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  1. As a matter of fact I've visited all of them within 2 days
  2. No, you have to pick the "Hausberg" category which leaves you with ~70 possible places, then subtract all those that are duplicates, that are inaccessible or where there isn't anything to see any more (read the descriptions!). There you'll also find the GPS coordinates you need to navigate there (written in BMN, but I'll call that a D1.5 puzzle at best...)
  3. If your assumptions were correct it would be - but unfortunately they aren't. The Brass Cap Cache was meant to be constantly moved around - mine isn't. Cachers were actively encouraged to log it multiple times - mine can only be logged once. Both have pre-determined locations. Maybe it's the different language that has kept you from doing the required research, but then you'd end up with just a select few possible locations, each with exact coordinates to enter into your GPSr - so no, not "any" location is loggable. As I said in my first post in this thread, I will gladly add those waypoints to the listing if Groundspeak asks me to do so. I'm sorry for the Brass Cap Cache which sounded like an interesting project to do but I still see more differences between that cache and mine than there are similarities.
  4. Yes, you are wrong as the guidelines for the new virtual caches clearly allow virtual waypoints. I've seen dozens of new virtuals that are more like Multi-Caches pop up lately where you have to visit 10 or more stages.
  5. Yet mine can be fulfilled at the posted coordinates...
  6. Well, let's have a look at the listing then: so if you just visit the Hausberganlage at the header you're fine
  7. Hmm, the location of those few loggable entities hasn't changed in a few hundred years, and its number will change only if new ones are discovered which isn't very likely.
  8. It got locked for being moved around which mine isn't.
  9. I'm the owner of the cache in question. It's not "locationless" as the region "Weinviertel" is defined quite precisely, and there is a very limited list of possible places. Besides, it was reviewed extensively and deemed ok. But if Groundspeak insists I'll add those places as Virtual Stages. @Arne1: Why not contact me in person if you have a question/concern about my cache?
  10. WEB14 is veeeeery slow for me right now (but that was the only server I could even reach within the last hour...) EDIT: took me 20 minutes and 3 timeout errors to post this answer' date=' accessing the forums from my french vpn now (normal loading times right now, server WEB11):
  11. I'm fairly sure it's got nothing to do with ISPs as I was (and still am) experiencing the very same behaviour described by German users in both France and Austria over the past few days - different providers, same hours of the day though...
  12. Found another spelling error (plus some inconsistencies) in the German version of the GC.com website: Under http://www.geocaching.com/track/search.aspx it says "Stichwortt" instead of "Stichwort" Reference: Duden Also "nach" is spelled with a capital letter in the first search field as opposed to the following two search fields where lower case letters are being used (personallly I'd use small letters...) Thanks in advance, I'm feeling better already ;-)
  13. If one of my geocaches gets misplaced and I have to go search for it then I log "Owner maintenance" but never "Found it" According to the Groundspeak Help Center "it is considered "bad form" to log a find on your own geocache, no matter when you do it."
  14. sorry to be that direct, but this renders the search function pretty much useless for everyone - definitely not an improvement :-( please add at least a "contains" option with the advanced search page!
  15. i can confirm this problem - definitely not a cookie or 3rd party software/greasemonkey script issue
  16. It's been two weeks now - is there any update on when the error will be corrected?
  17. I am a native German speaker which is why I use the german translation of the website (from now on you'll feel obliged to read everything I write with the voice of Colonel Klink from "Hogan's Heroes"...), and I can assure you it's wrong. It used to be "Souvenirs" on the gc.com website up to a few weeks ago but with a recent update it was changed to the misspelled "Souvenire". Here's a screenshot from August 2012 (from when I reported another spelling mistake ;-) ) with the correct spelling:
  18. Call me OCD but there's a spelling error in the german version of the geocaching.com website I wish to report: The plural of "Souvenir" in german is "Souvenirs", not "Souvenire"! See Duden - Souvenir,Wortbedeutung - Souvenir,Thefreedictionary - Souvenir, etc. for reference found on geocaching.com/profile/ and geocaching.com/my Thanks in advance!
  19. Call me a grammar n@zi if you will but there's spelling mistake in one of the tabs in the personal profile view of the german version of the GC.com page: it says "Gallerie" instead of "Galerie". It may be spellt "gallery" in english or "galleria" in italian but it's just one "L" in german. For reference see: Duden - German Reference Dictionary (it also says "Profile for Benutzer" which is an unelegant mixture between english and german - "Profil von Benutzer" would be much nicer... ) Thanks in advance, I'm feeling better already ;-)
  20. Same here: as of a few days ago some notification emails don't make it to my Gmail account which is pretty annoying (however some get through) - and apparently it is a common problem according to both numerous logs in recently published caches near my home zone and other geocaching discussion forums I am a member of.
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