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  1. J&W I hope this does not go bad on here, first thing is don't be suspious, telling the truth is a must, carry a phamphet which explains what geocaching is. If an officer does stop you tell him your geocaching which is a worldwide treasure hunt game show him your GPS/phone etc explain to him the GPS is used to find hidden containers, offer to show him the pamphlet and where you have it. I know stealth is the key and one of the rules but to be honest being in law enforcement the first thing watched for is suspicious activity also chose areas without high crime rates there are lots out there so be picky take care and stay safe.
  2. Thanks for the replies and yes I can see this would be a problem, Didn't really think it out just threw it out there on the request of Groundspeak they also informed me they have no future plans for any new souveniors as you noticed. Ok so lets try for strike 2, you never know till you ask, your thoughts on having counters on members pages to let you know how many people have visted. Thanks again for your responses, cheers and take care
  3. Souvenirs are awarded for accomplishments when cachers have achieved certain goals. You just dropped a TB, looked up it's milage 10,825 miles. Curious you look up the owners page and check out their souveirs. You see one thanking the cachers for moving one of their trackables over the 10,000 mile mark. A smile comes over your face and you think yep I helped in this coins travels. Some trackables have thousands of miles from country to country would be nice to have some kind of tribute to those cachers who have helped move these TB's,coins,tags etc. huge distances. A souvenir set up for this acknowledgement might be a good thing, so your thoughts on this, who knows maybe in the future it will happen, thanks for your time.
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