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  1. Well that kinda sucks. I guess I'll just take pics of all the Fallen Hero coins I bought & keep them for myself. At this point, even her laminated photocopy was missing, how about them apples!?
  2. What it means is that the owner has put out some sort of proxy/copy of her item. These are often a photocopy of a geocoin, sometimes mounted on card, sometimes laminated. It will show the tracking number of the geocoin so it can be logged and moved from cache to cache in the same way as if it was the original metal coin. MrsB
  3. As a point of clarification, the ability to acquire a souvenir simply by using the official geocaching mobile and searching for nearby caches is no longer supported.
  4. I know these posts are a little old, but really helpful. I'm new to geocaching, only a year in, but I work for a large company & am on the community service committee, 1 of our 3 main focuses is environment, & what a fabulous way to combine my new addiction with my civic volunteerism. If the group that I end up working with is a 503c group then I can even get matching funds. I'm sure I can get my company to donate the trashbags & thick rubber gloves since we use tons of them & probably even sandwich meat. I would even be willing to purchase several Earth Day trackable coins to put out in caches that you get coords to once you get there. But this seems like a little bit of a daunting task to plan alone, especially after reading the engineers project list.
  5. I'm fairly new, I know I want to find trackables, but most of the ones around here that show trackables have long since been missing before we got there, yet they still show to be there, But there's one that shows a tag/coin & even shows a picture of it with the comments, "due to being muggled I only put out virtual trackables, if you don't agree with thatm don't find it" WTH? What does that mean? Do I actually have to see her & the coin to get to log it? Cause it dang sure isn't in the cache...Maybe that's why this is all so confusing to us newbies.
  6. Ruud4d, you are right that people should make an attempt to RTFM first, but you have to also remember that this site is not overly intuitive for a noob, the FAQs are by no means exhaustive, other information is scattered and it doesn't help either if you are not even sure what questions you want to ask. For example, looking through the site and the board I have not found anything to tell me if I can actually look for caches that contain trackables or whether I just stumble across them. Also, while again your sentiments are right and good, don't you think posting a RTFM comment kinda contradicts the comment about "there is no such thing as a silly question"? and discourages noobs from asking questions or learning? The job of a teacher is not just to impart knowledge, but to have the patience with the students who struggle to learn. Please don't take this reply as a bash, and I realize there are some that don't even attempt to look things up (and those should rightly be "corrected"). I am just looking out for the noobs and trying to avoid intimidating them from joining in. Being the new kid in a new school can be daunting ;-)
  7. I would love to know if there are going to be any Earth Day thru World Environment Day events in the Waco, Tx area. J & I are still pretty new to this & haven't attended an event but I work for a huge company & am on the Cares Committe which puts us out in the community for all kinds of things but our main focus is agriculture, nutrition & education. I was looking for something that could combine my civic duty with my new addiction. I mean, how much more fun could that be than geocaching for a cause?!
  8. Golf balls explode? Oooopsss I wish I had known that as a kid when I used to open them up the hundred to unwind the rubber bands... (Hey it was a small town okay? Got a problem with that????? ) Maybe that's why I can never find mine after I hit it... it explodes. I'm going to use that next time I play if you don't mind.
  9. I've had to log online becuase I couldn't get the log out of the nano before. But otherwise we always try to log something specfic to the cache itself. I/we haven't hid ours yet, we're getting ready to & I want to put them where I'll be able to check on them at least weekly, but as soon as someone says they couldn't find or something's wrong. There are some down here that there are multiple DNFs on & needs maintenance tags, but no evidence that owner has checked on it in a long time. That business of "it was missing, so I put a replacement out, hope the co doesn't mind" would tick me off, yes, I mind, maybe you just didn't find it. And those "I put it back where it was supposed to be" logs...it was zip-tied to a tree, it was exactly where it was supposed to be. (or chained to a tree!)
  10. Ok, I/we never log a find that we didn't actaully fondle, but we don't neccessarily log every DNF becuase sometimes you're in a hurry & have to come back or get muggled & come back later. He doesn't even want to bother looking for caches that have several DNFs & I think that's half the challenge, finding something that several others couldn't. I do wonder how many DNFs have to be logged over what length of time before the owner goes & checks it & I especially hate those folks that log a find, but with the caveat of "it's missing so we replaced it for you, hope you don't mind". How do you know it's missing? Maybe you just didn't find it... I have however found at least 1 nano that I have a pic of it in my hand, logged a smiley, but could not get the log out of it to sign. A pic of it in it's home & in my hand should suffice. If not, read your logs & go replace the log. But I would never do it if I didn't find it & touch it.
  11. much like batteries, you never know when Mother Nature will strike while you're out in Mother Nature...
  12. Am I the only one who sees irony in that statement? Yeah, that is very ironic; but he needed to add what he was known for in the law enforcemet comunity. No kidding, they kinda went off on that!! There was enormous irony in the fact that (without explanation) their name was well known to law enforcement. I commend their community involvement, but just say "oops,I should've explained... here's why Johnny Law knows us so, yes it was funny!" Half my life is spent saying "this will be a really funny story tomorrow".
