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  1. Are you able to see your cache in geobuddy or whaever you are using?


    If you would like me to look at the .gpx file and see if I can load it. I've just sent you email That has my email address so you can sent me the file directly. (I won't be able to look until tomorrow--it is time for bed here).


    Meanwhile, please give the pocket query a go. It is pretty easy once you try it.


    Good night for now.

  2. I hope they will start showing up. I've never downloaded a single .gpx file, so I don't know how or if that way works. I know that the 200 at once pocket query works because I use it every week. If it doesn't work for you the problem must be somewhere in the flow of download, conversion to .gs, save to GPSr, or activation on GPSr.

  3. FamilyDNA will probably beat me to this post, but you really should make use of "Pocket Queries" to get 200 geocaches at a time.


    1. On geocaching.com, hit the "My Account" link on the left side of the screen.

    2. On the right side of the screen under "Premium Features" hit "Build Pocket Queries".

    3. Hit "Create a new query"

    4. Type in a name for the query, like "Near home".

    5. Check the day of week, such as Mon.

    6. Change the "Show me" to 200 caches.

    7. Find the "That (and)" and check "Is Active".

    8. Find the "From Origin". Select one of the radio buttons. I usually use a waypoint name, but for now enter your zip code. MAKE SURE you hit the radio button by Postal code.

    9. Press the "Submit information" button.


    Soon you will have an email to the account you setup in geocaching.com.

    Save the .zip file, open and extract the .gpx file, open the .gpx file in Vantage or what ever (I use GSAK), convert to .gs on your GPS. Activate the file on the "Active Setup" or "Active Map" (depending on your firmware). You should then see them.

  4. If you can work through the issue you are having, you will NEVER go back to just .loc files!


    Here is another thought -- are you sure you have geocaches in the .gpx file? You can edit the file in Notepad or any other text editor. Also, download GSAK (free for 21 days no nag), then open the .gpx file and see if your expected geocaches are in there.

  5. Once the .gs file is on the GPSr you must choose it as the active one.


    Depending on your firmware version this is under menu->active map or something else with the word "map" I think (sorry I don't remember). In that screen you can see where the detail map is selected, and at the bottom of the screen, the active geocache file. Select the one you want, return to the map screen (hit escape). There should now be geocaches shown in cute little green rectangles.


    Oh, plus check your zoom level. Zoom in and out a bit and see if they show up.

  6. Unfortunately the eXplorist line does not understand straight .gpx formatted files.


    You must use some program to convert them to .gs files. I use GSAK, which is nag-ware or $30 one time fee. See http://gsak.net/ One note in GSAK: Make sure on the Export to eXploris has "Explorist Geocaches" in the "Required Format". Also in the "Geocache Name field I put "%Name". I save to the hard disk then copy using windows explorer to my GPSr.


    I think the Magellan Geocache Manager can be used to open the .gpx formatted file, then send the converted data as a .gs to your GPSr. Or give sanramonhunter's suggestion a go.

  7. I bought an eXplorist 600 when they were brand new. The original firmware had a few minor bugs, but worked pretty good. I upgraded the firmware and the unit was much faster and better. I upgraded to the European version a year ago, and now have all the WAAS I need.


    I've dropped it. I've worn out the rubber boot over the joy stick. I've let it rattle around in a snowmobile compartment until the screen got scratched. I've had it on a four wheeler out in the dust.


    Its been a great, solid unit. I just bought my kids each an eXplorist 500. I upgraded the firmware the the European version so they can get WAAS. The kids love the new, but discontinued, units.

  8. victorymike, are you saying that there is no value in taking multiple readings and mathematically averaging them?


    Your definition of averaging is no doubt true, but it seems to me that mathematically averaged readings are better than picking one of the readings you've seen and using that as the cache's coordinates.


    Visitors to your cache will hopefully see the same coordinates that you saw. If the values you list as the coordinate are in the middle of the set, then the visitors should not be too far off.


    But then again, if you took lots of readings and decided to use the coordinates that you read more often than any others, you might help the visitors even more. Maybe this is what the averaging as you described it does.

  9. I just bought each of my kids a Magellan 500, for about $120. It is a color unit, USB, SD memory card, etc.


    The firmware that is in it does not do WAAS, but can be upgraded with the European version 5.2.57 (even if you are in the U.S. The new firmware with WAAS has much greater accuracy.


    The eXplorist 500 is discontinued, but still can be found. I bought mine from http://www.overstockdealz.com

    The brand-new units came in 3 days.


    Around the forums here, everyone seems to prefer Garmin. But you might consider Magellan. (As long as you don't need customer support).

  10. Wow. Magellan has tightened down their download page.


    When I got the firmware from that page there was no registration required, and there was no page requesting the serial number or anything.


    On further investigation (actually looking at my GPS unit and my saved download files, rather than the Magellan web page) the version I downloaded and installed last March is version 5.2.57. Sorry about the mis-information.


    Send me an email with your email address and I'll send you the file. I don't have any of the installation notes, but I think you can search this forum or other pages for instructions.


    I remember that some people lost their base maps with the upgrade to 5.2.57. I didn't. I'd copy everything from my unit's internal memory to my computer before I started.


    I'll send it, but you install it at your own risk.

  11. As a technical guy, and an occasionally recipient of my wife's good intentions, I think you might reconsider buying a GPS for your husband. If he is like me, he would really enjoy investigating the choices and features, and he would be happier making his own selection. (I almost used the word 'victim' instead of recipient in my opening sentence!)


    I appreciate my wife's good intentions, but I prefer to make my own selections when it comes to electronic goods.

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