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  1. 13 hours ago, LivingInNarnia said:

    along with the link to the Help Center update, the input will not be case sensitive and we'll be more forgiving with spaces too!

    I still think an example of the correct format in the error message would be more helpful than just a link to the help center. But why chose one when you can have both? :) 

    This would be my prefered error message:

    "Please enter latitude and longitude values in HDD MM.mmm format. Read more here"

    And please please please, make the link a target="_blank" so that clicking on the link does NOT kidnap my window and all my edits are lost :unsure:

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  2. I noticed that the coordinate verification thing for waypoints is a bit too unforgiving.

    1. N 59° 18.725' E 14° 36.573' is OK
    2. N59° 18.725' E 14° 36.573' is NOT OK
    3. N 59° 18,725' E 14° 36.573' is NOT OK

    The detected problem in 2 above is a missing space between "N" and "59"
    The detected problem in 3 is a decimal comma instead of decimal dot.

    In none of these cases the website tells the user what the problem is. Either you get a "Please enter valid coordinates." or "Please enter latitude and longitude values in DDM format only.". What does DDM even mean? An example of correctly formatted coordinates would be more helpful.

    Why not use the same verification rules as the "corrected coordinates" field uses? It seems more forgiving and at least can parse the number 2 version above.

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  3. On 2017-12-05 at 9:57 PM, niraD said:

    Have you tested this with colorblind users to see if the shades of blue and green that you use can be distinguished by them?


    As beeing colourblind I have a lifetime experience with the fact that web designers often totally ignore 8-10% of the male population :mellow:

    I can report that at least for me the green and brown are totally impossible to distinguish (the blue is not a problem for me), however, they at least have a very clear icon. It would be nice if the colours had been seleced in a way that would allow colourblind persons to distinguish the colours too, but since the icons are unique they can still be accepted. At least from my ponit of view.

  4. 7 minutes ago, barefootjeff said:

    I'm not sure that's such a good idea as the email the CO gets will be the original boilerplate text and they won't be made aware of any editing.

    I know, it's not perfect, but it's the best I can do. Yes, the email the CO receives will only contain the predefined text and that I can't do anything about. But at least, everyone (cachers as well as CO) reading the logs on the cache listing page or app will read my edited log which I consider to be more informative than the predefined ones.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Keystone said:

    If you are behind in logging by a month, think about the impact on the cache owner if you could place a backdated Needs Maintenance or Needs Archived log.  From my perspective as a Reviewer, it would look to me like the owner has ignored the issue for a month, and I might disable their cache page.  It is better to go by the date when the owner became aware of the maintenance issue, because of the NM log, so that is why the current date is used instead of the log date.


    Good point!


    Another question, for you with perspective as a reviewer. Since I'm now encouraged to write my description of what's wrong with the cache in my Found log, and the NM log only contains the (mostly) non informative predefined texts, wouldn't it be easier to at least find my description of what's wrong with the cache (i.e, my Found log) adjecent to the actual NM log?

  6. Noticed today:


    If I add a Needs Maintenance log together with my Found log, my Found log will have the date from my Field Note (uploaded from my Garmin), like 2017-07-10, but my NM log will have today's date (2017-07-25). 


    I found the cache and saw the problem at the same time, of course should the NM-log inherit the date from the Found log since it no longer is possible to write a separate NM log (which by itself is wrong way to go, but that's a question for another thread).


    I can still edit the predefined text of the NM log to something useful to the cache owner, but the date is not possible to edit to the correct date.. :(

  7. I'm guessing this problem may be on your end - mostly likely you are opening the query into a database or device from which you have not first purged the existing caches, some of which may have been disabled since your previous query.


    I just ran 2 queries, 500 Disabled caches from my home coords, and 500 Enabled caches from my home coords.

    The 2 queries worked correctly. There were no enabled caches in the disabled group and no disabled caches in the enabled group.


    I have noticed the same behavoiur as TheCrazyChemist, and it is NOT a result of "duplicate caches" on the gps unit. The cache exists in one and only one PQ, and it is included in the PQ even though I have ticked the box "is enabled" when I create the PQ.


    You can also view the result of the PQ on www.geocaching.com/map/ and see that also "grey" caches are visible on the map.



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