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  1. Ok i had an old ad with both this gps and a etrex which i allready sold but cant figure out how to edit ad so here is a new ad. PLEASE email me no PM's as i dont get any notification of PM messages email is dc9mm at verizon dot net $85 Delorme PN-20 Comes with topo 7 mapping software and includes 2 gig SD card. USB cable too. Pictures below
  2. Garmin Etrex is SOLD Delorme pn-20 still available, make me a reasonable offer.
  3. Iam in a suburb of Buffalo NY. Both gps's are still available.
  4. Yes i still have it. I do have a local buyer who emailed me about it but hasnt gotten back to me but as of right now its available. you can either reply here or contact me via email
  5. I have 2 handheld gps units for sale. Reason i have 2 is because i had a PN-20 and needed to take a trip to Canada and Delorme didnt have topo maps for canada at the time. So i bought a Garmin Ertrex Legend CX for canada trip. Now that my trip is over i want to sell both of these and get the new PN-60. Iam new here, i dont geocach. I use these for finding and recording locations for photos i take. My photo website is here My Webpage I figured i would try to sell them here rather than ebay with there high fees they have now. $120 or best offer for PN-20 First gps Delorme PN-20 I bought this new a while back. Came with topo 6 maps i upgraded to Topo 7 maps. Works perfectly and is in very good condition. Includes 2 gig SD card Pictures below. $120 or best offer second GPS a Garmin Etrex Legend CX, i bought this from a local guy. Comes with Topo 2008 USA and Topo Canada maps. Has 512 mb micro sd card. Pictures below. Plus shipping cost I have paypal or money orders would work. I realize iam new here thats why i posted a link to my website. I will provide my phonje number on request if some one would prefer to talk to me. Delorme PN-20 Now Garmin gps
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