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  1. Well you know them by many other names trolley coins, mini coins, path...., etc. What are they? A more economical version of the Geocoin. They are smaller, thinner, and made with an Iron base metal. They are totally customizable and are trackable, they will all share the same Icon. You have total control of the front design. Each one comes with a standard back. Additioanl tags can be ordered at any time. Custom back designs are also available for an additional fee. Upgrade options: 3-D Front Custom Back Imitation Hard Enamel Antique or Matte plating Unique Icon Trackable GeoCacherTags™ Specs: Size: 26mm Diameter Thickness: 2mm Plating: Your choice of Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Black Nickel, Brass. Coloring: 2-D Soft Enamel (4 colors) Trackable at Geocaching.com 100 tags, 5 key rings, 1 velvet pouch Cost: $349.00 Order HERE Here is the artwork. Sample photos will be posted as Tags are manufactured.
  2. Sales for Satellite Series Coin 5 are available Here!
  3. OK this series finally has an end point. The series will continue with a little twist. Each coin starting with V 5 will have a clue to the final challenge. Kinda like a puzzle cache but with geocoins. What I can say at this point is that the 10th and final coin in the series will be absolutely free, the only way to get this one is too earn it. Collect em’, find em’, discover em’, whatever you have to do to get the info to earn you the final. All coins in the series have been or will be produced in a quantity of 250. The final coin will be minted at 300, this gives some additional opportunities for this final coin. More details will follow at Satellite Series Trek Satellite Series Coin 5 sales will open on 7/7/07!
  4. These are merely the samples. These are also magnified, High resolution images. I guess I should have my photographer not do such a good job. I will post some lower resolution images so you can see the colors in regular light at without the magnification.
  5. Yes these are Suncatcher type coins. The colored ring is see-through. They feature translucent and marble coloring. They are 1.75" 3mm thick
  6. Here's our newest coin, this one has been in the works for quite a while. Here are the sample photos. There are 2 versions a Gold Plated Red version and a Nickel Plated Blue version. Trackable with Icon. They will be available Mid July. Check back here for link to sales.
  7. Congratulations Ed!!! Awesome accomplishment.
  8. Here's our latest coin. This 3mm thick 1.75" geocoin is immitation Hard Enamel with Translucent and Glitter color. There were 50 LE Polished Gold coins manufactured and 200 Nickel coins manufactured. You can get the LE Gold HERE You can get the Nickel version HERE
  9. Get the Silver HERE Get the Matte Gold HERE
  10. I agree! But they went ahead and minted a matte gold finish coin along with the silver. Just to clarify some things. We always hold back some coins so that we have replacements for shipping issues that arrise from time to time. So the remainingPolished Gold coins are available. We minted 250 Polished Silver, since there are Gold and Silver Dabloons still being found today in certain areas of the world. The Matte Gold is another version we minted 200 of since we have received many requests for the Polished Gold. Matte Gold is not Polished Gold it is another version Just like antique Gold is yet another version of Gold. We did listen to AtlantaGal's request to not mint any more Polished Gold coins. And this is the last Minting of this 1.5" coin! If the demand is there we may do a Silver Micro version.
  11. The final 50 Original Pirate's Booty Polished Gold coins are now available HERE. We have received the second minting which includes Silver Plated Coins and Matte Gold Plated Coins. They will be posted on our site Saturday May 12, 2007. Check back here for direct Links.
  12. Just postin' a little note that the satellite Series Geocoin 5 is currently in production. This will be the next in the series. They will be available in late May 2007. Artwork will be posted shortly.
  13. Ok I've worked out all of the pricing info. They will be Trolley/Geo Tags or coins. raw material: iron material soft enamel size : 26mm thickness: 2mm 4C logo for both sides with a loop on top All coins will share the same back of the coin. Each coin in your batch will be etched with your dogs name on the front. Each breed will share the front unless you want your own front design. Coins will be trackable with "K9 Companion" Icon. $20.00 one time fee per customer Personal Front 2-D is $48 Personal Front 3-D is $58 50 coins will be $3.18 each 100+ coins will be $3.05 each Shipping is $8.50 per 50 coins. We will also be compiling the info in this thread to list out the breeds people are interested in. Please send any questions to sales@chqualitycoins.com
  14. I had put a post in these forums for State organizations to contact me about manufacturing the entire contry as interlocking coins, similarly to Our Geocaching Pin Collection. I only received 6-8 responses. I did not want to cause a huge uproar as we are located in New Jersey and don't feel it would be proper for us to manufacture other state coins without including them. Our plan was to Manufacture the coins at near cost so the state organizations would actually sell their coins so they could generate revenue for their organizations and to promote caching within their state. I don't think the state organizations are the only one's who can be involved. I guess you would have to live in the state that you wanted manufactured. If people are interested we will still consider it. Please contact us.
  15. Aye matey's me treasure's been plundered!! 1st run of Gold 1.5" coins are all but gone. Is there still a demand? If so more Gold or a Matte Gold finish? There will be a Silver 1.5" version coming out in June!
  16. Just givin an update. I should have the pricing for 50 and 100 coins/tags/tokens whatever you want to call them in a day or so. They will all share the same back so if you wanted a different front you'll be able to get one for ~$35 for your own front die. More to follow.
  17. Just some clarification, these would be your own personal Canine coins. Lots of 50, 100, or more would be available. Similar to some of the other community coins already out there. These are less expensive ways to have your own signature items. More details to follow as the process develops.
  18. The Canine Community coin, each coin with have an image of a dog on it. I am looking to gauge the interest in a new Community coin. We would be manufacturing several breeds based on the sign up. Each person would select the number of coins/tags they would want. They will be personalized with your favorite K9's name on the collar of the dog. I am looking for feedback as to whether you would want a 3-D or 2-D dog image. The back of the coin would be open to personalization for an additioanl charge otherwise we would share the same back for the series. They would be trackable with a K9 companion Icon and possibly a custom prefix. Start listing your requests and comments.
  19. These coins are in and on sale now. The Micro Version 1.0" in diameter, 2.5mm Thick Brass based Gold Plated coins can be purchsed at this CH Quality Coins.com Link. The Regular version 1.5" in diameter, 2.5mm Thick Brass based Gold Plated coins can be purchsed at this CH Quality Coins.com Link
  20. That's because the sales do not open until 8:30 am EDT on 3/17/06. This way everyone has a chance to see this post before the sales start.
  21. The Travel Coins are in and ready to start traveling. Sales open at 8:30 am EDT on 3/17/07 at CH Quality Coins.com
  22. These coins are in and sales will begin 3/17/07 at 8:30am EDT. They can be purchsed at CH Quality Coins.com
  23. These coins are in Stock and sales begin 8:30 am EDT on 3/17/07. You can purchase the them at this link CH Quality Coins.'' Limited edition versions are available HERE.
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