  13. We're fairly new & are just tickeled (doing our touchdown dance) if/when we find a cache period, but we/I have 3 FTF's & only 1 of them had anything ($1.00)for the FTF except the pride of being the FTF (we have a lot of FTF vultures around here)& doing the touchdown dance on the side of the road at rush hour at 6:30am without looking suspicious. While I don't mind the nanos, my boyfriend prefers the traditionals so that there is something to trade. & we do, we have the geo-bag loaded up with "stuff". We did find a meal ticket from somewhere he lived for awhile, but we just assumed it was out of date, we took it, I'm not sure if it got moved along or not. Although I do enjoy seeing all the little trinkets & trading for something that is absolutely useless to me, but just strikes me, We're arguing about our first hide, definitely a traditional & since we live on a lake, Corps of Engineers has offered a bunch of water safety stuff to go in it. I was thinking the other night while I was on my hunt for a FTF that a fresh pack of batteries would be real nice. I reloaded the next morning, but think I'll grab a pack for the geo-bag to trade. While looking for our very first find, I was just saying "Well, this toilet paper is fresh, couldnt' have been here overnight" "found it" so maybe a roll of TP would be nice for a deep woods hunt. I'm pretty competitive, so it could be a penny, for me it's just the thrill of the hunt & the conquering.
  14. LMAO at these stories. Since we got hooked on this I quickly concluded that someobody up north must have created this game because down here in Texas, anybody lingering or driving back & forth on country roads may not just be met by Sherriffs or other LOE, but they may be confronted directly by armed land owners (I know I have on my dead end road, scare the crap out of the cable man!!) Anyways, I was just thinking that maybe a DON'T CALL THE LAW, I'M JUST GEOCACHING bumpersticker might work... We haven't been rousted yet, but it's just a matter of time.
  15. I've been wondering about this too. We're fairly new to this & haven't honed our seeking skills to the level of some folks, but as I'm plotting a trail for us to try, I read the logs & frequently see comments saying "it wasn't there but I had one in my car & replaced it for you, hope you don't mind"... If it was my cache, I would mind, who are you the Geocaching Gods? Maybe you just didn't find it even with all your infinte skills. We're searching for a place to put some caches of our own & I certainly don't want anybody assuming that I want them to replace my hide or "move it back to where it's supposed to be". Perhaps your unit is not exactly accurate... When we hide ours, we will certainly check on it every time somebody says they didn't find it just to make sure it hasn't been moved or mangled. Maybe I'm just being to harsh about this but it makes me talk to my computer & not in a nice language when I read those kinds of entries. As a matter of fact, I think I'll go back & look harder for some we didn't find & other people have since then, but I would never replace someone else's hide just because I didn't find.
  16. Now, I remember, years ago seeing something on tv about this geocaching business being done up in New York or somewhere like that where they don't have wide open pastures & creeks & all kinds of other outdoor adventures. Flash forward to 10 years later, my boyfriend & I were kayaking down a river & misunderstood exactly how far the trip was going to be. The river started rising, darkness fell, fog starts rising & there was no clear markings as to where to take out. Oh yea, he lost the flashlight too. Fortunately we gave up at 1:30am & took out at a near flat spot that happened to have a fire pit, started a fire & slept intermittently while the temp dropped to 30 degrees & our clothes wouldn't dry out. I kept telling him that this will be a funny story once we find the take out spot & our truck. Sure enough, the next morning, after the fog cleared enough to see the shores of the river, we traveled less than 100 yards to the take out spot which led back another 200 yards to the truck. We slept closer to our truck than to the take out spot. Told you it was going to be funny. A friend at work said I had to get a gps to not do that again, but secretly he enjoyed getting to tell everyone at work why I wasn't there that day. But he also told me about geocaching with the gps & that some of his kayaking friends hid them where you could only get to them by kayak. Perfect. I glanced at the website, but didn't go any further. I got a gps for Xmas. Then deer season ended, too cold to kayak yet, nothing else to do, we decided to check it out. The first 2 we didn't find. Then we found one. Du Du Daaaaahh!! This is cool! Then my boyfriend got addicted. He would go out searching & finding & send me pics on my fone! No fun anymore. Then I sent him to some places that kinda creeped him out with muggles (city park where jogging co-eds looked at you like a serial killer), so we decided we would only do together. Now we're getting ready to do our river trip & snag quite a few, but also to hide our very first one. I can tell you though, that whoever thought this game up, was not from the South. Folks down here pay attention to cars that stop on the roads along side their pastures & watch them really hard. We're just as guilty of that as anybody else down here. But, usually once you explain to them & show them, either the gps or the cache, they still watch you but not as hard. That's our story. I expect that knowing us, our geocache adventures will be as crazy as our kayaking adventures. Always ending with a funny story.
  17. Bless your little pea picking heart. A find is a find. We don't list them twice if he finds one & then takes me back & lets me find it later that day since I couldn't go on the original trip. Pluck that bottle out of that owl's butt & sign away.I think your honesty speaks for itself. I'm all for accuracy in the numbers, I keep up with a million dollars in inventory, but this is for fun & I don't even remember which logs were soggy by the time we get home, I'm just excited to have been out finding them. Just don't go moving them to where you think they intended them to be or where you think is a better spot. That's just wrong. So far the only milestone we have is that we couldn't stop for the day on number 13. And we (ok, I' am) committed to going back & finding those we didn't find. Congrats on 400, I(we)look forward to finding that many!
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