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  1. We were advised to stay away from micros when we started out........but all we had in town were many many micros so it was a good learning curve. But we got there........eventually
  2. It might help if you tell us which cache you're talking about. Did you back-date your log? If so, the log won't show up at the top of the list. It'll be listed farther down the list of logs back on that date. Edit: I just answered my own question. It looks like it's this one. Your log is showing up just fine. No not that one. But it's ok. Just looked at the one i was talking about and it is now showing my log........this time i clicked submit! Off to look for the bottle opener. Thank you.
  3. What a numpty sat here. DH puts co ords into my gps, i tell him we have already done that one way back last year! I didn't even notice i was missing a smiley face duh. Sure enough my sticker was in the old log book which was still in the container from July last year, And i knew just where to look for the cache. Oh well thats another one found, Then we go onto another cache which we find, but as I look back at this one after writing the log just now my log isn't showing on that caches page, but there is a smiley. Is this just a hiccup and the log will show later? Thanks for any replies.
  4. I am still awaiting my TB on the car being spotted But as DH said the other day to,me, "do you remember to look at cars?" I must admit I do forget to glance at cars as I am out and about. So far mine has only been spotted a couple of times and that was me dropping a big hint :lol:
  5. Yes thats the one. The CO has emailed me just now saying he leaves them in place for a couple of weeks in case folk have got the co ords already in their gps. As this was the first time i have found an archived cache i was confused, which is easy to do lol. Many thanks
  6. yes it is, if you got a 'found it' log on the cache page with the smiley then it's +1 to your stats. Many thanks for your reply, I cannot find it on the site. As i went to log it last night, i had to put in the co ords as it wasn't listed under its name, so this is making me think i haven't been given this one. I did log it ok, but as i say i cannot find it.
  7. Yesterday I found an archived cache, i didn't know it was archived as i had put it onto my gps a few weeks back when it wasn't archived. Anyway i found it logged it yesterday and that is when i noticed it was archived. I take it this is not counted in my count of caches.
  8. My first time of hiding a cache was knocked back for this very same reason. It was too close to a cache already out on the other side of the river I was told. But to get to that other cache was a fair walk. But as the crow flies..........too close.
  9. Thanks for all replies. This is the only cache site i go to, Oh well not to worry, the millions of dollars can go to someone else because if ' i do not reply to him' then it will go to someone else,! To think that some folk would fall for this type of scam, what a sad world.
  10. Did I come up the Clyde on a bike? Now I am getting the type of email in my in box, it was headed Geocaching in the title box. But of course it is one of these emails whereby I have millions of US$ just sitting in an account waiting for me to give ALL my bank details and then it will becme mine! Obviously I will not be responding, but I am annoyed this is now coming via the geocaching site whereby someone has been on the site and now targeting us through here, Is there some way I can forward the email i received to geocaching as we would do if it came through a 'so called bank'. Has anyone else received anything like this through geocaching, this is a first through here me but not through other means? Many thanks
  11. I am considering buying a TB that can be ironed on to clothing to make myself trackable. I was thinking of putting it onto my old jacket that I use for geocaching, but then if i decide to wear my hi viz jacket then no one will see it Unless I wear the fleece under my hi viz and when we meet fellow cachers I could rip my outer jacket off and twirl around like Wonder Woman But then that would scare folk.....
  12. No don't give up, as someone mentioned double check the O and 0 and 1 or it could be an L. This has happened to me a couple of times as i misread the numerical 0 for a letter o and the likes. Once you get the hang of it you will be releasing your own tb...good luck and enjoy. There are always plenty of folk to help on here.
  13. I have one hidden in our garden although cachers do not need to come in to get it, i love to pop my head up over the wall when they are logging it. And cachers have seen me In the garden and logged it as such and i havent noticed them
  14. Lol my hubby isn't the geocacher in the family, but he tags along as he comes in handy now and again, but I was surprised the other day when he went on to explain to a muggle and then got quite technical. I think deep down he is a closet geocacher! Come to think of it............he is usually in control of my gps !
  15. I usually just explain the game/sport. Wish I had a pound for everytime someone has answered with "What!".
  16. Thanks all for the replies. I did wonder why it didn't show as such. Many thanks all,
  17. Back in Nov last year we were in Melbourne Australia and managed a few caches. One of the ones I completed was Fedcam in Federation Square .melbourne. I have just been looking at my stastistics and cannot see any mention of the web cam on my chart. It is counted as a find in my numbers found though. Just wondered if this is counted as a web cam one as It was to be completed using the web cam, which I managed to do, and logged it. Thank you for any replies/help. Ps I hope this is the correct area to post this.
  18. Yes it would be helpful if a note was on every TB found. We brought one home from Canada last year, no note on it, and as i couldn't access a computer until we were home, that is when i read that the TB was to stay in Canada!
  19. I have sent out a couple of friendly gentle reminders to a cacher who has had one of the tb's I adopted a couple of months ago for weeks. They look as if they are still geocaching going by their logs. But they still have the tb and no email back from them. So we just need to wait and seen if it (they) eventually turn up. I know i didn't release the tb but i would like them (it) to keep going on behalf of the person who sent it out. Oh well it will be a surprise if and when they show up. Maybe they have dropped itin a chache and not logged it as such.
  20. In my geo bagi have Batteries First aid kit Disposable gloves Tissues Pens Spare logs all sizes Poly bag (s) Hand sanitiser Torch Compass Tweezers (some logs just do not want to come out of the container!) Last but not least........my GPS
  21. The vest on and clip board is a good one, never tried that............yet But have heard of folk using it at one near Prestwick airport, the cache is slap bang at busy road so some one did use the hi viz vest to get to it. When we did this one we just thought 'go for it' so we did And just pretended that they couldn't see us! Tying shoelaces if you are looking at ground level, and yes using the gps as a mobile! Done that. But sometimes in a busy city folk are going about their business and not looking at us anyway. In Dubai we got a lot of glances over but then we were at a busy junction with plenty of cars passing by the drivers would all be glancing over at us, and a man who pulled into the car park behind us actually came over and asked if we had lost something, we ended up standing talking and explaining geocaching to him. What I am waiting for one day though is a tap on the shoulder and seeing a police officer, " what are you doing?". But I know of at least one police officer who is a geocacher, so hopefully they will have heard if it..................
  22. And another GB flag, at least I visited your profile so I assume my visit shows. Pretend it is the Saltire flag of Scotland as I can only see the GB one Now to see if I can put it on my profile at some point.
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