not soon forget this experience. Here is the track log:
  18. So, I've been thinking about this since discussing it with Totem Lake and Right Wing Wacko last weekend. I've finally decided that I'm going to do this come heck or high water. Oh, I guess the high water is already there. I might be in the area before dusk or earlier, just to do some preliminary scouting. I'm looking forward to all the fun. Misguided One
  19. Sorry to hear that Travis. If it makes you feel any better we're working on our next hide today and it should be submitted soon.
  20. Hey Travis, would you be able to provide a mappoint file for download of the official boundries? I'd like to work off of the same one you and Gaviidae are using.
  21. Wouldn't be far from the truth.
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