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  1. And another bump, what the heck, I am a premium member
  2. Bump for those who might have missed it
  3. ^ Thank you VERY much! Currently up to 41 members and posts are coming in. I might not have wasted my time and money (as a few non hiking friends have told me). I hope that you get some use out of it and gain some information!
  4. A few members have come from here and joined up. Thanks alot!!! I hope to get more to come over for some hiking fun!
  5. A few members have come from here and joined up. Thanks alot!!! I hope to get more to come over for some hiking fun!
  6. I want to hike a place called eternal flame watefalls. A natural gas flame burns naturally behind a natural waterfall. Its by buffalo ny When I do it I will be sure to post it on my website forum adventurehiker.com (psss... go sign up and help me get it going!)
  7. Hello all! I started a hiking website/forum and figured I would throw it up there if anyone wanted to be a member of another forum. Geocaching is what got me into the type of hiking I love. Writing hike reports has become one of my favorite things to do and share. www.adventurehiker.com check it out, click forum I still have alot of great ideas to get coded in but that will come in time.
  8. Just got it hooked up yesterday. anyone have any tips I should know?
  9. I purchased a unit!! After much research.. I got a Garmin StreetPilot 2610. I ordered mounts for my motorcycle and wires and it came with everything for my vehicles. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. What is the difference between a Garmin PDA Ique M3 and a Garmin C330 They seem to be the same price pretty much.. but the PDA has many more features. Ique - http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-Garmin-iQue-M3-GPS...QcategoryZ94868 QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=165&pID=324 C330 - https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=134&pID=6385# (much cheaper on ebay and other websites) I have found both for 220 shipped I do not plan on using this for caching.
  11. Nice thread. Looking for pictures and where they were taken I have had that geocache on my list for over a year now. I keep telling myself no because it looks like you have to climb cliffs.
  12. I have decided against this unit. It was the low 750,000 POI and when you go off route plan it directs you back instead of calculating a new route (making it junk for detours). I am now looking at the Garmin C330 or C320. I think them are 50$ more.
  13. ^ Thank you for the reply. I was thinking about the method you mentioned. I also wonder about how long of a route I can create. Your looking at the 4050? That looks like a nice unit.. I looked at it but its 2.5 times the price as the 3100. I would love to be able to create a "waypoint" for geocaches and put them into the unit, drive to the nearest place, then use my garmin legend to find the cache. It looks like the only way to do that is to create a POI as close to the cache as possible right on the unit. Does anyone know what the least expensive garmin unit is that will allow me to make a route in mapsource and input it into the unit is?
  14. I currently have a garmin legend. I use it on my motorcycle and its very hard to read. Right now, the Magellan Maestro 3100 is on sale for 199 bucks! Here is a link to it http://www.magellangps.com/products/produc...amp;prodID=1882 Man thats cheap. But I think I see one problem that would drive me insane. I like to make my routes on my PC for my motorcycle trips. I want to input the routes into the GPS. It looks like the only way I can make a route on the GPS is to input an address and have it make a route for me. And 750,000 POI sucks. I want more. But for 200 bucks I could get over that. My primary use of this thing is following a route that I planned ahead of time and stopping at certain POI's that I pick ahead of time. Will this unit do this? I would really like to stick to garmin but I don't see anything they have that would work for 200-250$ I am new to the GPS units like this. Hand helds I am up on but these automotive ones are kicking my butt.
  15. http://www.instructables.com/ex/i/47E0A588...6B001143E7E506/ just seen that
  16. THanks!! inputting now!! My gpsr is an old garmin emap.. I only have the option of putting them in xx.xxxxx format.. no other choice. Still works great though! Thanks again! I am outta here to do http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c5-a9f3dd895af2 I had to email the cache owner to get the coordinates just in case he had them in the woods in the incorrect format for me sweet.. this should be a fun one
  17. Hello all! I can only input decimal xx.xxxxx format into my gps.. I received these coordinates that I need to convert.. but no online converter will do it.. what am I doing wrong Cache #2 N42 48 721 W076 20 581 Cache #3 N42 48 776 W076 20 637 I need them in xx.xxxxx type format.. bad part is I am supposed to pick up friends to go do this in 20 mins..
  18. That is very true Olar. Now magellan is losing out on an entire sale. I am sure that would be a huge marketing ploy for them. I am sure there are alot of travelers that look at the price tag and say no. But, if they could just get the area they are going to for much much less, then people would bite.
  19. Thanks for the info. He isn't going to pay all that money to use it for a few days. Too bad magellan didn't have something that only allowed it to work for a week or something.. If anyone else has any ideas feel free to send me a PM.. Thanks!
  20. Hello all, My brother is going to Plaster Rock New Brunswick Canada in May. Its a week long trip. He has a magellan meridan gold. He wants to use his gps with good detail up there but I am unable to help him. Its a week long trip and he is scared to dish out the big bucks for the software when he will never be in Canada again (or for at least a very long time) Its just a hunting trip. What should he do? Do any of you have any suggestions? Thanks! ~Arcticcatmatt
  21. arcticcatmatt


    I run GPS on my laptop 99% of the time. I am using garmins mapsource program with my garmin Emap. I use a power inverter for the laptop and the Emap cable I have plugs into the cigarette lighter on the vehicle and the laptop. So, the Emap is powered by the auto and so is the laptop. I have gotten a much better inverter since this picture but here is what it looked like when I first started using it http://www.snowmobilefanatics.com/forum/at...ent.asp?id=9143 it is very handy! its even more handy when you have a passenger that is into it as you and knows how to use the software (I have yet to find that passenger haha) What I purchased to do this.. Mapsource software - 75 bucks? Dual action cable (serial and power)-20 bucks Power inverter (to run the laptop)- 40 bucks Serial to USB coverter (for the cable from the gps to the laptop)- 20 bucks Windsheild mount for my Emap - 20 bucks Worth every penny the first time you use it all! Good luck!
  22. hey.. the snowmobile site I am on uses that stuff... www.snowmobilefanatics.com we call it the members map.. Erick set it up I am not on here much so if you want to contact me email is best.
  23. in todays ithaca ny newspaper there is a page long article that is about geocaching and has pictures. So if you live in CNY get todays (tuesdays) ithaca journal.
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