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  1. Why bother with BC? Just drag the new PQ gpx file straight to ths Garmin/GPX folder overwriting the old one..............
  2. Menu. Save Location. scroll up tp the location entry, then edit that and save it.
  3. Try this http://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/maps/ and sign up for free to get 25k detail
  4. Ursk

    Garmin GB Discoverer

    Thought it was to good to be true NOW it is!!!!!
  5. Ursk

    Downloads to SATMAP

    The Latest SatSYNC Software does this, just drag n drop your PQ into the lefthand pane. NOTE does not work on a 64 bit system
  6. Ursk

    Garmin GB Discoverer

    Yes I agree but this is only showing the national parks, not the full UK coverage in 3 section (Scotland, North & South) contains full 1 to 50K scale Ordnance Survey Landranger map coverage !!!!
  7. Ursk

    Garmin GB Discoverer

    Very Very interesting at garmin prices it's nearly BOGOF!!! Keep us posted when it arrives
  8. Ursk

    Garmin GB Discoverer

    Hi anyone know of a way to back-up the Great Britain National Parks 1:50K microSD card, you know just in case
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