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  1. Maybe I will submit that As far as previews...is there a way to generate the .LOC for an entire PQ? As near as I can tell, you can only generate it per screen. GE will pull in the LOC files pretty easily, that would be a quick and dirty way to preview a PQ.
  2. I just dug through the KML documentation, doesn't look like there's an option to reload other than how it currently works. You can alter the time between when the map stops and the GC data is loaded, but there doesn't seem to be a way to specify in the KML to manually reload the data. From the Keyhole KML reference: Looks to me like the only option is "onStop". A workaround for this, I think, would be to turn off the checkbox for GC data, until you had the map positioned, then turn the checkbox on to have GE query GC and get the caches.
  3. No, the maps are right in GE, it's the cache locations that are off, and intentionally, apparently. If I enter the coordinates of some of my caches, they're dead on. In fact, I can identify the particular fencepole that one of them is in from GE, if I manually enter coordinates. When possible, before I post a new cache, I run its coordinates through GE to see if where I think I put it is where it really is. I wouldn't go that far. I turn on the GC KML, and the "Parks" layer, and I can now zoom around Jacksonville, FL, finding places to take my 3 and 1.5 year old caching. Not to mention the already requested "Follow your driving route, tag the caches into a Bookmark list, and run PQ against it" ability. It's useless for going to caches, not useless for finding cache areas. Do you have the ability to add items to the right-click menus through the application? I'd much rather rightclick > bookmark then click, move, bookmark, close balloon...but that's just me If you mean, what the GPX file gives you, you can download a single cache as a GPX entry and see what it tells you about a cache. If you mean, what caches will be returned by a given set of PQ parameters, I'd recommend the "Preview" link next to the PQ entry on the left
  4. This seems like an ideal compromise. The cache can still appear on bookmarks, the cache owner's page isn't polluted with another big list of things semi related to the cache (i.e., the old TB/Geocoine lists that would take over pages), and people who want to see the lists can access them. Not to trivialize the work that went into it, but it could even be done in whatever version of DHTML/DOM you like, so that the list is ust "hidden" until opened. Then the only seeming code change would be to wrap the Bookmark list in a DOM/DHTML object that hides/unhides, so no new pages needed to be pulled up.
  5. I wonder how long it would take for the remaining JTBs to disappear from public access and end up in someone's private collection.
  6. Because I don't want to slice up the data into full or micro caches...I want all of the local caches. In smaller areas, this isn't such a big problem. The NEFGA board shows 2200 caches in northeast Florida, though - too big for a PQ.
  7. So PQs can query for caches with a given radius of a point (cache, home, LatLon). However, if I wanted to build myself a local "database" of the caches around my physically large town (Jax, FL, hello 800+ square miles), I'd have to figure out on a map where to place all the various circles to get the overlaps needed to build a grid. However, if I could generate PQs between X and Y distances from a point, I could start a PQ at the middle of Jacksonville, then slowly expand the circle, querying "within 5 miles", then "between 5 and 7 miles", "between 7 and 8", and so on, until I got all my caches within 30 miles of the center of Jacksonville. Then I could switch to a PQ that ran once a week, reporting all the caches placed within the last 7 days. Would the logic to generate "between X and Y" be that difficult? As far as the SQL for the actual DB query, it wouldn't be too hard.
  8. Anone know of a set of Perl modules that will let you upload to a Garmin GPS over the USB port? I've managed to collect a perl USB module, and a GPX parser, and there is a module to do Garmin-over-Serial, but no USB. Any ideas?
  9. The two items are non-related, that's a silly argument. PQs are rows in the database. Outside of the process that actually figures out which ones to run, it doesn't matter if there are 100 or 100,000,000 PQs in storage. It doesn't make the web site slower if I have 800 PQs and can still only run 5 a day. Inceasing the number of PQs a user can create has nothing to do with the stability or speed of the website. Markwell was recommending that the efforts of TPTB are better utilized correcting problems to keep the site online, rather than addressing additional storage of PQ's I don't think anone suggests otherwise, but modifying the check from if (user.PQ.total < 20) then (add new PQ) else (error) to if (user.PQ.total < 50) then (add new PQ) else (error) Is hardly mimdboggling code reworking, and is a change that could be added into the next batch of bugfixes, whenever the focus realigns from "keep GC.com from crashing" to "catch up on bugs/fixes".
