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  1. A replacement batch is currently being manufactured. They will be Brass and have a different attachment for the Satellites. Once they are in, replacements will be shipped, un-filled orders will be shipped, and remaining coins will be sold. Thank You for your patience!
  2. Just a heads up, we are working to correct the issue with the satellites. These coins were made via the Zinc injection process and are much lighter than originally expected. We used Zinc in order to keep the price reasonable since this was an a multi-part coin. Stay tuned for additional info on the progress of correcting the issue.
  3. Ok here's an update. These coins are in and sales are open. The coins can be purchased at:CH Quality Coins They are a Zinc based coin so they are lighter than originally expected. They are $7.50 ea.
  4. Here is "Rockin Roddy's Cachestalkers Personal Geocoin" This coin is Gold plated and features Glow-in-the-Dark Headlights and translucent Lake Michigan. These coins are on sale now at: CH Quality Coins There were 500 Gold coins minted, and are in stock ready for shipment for $8.75 plus shipping. 200 LE Black Nickel versions will go on sale 11/19/2006.
  5. These coins will go on sale November 11th. Check back for a link to the sales page.
  6. Pocketpupsnet, Send me an e-mail and I'll gladly answer any of your geocoin questions.
  7. Just a heads up folks, the following coin in in production. This coin will be available in early November. Details to follow.
  8. Hmm, there was only one other vendor who's pricing was comperable to Oak's when the GGA coins were shopped with several vendors & quoted, and that one vendor was with a mint where the coin quality was far substandard (at the time). So the decision was simple. In fact Oak was $1 cheaper PER COIN than the higest of the quotes I received. On 500 coins, that's a lot of cash! Atlantagal, I'm sure there is a least one minter you didn't get a quote from.
  9. Here is the next installment in the Satellite Series designed and manufactured by CH Quality Coins. This coin will be 1.75" in diameter and will be Gold plated. It features a satellite that rotates around the perimeter of the coin. The earth is translucent revealing the "G" geocaching symbol. It is trackable and shares an Icon with the other geocoins in the series. These will go on sale near the end of the month, check this posting for the actual date. They will be $9.75 ea. plus shipping.
  10. The above link is only one minter. Your best bet is to contact the minters for quotes. You will see that there is a decent price difference between some minters.
  11. CH Quality Coins has moved their hosting. You can retrieve tracking codes at www.chqualitycoins.com/activate.php
  12. If your selling packs for $6 each why the inflated price for an individual coin?
  13. Hello, I know of a place where you can get a decent Garmin for under $150 e-mail me for the info.
  14. Hey you stole my idea! I was just talking to my wife and am thinking about creating a Big Cat series as well. I have been a big cat lover for many years and had an opportunity to work with them at the Cincinnati Zoo. My idea is a little different though, I'm working on the coins being fund raisers for either a large Wildlife Rescue organization or a local Big Cat Rescue facility. I have a few connections in the field and want to help these awesome animals. I like your coins and would like a set.
  15. Well here's an update. Garmin will not allow me to create a geocoin resembling their GPS unit. Any other suggestions are welcomed.
  16. You should be able to get 100 of those coins for $515.00 or less trackable and delivered.
  17. Where are you having these coins minted?
  18. Shipping is calculated based on weight and actual United States Postal Rates. You need to select the shipping you want. There is no GC.com icon for micro caches but we all no they differ from the standard cache, that is why it is on the spinner.
  19. I'm not setting any limits on the number purchased. The sales buttons will be activated at 08:00 am EDT.
  20. The image of the back is to the right of the front, it's a big image. Here's a smaller image:
  21. Both version go on sale the 15th. I will add photos of the nickel coins later tonight, in the first photos the back of the Nickel coins looked black.
  22. This interactive GPS geocoin is designed after the Magellan Sport Trak series GPS. It features an interactive spinning disk which you can use to select the geocache you will look for. These coins will be going on sale on 7/15/06 at 08:00 EDT. There will be 400 Gold $7.25 available HERE. There will be 100 Nickel $ 7.75 available HERE.
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