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  1. I am actually pretty embarassed. I cut my little board to make the connector, and drilled the hole in it for the wires. Then, I held the board up and put the wires through the board from the back just like the picture showed. Thing is, I did it just like the picture, when I turned the board over and hooked it to the 315, all the wires were now backwards. The really embarrasing part is that I figured that out right away, I realised the data in and data out wires were backwrds, and switched them around so they were right. But, I didnt think about the ground wire. DOH! After 6 hours of banging my head against the wall, I rechecked my wiring and realised I had the ground connected to the external power input.
  2. Directions here Here are the instructions I found. It is pretty easy. Still can't get my 315 to upgrade, though. Nevermind. I figured out the problem. I am such a moron sometimes...
  3. I am tryig to update my GPS 315 to the newest software. I made a data cable following the direstions I found on here. Connected everything up, set the baud rate to 4800. When I started the update .exe it found the receiver right away, and the program started up. The receiver said something about "update mode enabled" or similar. The update program started flashing between "create file" and "delete file" (I think that's what it was, it was going too fast to be sure). Then it stopped at "Erase Begin", and hasn't moved since. The currnt file bar is at 0 and not moving. I also noticed that the receiver has shut off. I did it twice now, and the same thing happened both times. I have about 2/3 power in the batteries, so that isn't the problem. It has been sitting like that for about 15 minutes now. Any Idea what is wrong? Or is this normal? Thanks!
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