  10. The two items are non-related, that's a silly argument. PQs are rows in the database. Outside of the process that actually figures out which ones to run, it doesn't matter if there are 100 or 100,000,000 PQs in storage. It doesn't make the web site slower if I have 800 PQs and can still only run 5 a day. Inceasing the number of PQs a user can create has nothing to do with the stability or speed of the website.
  11. What he says. The javascript in wap.geocaching.com breaks my BlackBerry, too, as well as the older Blackberries a bunch of other guys at work who I've asked to test. Why does a WAP page run Javascript anyway? It's a form, its not like the browser is going to be doing input validation on the fields, all that should be serverside.
  12. The question I'd have is, on the server side.... I go to my PQ page, and click to enable a query. Does that click instantly submit the run request to the queue if ClickDay = Today()? Or does a sweeper process run through the PQ lists every X minutes to figure out what still needs to run? If I then immediately disable the query, does the PQ generator already have the request running/queued, and does disabling it from that list delete it from any queues it may have ended up in?
  13. On our computer at home, I wrote a little bat file to deal with this. A given PQ 012345 will always (so far, I guess it could change eventually) be the result set for PocketQueryName. I installed a little command-line unzipper in my Windows command prompt path. For each PQ zip, I have to add a set of lines to: 1) Unzip .ZIP file, leaving 012345.gpx 2) Delete Zip file and existing PockeyQueryName.gpx 3) Rename 012345.gpx to PockeyQueryName.gpx 4) Copy PocketQueryName.gpx to the correct path under my Mobile Device to sync the GPX files to my handheld. Then I use GSAK to import the GPX files en masse, export a merged GPX file, and blow the merged file out to the Garmin and the handheld sync directory. Next step is to find a command-line XML utility that will run the merge for me, without needing to use GSAK for that step. Oh, and a utility to just dump a file to my Garmin from the command line. I'm sure the first is out there already (XML utility), I just haven't had time to look. The second would be nice to find. Oh, and I need a million bucks If there's a lot of interest, I'll post the code snippets for the .BAT file, it's really not too hard to figure out on your own though.
  14. Assuming you're not trying to run it immediately after the day rollover, simply going to your list of PQs and enabling the query for that particular day should net you the query within a few minutes.
  15. I'd have to agree with this question - it's a WAP interface, WAP is intended for stupid mobile browsers. The pages are just forms, there's really no reason the entire user presentation can't be done in straight HTML, and let the server side handle all of the parsing and error handling. My Blackberry 7920 running the 4.0+ software doesn't work on the WAP site either...I get the reported "O Submit Form" dummy form that doesn't actually do anything, not the usual menu I can see if I go in through a browser.
  16. Dell Axim (PocketPC), using either GPXView when I'm carring the Garmin, or CacheDragon when using the CFCard to cache with the Axim itself. Finds, notes about caches, etc, go in the Notes app in the handheld. The only thing I'd really like is a binder that would hold the Axim, my stylus/pen combitool that's about 1/4 of an inch too big to fit easily into my handheld case, and let me clip the Garmin into it --Mark Mr PetsAllOver
  17. Hey all - this is Mark, we have a family account here on GC, and my wife is the primary email address, so I'm just a forum "lurker", though I'm the technical guy in the house. With Google's recent announcement of the availability of app keys to pull Google Maps data into third-party applications, along with the talk of the code that's already been developed to do "Ribbon Queries", have any of the programmer geeks here considered using Google as the source for the ribbon to plot against the database? I know that programmatically possible - Maps hacks were out before the official endorsement for things like tracking sex crimes offenders in the Chicago area (I think it was Chicago), or mapping the NYC Subway stops. The question, I guess, would be can someone extract the map data to generate the ribbon to run the PQ against.
