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  1. Like new condition... minus some dust. $200 - Dakota 20 unit. Original box and manual. - 2 pairs of rechargeable batteries. - Wall charger for batteries. - Free shipping if you live in the lower US 48 states.
  2. I believe these in particular are made to be "tough" unlike a phone screen which seem to scratch if dust falls on them. Because of this the Dakota screen feel different from a phone. Not bad but just different.
  3. This one it worth it just for the much faster menu animations.
  4. I read it and the thread is about what each reader believes it is about.
  5. Quoting you so you can't edit your post. At least Coldgears doesn't insult his fellow cachers. Oh you're the cleaver one. I'm so scared. What are you, 12? Actually he has and I'm just in the mood to point it out. Thanks for asking.
  6. I'm not smart enough to figure out why but my Dakota 20 compass will point in a direction when not moving and then when moving can point in a direction +/- 30 deg different. I get the feeling when I'm on the hunt for a cache I'm following a path in an arc instead of a straight line.
  7. You never fail to amaze me with your helpfulness. Give it a rest already. So you're stalking me now? I'm flattered. PS, pointing out 15' + 15' equals 30' actually is useful and might not be completely obvious when someone is standing in the woods, wet from rain, hungry and searching for a cache that is hidden in the shadows.
  8. Some people might think they're being funny and don't mean anything by it, but it just reads sarcastic to the rest of us. I don't think it's intentional most of the time. It's not a big deal. It's easy enough to just skip the cache if it doesn't interest me.
  9. Oh, here we go again. I confess, I didn't read any posts between #1 and #52. Actually I did but don't care too much. My bad.
  10. I guess it's too hard to bring your own pen, or maybe too hard to have any respect for anybody. You know because everything else in life is easy and handed to you. Seriously, Coldgears, you're the biggest douche on this forum and everybody knows it. Only time I don't sign is when it's not possible. i.e. log is soggy, full, missing, etc. In this case I usually leave a comment reflecting what I found.
  11. So somebody places a cache with their GPS unit that has the same limitations of yours and you can't figure out their 15' accuracy (for example) plus your 15' equals 30 feet. Give it a rest already.
  12. I am that 44 y/o man. I have a kid in HS and one in Jr HS. I wouldn't go near a school even if a cache was allowed there. In today's age everybody is so on edge why make it an issue even if your intentions are harmless.
  13. Initially I wasn't aware it attached to the chest. Kind of a hassle but should be ok. I'm almost always in the woods so interference shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for the all the great info. Follow up question: Not a big deal but would be nice. Can calories be calculated from my weight and all the data collected? The track info and HRM info.
  14. I combine geocaching and fitness (running/hiking), and I'm wondering if the heart rate monitor can be helpful. The name says what it does but what does that really get me when pared with a Dakota 20? I'm not having much luck finding this info. Also, when uploading my data to Garmin Connect does some statistical info for heart rate also get uploaded? Thanks.
  15. I have the latest beta on my Dakota and the notification is still there. I'd assume the software is the same but you know what they say about assuming.
  16. Well this confuses me even more because I reload an update GPX file from a scheduled PQ every week and my Dakota 20 has never forgot my found list. I see it reloading the caches when first powering on with a new GPX file. I've even done a reset a couple times. It reset the number found to 0 but still retained the found list correctly. Here's a few lines from my geocache_visits.txt. I don't mean to argue but given my experience and the field "Found it" it seems this file does keep track of found. GC29P47,2010-09-30T19:35Z,Found it,"" GCNQC7,2010-09-30T19:41Z,Didn't find it,"" GC1FK6V,2010-09-30T19:53Z,Unattempted,"" GCP55R,2010-10-06T23:55Z,Found it,"" GC17FTX,2010-10-07T19:13Z,Found it,"" GC164Y7,2010-10-07T19:34Z,Didn't find it,"" GC164Y7,2010-10-07T19:37Z,Found it,"" Edit: You mentioned "finds" and "founds". Is there a difference that I don't understand that would clear all this up. They seem the same to me.
  17. I must be misunderstanding you because the found status & notes are kept in a separate file (geocache_visits.txt). Loading a new .gpx does nothing to this file.
  18. Since nobody knows who you really are you might or might not be the property owner/manager or just another "Forest Defender" looking to troll in a new way. If you really are the owner/manager then just toss their stuff in the trash. /End
  19. I just spend an hour camo'ing up a container. Afterward I tossed it in the trash because it looked dumb and started with a new container. But like someone mentioned above, location is important. Mine will be at least 1/4 mile off the trail in the woods so no worries about muggles or the bomb squad. There are plenty of rocks for hiding cover.
  20. I found some of his points interesting. There has always been geocaching before GPS was invented. Wilderness or mountain caches or mountain peak caches you just had to learn about by word of mouth. Use your maps/compass, you get there, find the locker, sign a log. However his tone is too confrontational.
  21. Yeah. Ca is pretty bad too. A silhouette of the state with a CA over it. Genius
  22. Sure you did. You even said so in your very first sentence. This thread is nothing but a wanabe elitist attempting to troll.
  23. IMO muggle is not derogatory. It's just a term to use between cachers instead of having to say "somebody that is not a cacher". Being cloak and dagger makes it more fun for me. I love spy movies. At the same time if I see muggles or get caught I'm always friendly. If they have a puzzled look and seem to be curious I don't hesitate to be courteous and inform them.
  24. I know this isn't for everybody, but I intentionally leave my phone at home or in the car. 1) I use it for work and it's like a leash. 2) I want rely on myself and not always think I can just call 911 and be saved. You have to be more careful and think when you know you won't be rescued. In addition I often go hiking alone, at night, or bad weather just to know I can deal with it. I'm not competitive but it is sort of like a contest with myself.
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