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  1. We were in Dubai searching for a cache which became a DNF. We were right on the bend of a road with plenty of traffic. We were there ages searching! I saw the car drive into the car park where we were and look over at us. A good while later the man walked over to us carrying his gorgeous little boy and asked if we had lost something. Of course we ended up telling him about geocaching, he was from Syria and living in Dubai. I often think of him when we see Syria in the tv news! I have lost count of the times we have been asked. "have you lost something" when out caching lol
  2. I watch tackables as well after i move them on to a new cache. My one and only FTF where i also placed a TB brought over from a Canadian cache went AWOL Cache plus TB ! We did hide it well but maybe someone was watching us!
  3. Someone else finds a cache after we find it, at least i know I hid it okay. Does anyone else feel the same?
  4. Thank you all :-) My email tells me that i could be charged up to 24hours before so looks like it is set up to be taken automatically. When i go to my account page. At the bottom it says. ........... Update ....... cancel recurring membership....... Thank you again all.
  5. Many thanks. I have been looking from time to time but cannot see how to renew, Will have another look Thanks again.
  6. My membership is due for renewal next week as that is my first year as a premium member almost up. Wondering if it is automatically renewed or do i need to do it. Many thanks
  7. Same here, gave up after a couple of times trying to sign in and getting the same message, seems ok now, first time i have seen that.
  8. Well that was brilliant. I have also listened to the radio excerpt well done Father Hector lol. Still loads left to read, i love the photographs.
  9. Wow that is fantastic. Hmmmmmmm I wonder if mine, released in Australia last year will do even a fraction of that. Congratulations to the TB. What a great sport/hobby geocaching is. I have just been looking at the photograhs of the koala's travels, it really is great that cachers took the time out to take fun photographs of him...............now if only the koala could talk! What tales he could tell you. Enjoy your rest little koala.
  10. ayrbrain


    Many thanks Mrs B. for your help. This TB is just in a race between 2 brothers and their dad has put up a prize for the most travelled. Good luck with your TB race. :-). WOW. I see what you mean with the mileage for your TB.
  11. ayrbrain


    I have noticed a TB we put out in Australia has "visited" a number of caches before being placed into another cache so has collected a number of mies, my question is..............I picked up a TB from a cache yesterday and notice it is in a race . Until i find a suitable size cache for the TB can I also let this TB "visit" caches with me and how do i log that it has been "visiting" caches? As i was logging my one and only find yesterday😏. I had a look online at drop down boxes but couldn't see the relevent one to log as a visit, or me being me maybe i didn't look properly😳. Ps i will not keep the TB long as i like to move them as quick as i can. Many thanks for any help. 😊
  12. The number of times we have been asked "Have you lost something" the latest being in Dubai enroute to holiday in Australia end of last year. We had been searching and searching this particular area with no luck, I did notice the car pull in to the car park and glance over at us, a while later the man came up to us with his little boy in his arms and asked if we had lost something, we explained what we were doing as we felt it was only polite as he was polite with us, he was interested in what we were explaining. I wish I had a pound for everytime someone answered with "What" when we say "Geocaching" just recently we were in the bank and the lady dealing with us asked us towards the end of the meeting if we had any hobbies, I said geocaching then went on to explain what it was all about. She was going to go home that night and look it up on the net, the other lady sitting in on the meeting said she was also going to look it up. A few days later we were back in the same building and one of the ladies came over to us laughing saying that the other person had looked up geocaching on the net but had ended up at a porn site!!!! goodness knows what she had typed in for geocaching!!
  13. ayrbrain


    I sometimes have this problem i am blaming my laptop. Sometimes i have to run the programme a couple of times then it works,. I will ask hubby to put the software onto his apple as he is always saying things like. "of course mine is an apple" Whenever i moan about my laptop
  14. I have hidden one at our house, an easy peasy one ( but a few have had to come back a couple of times) but good fun to watch from the window or if we are in the garden and spot a cacher, it isn't at a front door or the likes, I forewarned a neighbour who can see any cachers approaching to what they are doing. She enjoys watching them searching in the wrong place saying to herself " its not there" We have met a few cachers from around the world doing it. PS. Cachers do not need to go into our garden.
  15. We were in Sydney last November and we visited our first (and only ) TB hotel. It was within a building so it was great to walk in and ask the question stated in the cache description and be handed the large container, then sit on a comfy sofa to look through the goodies and sign the log.
  16. I have seen a TB on a dog's collar, i just happened to glance down at the dog and thought heyyyyyy thats a TB lol. We have one on the car but it hasn't really been discovered out and about, but then i forget to look at cars as i walk pass them Thats a good idea to have it noticable on your person, thats something else for me to look out for
  17. For christmas hubby bought me a Garmin E Trex 30 which i really like after using a trusty second hand Etrex i had used for over a year to see if i liked geocaching. We went to Australia in Nov/Dec so i was allowed to take my new gps with me. 2 days before we left i accidently broke the small screw type handle on the back Hubby phoned Garmin to see if we could buy a replacement backing. As it was late afternoon the helpful young man said he would have missed that afternoon's post but would send a new backing for the gps the following morning free of charge, which he did and as luck would have it the post arrived 10 minutes beore we left for the airport so i was able to take my new gps with us. I did phone once we were back in UK to thank Garmin for super service.
  18. .............................. You dream geocaching! I dreamt last night that someone had replaced a cache log in one of my hidden caches with an A4 pad wrapped in a polythene shopping bag!
  19. Many thanks for all replies. Yes it would be a good idea if CO's would/could write some of it in English if at all possible. Even looking at the logs for said caches are of course in another language oh well, will need to ask the locals to read the hints as suggested and wait for their confused expressions Thanks all
  20. I am planning to (hopefully) search for caches when on holiday overseas, when I look at caches online in that area a lot are in German or Spanish etc for the description. Is it possible to read it in English, have I missed a button/link to click on to translate it or is that not possible? many thanks for any info
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