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  1. I would like 3 soilver and 3 bronze. Thanks!
  2. I'll take 4 of each if they are different.
  3. Thanks for the Icon. I just started getting into coins. I have several ordered but none in hand to trade. Maybe later.
  4. I would like ywo of each when they are for sale.
  5. Just Paid for 2 more coins. Thanks.
  6. Paid for 3 coins, Thanks. They look great.
  7. Put me on the waiting list for 1 coin. Thanks
  8. How does one get on the wait list? I would like to order 2 coins if the wait list is still open.
  9. I'm interested in 2 silver and 2 bronze.
  10. I would buy 2-4 coins if they are trackable.
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