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  1. Come back Geocacher_coza. All is forgiven.... Where art thou ?????
  2. Apology accepted. I was in no way criticizing this competition, or the fact that photo’s would be published, I merely wanted to know whether the cacher taking the photo would be listed, as this wasn’t clear…. That’s all. Back to the photo’s then. Azaruk I never at one stage mentioned that I didn't like the idea, I had one simple question which I wanted an answer to...and I made a suggestion of what would be nice to see on the completed page. As for keeping my thoughts to myself.... a Forum is a place where one shares thoughts and asks questions!!
  3. No need for the defense...... a yay or nay would have done. Done as you have suggested, i.e. looked at your site. They seem to be all yours... but not sure...one of the first questions that arises in my mind...perhaps I'm unique in the world.... but I like photography and it's nice to know who the artist is. Just think it will be nice to have the pic with the caption (EXAMPLE)Dumbe Mountain cache (GCKF3Z) taken by Africard..... Story... that's all. Personally, if I look at the pics I'd like to know who's taken them! See no reason why this should be a secret?? Also, looking at some of the self portraits, it's nice to have an idea of what the folks look like that one comes into contact with over the forums, offline. Most of us may never meet each other, but if I'm walking past Africard on a caching quest I'll recognise him now. This is going off topic, but I think once the photo's are published with the story, it will be nice if the cacher is listed with URL to their GC profile, and the particular cache hyperlinked to the cache. This way people can browse the photo's, see who the cacher is that took trhe photo....see which cache it is.... the photo may tempt them to do the cache! Think about it! Back to the photo's though...Great pic Africard...really captures a great Geocaching moment..... oops probably not allowed to campaign for photo's I may look for a nice pic on one of my GEOCACHING adventures (too few unfortunately)... but probably spoilt my chances now Hasta la vista!
  4. Geocacher_coza, I assume you will be crediting the photographer (cacher) along with the photo that you publish on your website? There are some really nice photographs posted so far. Warthog Like this idea as the photographs submitted so far are of varying categories and will be difficult to compare fairly under one global category. Geocacher_coza, perhaps a number of categories?? Of course the submitting cacher would have to choose a category for their photograph.
  5. Don't count me in yet, but strongly considering entering a TB if there are still available slots
  6. Thanks QFC... see I managed to creep in at 40 Will have to work on that... TOC: "Tell me how you'll measure me, and I'll tell you how I'll behave" - Eliyahu Goldratt Negative measure = negative behaviour Simple fact of life. If I'm to be docked for creating a cache... why create one ? QUOTE (geocacher_coza @ Jun 9 2005, 07:01 AM) Agree, so why be penalized for placing them "Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they do not say." - William W. Watt
  7. Mmmm have to agree with GlobalRat here. Doesn’t make sense to penalize someone for placing caches. I’m a “noob” and don’t feature on the stats list yet. I still plan to find a few caches before placing one as I have gained valuable insight into the placing of caches with each cache that I have found. As the list grows and becomes more comprehensive, a noob is never going to make it into the Top 40 anyway.
  8. Well fortunately there is a moratorium on Locationless caches, so no new ones can be placed. Excellent Now that we have sorted that out.... lets get cracking on some REAL caches.
  9. That is just it. That is what I'm talking about---- locationless caches are not "real" caches and it just gets your numbers up! (this is MY opinion only!) We should create more "real" caches (Including myself ) and stay away from locationless caches QUOTE (there are a few of you that are way behind in the deal) BUT, we place real caches!!!! This is not just a numbers game! This is the problem with challenges! It becomes a watered down numbers game Mmmmm Geocacher.... methinks the plot has been lost here somewhere. I believe the whole aim of the game of the GP Challenge is to place real caches on a one to one basis with the other members that have signed up to take part in the GP Challenge. Without putting words in GlobalRat's mouth, I believe he was referring to this group of cachers, and the fact that some members in on the deal were perhaps lagging the pack as far as the deal of placing caches goes. I'll be signing up for the GP Challenge myself and will start placing once I feel capable. GlobalRat... pleez sign me up. The poor chap (GlobalRat) has run out of caches to do and we certainly don't want to chase him down to Die Kaap, they seem to have enough cachers as it is!! I quote from his post This dude is not happy posting Locationless Caches. He and others have done a great job populating our environs with caches, I guess it's time for the rest of us to come to the party to everyone's benefit.
  10. As opposed to what? Non real caches?? I’ve read the forum in a fair amount of detail, and I believe that it has been stated quite clearly over and over that this is not a numbers game. I’m pretty new to the game but once I’m a little more experienced in the sport I’ll certainly try to place a few of my own caches so that other cachers have an opportunity to find caches and enjoy places which I find interesting. In so doing I’ll not only be reaping off others efforts but will be doing my bit to grow the sport in my local area as well as beyond. I think ALL should be involved in finding AND creating caches. Must agree with GlobalRat that this is a community sport.
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