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  1. Hi Guys, My partner and I are going to Tauranga leaving Tuesday night and will be there most of Wednesday. If you havnt found anyone else to help you with the cache, Id be more than happy to help. Zub Zub
  2. Thanks for the help guys. I can understand that there are a lot golf balls out there that have just had a hole drilled in them and a small container stuck in the hole. I am hoping to make it look just like a normal golf ball. I have been thinking about how to make it waterproof and I'm sure that there must be a way. Even if I end up finding a small ball like container to put on the inside. So container with in container. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Hi Guy and Girls. While driving home from a caching mission I had a thought about what I had picked up on my way around the caches. Along with the usual rubbish I had found a number of golf balls. This got me pondering about using one to make a Micro cache container. I was thinking cut it in half, take the insides out and then some how hinge the two halves and fit some sort of clip. Has anyone ever done something like this before. If so, have you got any hints on how to make it work? I am wanting to place my first cache soon but want it to be something a bit special. Many thanks Zub Zub
  4. If you like looking at cool waterfalls, there are three Caches close to Hunua falls, as well as heap on the arounds around the area!
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