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  1. I adopted a couple of caches recently as the cacher is no longer able to geocache. My question is, i notice a maintance cross against one of these caches. We plan to go out and check on it this weekend ( i see it has been found in the last week or so) once we check on it and make sure it is okay, can I delete the maintanance symbol next to it? Many thanks for any help.
  2. When I started caching almost 2 years ago i was advised not to look for micros, but that was all that there was in our town, it was an excellent learning curve. I have only done 280 in the time i have been caching but as i have my little B&B i really cannot get out and about in the summer as much as autumn/winter so numbers don't bother me, except when i am approaching a 'round' figure I love finding unusual caches, where a lot of thought has gone into them and also giving us a laugh trying to think ' how do we get that down from that tree ' etc.
  3. I have just this week adopted a couple of nearby caches plus a few TB's. On looking at the TB's at least one appears to be MIA but it is great to hear and read of other TB's that reappear after months/years. So fingers crossed for my (new) adopted ones also reappear.
  4. I am so sorry you have to give up geocaching. Would you like me to adopt the 2 you mentioned. I have already done them in fact a Mile to Auchincruive was the first one we placed our first TB in. I am in Ayr, Regards
  5. The Stonegate Devil was my introduction to caching a number of years ago. Friends in Lincoln are great cachers and they showed us how to cache. A few years later I took up the sport.
  6. Do other cachers remember to look at cars and the likes for TB's stuck to them, because sure as heck I don't I tell myself to look when out and about and then I forget to , okay is an age thing! : We have one on our car, mind you it has only been logged 2 or 3 times.
  7. Awwwww i wish we still had our Border Collie, she would loved to have geocached. We took up geocaching to get us out and about after she died.
  8. I am trying to find my previous caches since starting geocaching, i managed to find them a few weeks back but cannot remember how I did it ! I know how to find the most recent ones. Thank you for any help. Hmmmmm i see i have put my heading as cachers instead of caches. But hopefully you get my drift
  9. Not only frustrating for a 9year old The first TB we put out lay for months in the cache we placed it in, when I got an email saying it was moving I was excited. Now one that we put out in Australia is MIA. :-(. Also the one we put out for our little granddaughters seems to be stuck, but then it is a nice surprise when the email comes in that it is on the move. Good luck.
  10. Many thanks. Off to have a go.
  11. Go to your profile page: http://www.geocaching.com/my/default.aspx The very first thing after "Quick View" is "Lists". Click the link for "Lists". Click the "Watchlist" link. Scroll down to "Trackable Items on Your Watchlist". Put a tick mark in the box(es) for the trackables you want to remove from the watchlist and click "Remove selected trackables from watchlist" Or just click "Delete entire trackable watchlist". B.
  12. I have forgotten how to look for the list of TB's that I am watching, for eg if I want to stop watching one, how do i do this? i have searched my profile for the list with no joy. My mind is a blank. Thank you for any help
  13. I said to my DH the other day, "i suppose the day will come when the police ask what are we up to?". DH's reply to me was "yes and i will be off".
  14. Just like everything else in life..............the minority spoil it for the majority!
  15. A cheque for £25 that i won when one of my numbers on a Premium Bond was drawn. Made my day.
  16. I knew the outline of how it all started, but having just read the full story it made very interesting reading. But how did it all start for you? For me it was a visit to York. UK to meet up with friends who were already geocachers. They had their GPS and showed us how it all worked. The first ever cache for me (helping) was a virtual one , after that I was hooked. Whilst the men went to the pub my friend and I walked around York caching. Then once we were back home I was online searching for a suitable GPS. And the rest, as they say is history.
  17. We were in Canada last May and did some caching in Stanley Park, then in Nov/Dec we were in Australia/Dubai/Singapore so out of those 3 countries we found caches in 2 of them (Dubai DNF), plus met up with a fellow cacher in Sydney which was great, and another at his cache in Melbourne. Plus did some challenges. In Fuerteventura in March we got a few there as well. Which I was pleased about as DH isn't a cacher but I found an internet cafe so was able to look for a couple more online whilst there. I had looked online at all those places before leaving home and got the co-ords but not knowing how far we would be from our hotels etc we were not sure how many we would find, but got a lot and met some nice folk along the way and had some laughs. To say DH isn't the cacher in the house he does managed to always be in charge of the GPS I think he is a closet cacher
  18. I seem to recall that when I was picking my name there was a problem with my selection... I wanted to call myself "Crusader", but I got an 'ur-urrr, yer can't have that!' My second choice was 'Croesgadwr', which means Crusader in the Welsh language. Its only a problem when people try and say it!! Phonetically its "Croy-es-gad-ooow". By chance I checked to see if Crusader was actually taken....it wasn't, so I don't know what the problem was. Croesgadwr a North Wales geocacher. I can't really remember choosing my name (it's an age thing with me! ). We were in north Wales last October so managed a few caches there, just need to go to Ireland and do some there and that will be the four countries of the British Isles done lol
  19. Many thanks for your reply. No idea why that thought came into my head.
  20. You know when you join a site, any site and you have to think of a sign in name? I am trying to think back to when i joined geocaching. And choosing a name. Do we each have unique names for the game or would there be for eg another ayrbrain somewhere in the geocaching world? Just a thought.
  21. Oooooh i didn't know about this bit ............ So had a look and saw my name
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