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  1. I ran into Vagabond at the SoCal Geocacher's picnic last year. I think he lives in the Elsinore area now. Stork has a website at SuperStork. Not sure if he's been caching or not. Jim
  2. Hey, all. I'm looking for a template to create some stickers that I can leave in geocache log books. I'm sure you've all seen them. They are about the size of a small mailing label and have info about the cacher, etc. Some even have little icons on the bottom to fill out info about the time, weather, etc. They might be in a MS Word or MS Publisher format. Can anyone help out? Jim W9JIM
  3. Thought I'd give one of my caches a shameless plug. It seems that This Cache has pretty much went unnoticed, with just one person finding the cache so far. And I'm pretty sure he didn't go to stage two where the real cache/prize is. So, any takers out there? Come on, it's only rated five stars! W9JIM
  4. I almost always carry my HT while geocaching. i love geocaching in the desert southwest and mobile phone service is sparse. I can always hit a repeater, though. It's nice to have the ability to communicate if an emergency arises. W9JIM
  5. A bit late, but W9JIM here. Tecate, Baja, Mexico San Diego, CA www.w9jim.com
  6. I just returned from two weeks in Kauai. Did several geocaches while there, some near the beach, some in the mountains. Hardly even saw a bug, but then Kauai is a different island. Enjoy you time there!
  7. It would be a shame if there is a cache-killer on the loose in your area, but I really don't think the problem of dissapearing caches is unique to Denver. As to not maintaining caches, well, that's almost impossible. I, for one, now have caches in several States and it would be impossible for me to revisit my cache in Hawaii (although I'd really like to). It's up to the geocache community to do a bit of cache maintenance on caches we find, i.e. rehide them well, make sure we don't trash the cache area so that it draws undo attention, dry out a cache that got wet, etc. I think maybe part of the problem is placing caches in rural and/or oft-visited areas. A cache placed in a popular park is more likely to be spotted and stollen by a non-geocacher than one placed in the desert south-west. I did have a chche stolen from a small park in El Cajon, CA last year, which I replaced. I'm not sure if it was found by a passerby or what. I thought it was hidden rather well. What probably happened was that an on-looker spotted a geocacher logging the find and took the cache afterward. It's a lesson we all need to learn - be discrete when placing or logging a cache.
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