  18. I am glad I found this topic. We are new to caching as well. We found 5 more today and had a blast. I cache with my hubby, my 2 1/2 year old and my 13 month old. We typically let our 2 1/2 year old pick out a "treasure" and pick what "treasure" to leave for the next one. I personally don't care about what we get out of the caches...but we typically go for the full size caches because it keeps my daughter's interest to find the "rectangles with treasure in them" (as she calls the Ammo cans). She likes them better then the "little circles with paper in them" (as she calls the micros or 35mm cans).We are just glad to have the time together as a family. Today, though we went to the dollar store to buy some more swag for a cache we are going to hide as well as to keep in the car to add to other caches. We got some great stuff for just $1. We got tried to pick both stuff that would appeal to children...as we want to reward other child cachers as well...and adults. It really wasn't that expensive at all and I think we got some pretty cool stuff...things I would like to find in caches...and things I know my daughter would like. Adult items: Minature Fans with batteries, minature sewing kits, minature FM radios with headphones, pedometeres, pocket knives with pouch, watches on belt clips, travel games -checkers, darts, backgammon, chinese checkers. Kids: Tubes of that goo that you can blow into balloon, charm bracelet kits, minature decks of playing cards, various bags of super balls, blaster balls, hot wheels cars. This way we can put cool stuff in...and still afford it. Another idea is like Oriental trading. We are ordering some things from them too. Great Prices and cool things.
  19. I agree...Those are so cute. I was thinking about doing some beaded something as a signature item for our family...but I am still working on it. Cool idea.
  20. My hubby is going to come and I am so jealous! I so wish I could go...we even live in Jacksonville! However, my nephew is graduating from High School....I can not even believe it. I feel so old...so I am going up there to Minnesota to see him. I hope you all have a great time. I know my hubby is hoping to learn lots from all you "experienced" people.
  21. Dondo, We are new too. We have a Dell Axim which uses the windows OS too. For gpx files you can use GPX View or GPX sonar. Also Vito Navigator II works well with the Windows OS We are also trying Mapopolis demo map right now which allows you to mark waypoints on your Map. It seems pretty cool. We are also new...so I can't really help much more then that. Although, the programs we have tried have been great. And Premium membership to get those pocket queries is the way to go! Michelle
  22. Wow...thanks for all the replies...let's see...Here are the answers to most of the questions you all asked. One of the areas we have had the hardest time with was tree covered...so that makes sense that that would be an issue. My hubby mentioned that too. We are not using it really for car navigation...we both have handhelds and the $50 Holux seemed a good way to start trying it out without spending a whole bunch up front. I think the basic issue is when we slow down. While we are walking through the parks it updates pretty quickly...it is when we stop to locate the cache that we start having problems. We will try y'alls suggestions the next time we go out. My hubby is also going to go to GeoWoodstock III this next weekend while I am out of town so he can also check out other people's GPS' and see how different ours is. I understand the concept of getting in the general direction and then looking. I guess our "Force" just isn't sharp enough yet. Although the 3 that we have found were a 1.5, a 2 difficulty and a micro. The ones in the woods are killing us though! But it is so fun..I dreamt about it last night...I am hooked. I appreciate all your ideas and suggestions and I will try them out. Thanks.
  23. Hey everyone. I am new to geocaching. My hubby and I have found 3 caches so far. We have a Dell Axim with a Holux 270 GPS and we are trying Mapopolis and Vito II Navigator. The problem we are having with the GPS is when we get close to the cache we have a lot of jumping around. It will say it is 50 feet then 6 then 25 feet the other direction. It is hard to pinpoint a smaller search area. Here are my questions: Is there a way to better pinpoint the search area? I hear people talking about averaging but I could not find anywhere it was talked about. How close should you be able to get with your GPS? I mean at one place today we were all over the place...probably at least a 100 foot area. Would a different GPS be better? Or is there something we need to learn to do better? We have found 3 and looked for 7. Is that a good number for beginners? Thanks for any help you can provide. We enjoy the hiking and the parks...but we would like to find more!
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