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  1. That is the whole point of the mystery cache- to find where it is? If they say coords aren't where the cache is hidden then that's exactly what it means- Caches have to be (someone correct me if I'm wrong) .20 miles from the coords posted I think.- Now to be a smartbutt answer: You want to figure this on your own, but..... yet your asking for help--Isn't that a oxymoron of a question?? Thanks for that, and yes, it is an oxymoron. I did get the assistance I was looking for. I still have to figure it out on my own.... I got hints and ideas like I was looking for.
  2. I went to do this mystery cache and I'm totally confused!!! I want to figure it out on my own, but I need some help... Waypoint: GC108XD Name: "OYF" Wanna Be #3 In Catonsville. #1 Someone explain this 'off your rocker' thing!! I've never heard of it. #2 What does BEF mean? Here's the problem, this coordinate points to someplace that isn't the right place... The coordinates need to be corrected, but how am I supposed to know how to correct them?? The hint is BEF 472 HELP!!!!!!!!!!
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