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  1. I had to try a couple of shops here as well before finding one suitable. Then the man behind the counter told me that the company printing them here was going out of business! Maybe folk don't bother sending cards. Usually we are home before the cards are if we send any when on holiday.
  2. 1. Participating Date October 17 2. Received Name Date November 15 3. Mission Complete Date 4. Mission Received Date Ok a senior moment here as I put in the wrong received date, then couldn't see how to delete the whole thing! Sorry about two replies.......as i said....... A senior moment Let the fun begin..........oooooooooh wonder who has my name
  3. ayrbrain

    Old TBs

    What a sad little TB If i found one like that I think I would try to give it some TLC if possible. I got an email yesterday of a TB we placed in Sydney 2 years ago, it moved about a bit but the email told me it wasn't in the cache it was listed as being in Such a shame when they go awol but I know that is the chance you take when you send one off into the unknown.
  4. That's fantastic. I put a TB out a couple of years ago on behalf of our 2 older little granddaughters, it's stuck in a cache and been there a while. So there is hope when we read your story. Hope you manage to retrieve the Tb that has made it home.
  5. Until I was sure if I would take up geocaching I bought a secondhand Etrex on ebay, it served me well, in fact I still have it, Hubby bought me another dearer one which was even better, but I use my iphone now for caching and hubby uses my gps. Although he is not a cacher I must say I do not like the opening on the back of my newer gps as I managed to break the little handle so had to get a new back for it. Even now I am nervous opening the gps so usually hand it to hubby to open then I can blame him
  6. I like to find a TB in a cache, and if possible and I know I am going out caching soon then i will take it to move on. I have some that are MIA, but reading on here of some that turn up months or years later gives me hope for my missing TB's Annoying to read in an online log that someone has written "left a TB" in a cache but do not log it properly online. It is only by asking on here or asking a friend or looking at the Q&A on the cache site that we learn how this all works. I only manage to geocache through the autumn/winter, so i do get rusty and think 'how does this work again?' But a quick search on the internet and the answer appears. Thankfully
  7. ayrbrain

    TB Hotels

    A couple of years ago we were in Sydney Australia, we found a TB hotel within a public building, where I was able to sit in a comfy couch and take my time looking through the box and signing the log. Plus we had made arrangements to meet up with a Sydney cacher before leaving the UK which was fun.
  8. 1. Participating Date October 17 2. Received Name Date 3. Mission Complete Date 4. Mission Received Date
  9. Have sent you an email as requested, this sounds like fun. Thank you for organising it.
  10. I wish I had never bothered trying to place another cache, as I am getting confused. But I think I have now sent it to be reviewed again. It isn't in a cemetery, I wouldn't do that. It is in a small popular dog walking wood. It isn't on or in a wall, again I wouldn't do that. Fingers crossed they receive it and approve it. Thanks all
  11. That was the problem! I couldn't see where to reply. But I followed someone else's directions and went through the page for the hopefully new cache. Got there in the end, well I hope so.
  12. The reviewer usually explains how to contact him/her in their communication with you. It's best to follow those instructions. Help Center → Geocaching → Review Process: Hiding a Geocache 4.5. Working With the Reviewer: communication http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=74 B.
  13. Now posted a reviewers note on the page. Many thanks.
  14. We put in place a geocache yesterday, then I sent in all the details etc. This morning I have an email back saying they need to check I haven't placed it in a cemetery or a wall (which I haven't). It is in a popular dog walking small wood. My question is, I have just clicked reply on their email, will this get to them or should I go through a different route, although in saying that I cannot see a different way to contact them other than clicking rely,? Hope this makes sense? Many thanks
  15. SorryI should have said whereabouts it was on my profile. It would be nice if there was some way of adding a note to the notice that I have already informed the Tb owners, ages ago.
  16. Just looking at my profile etc, and noticed on the right hand side a notice that a TB I have at the moment hasn't been placed into a cache, and would I move it on or notify the TB owner. The TB owner knows I have their TB as I asked if I could hang onto it for a couple more weeks as I will be able to move it on a good distance. They okayed this. I have never noticed these notes before, mind you I do not keep a TB this long usually.
  17. Yes, but then you'd have to live where you write the date like that! i live where we write it like that I STILL get mixed up when I see it written as folk write it across the "pond" going for at least one tomorrow….well that's the plan
  18. When I started out caching I looked in Ebay and found a secondhand gps. I wanted to make sure I was going to enjoy geocaching so did not want to spend a lot and then not enjoy caching. I had my faithful little gps for a year which served me well, now I use an iPhone. But the little gps was great to start me off.
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