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  1. At least they were polite and honest And good to hear that the TB (s) are once again on their travels.
  2. That is nice of you to do that. A nice idea, good luck with it.
  3. Many thanks all. I have now removed it from my cache page. Something else I have learnt about geocaching.
  4. 2.5. Mark Missing - Trackable on page but not there physically. http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=152 B.
  5. Many thanks B&R, even after 4 years of caching I am still learning Thank you
  6. So............if i am reading the answers correctly here,,,,...........I can mark as missing a TB that is showing as in one of my caches This has been showing as in my cache for the past 2 years, but it isn't in it. So even though it isn't my TB I can mark it as missing? Or am I wrong?
  7. Same problem with me, whenever I put in a postcode to search for a cache in an area I will be visiting in the next few weeks, it tells me cannot find postcode, postcode correct though.
  8. Great to hear of TB's coming back after being MIA . I wish some of mine would come back into circulation. Still great to hear this.
  9. Lovey story, gives hope to us all who have not heard anything of our TB's in months. When I take a TB I like to look where it has travelled on the map. I have one just now which is far travelled including a number of different countries.
  10. Am I too late to join in the fun?
  11. Lol Roamin'Catholic lets hope it gets back to you. No I didn't attach the lobster, he/she is in the dining room sat on a chair along with Rocky the bear who I bought aboard the Rocky Mountaineer a couple of years ago. Wishing you and your family a lovely christmas and all the best for the new year,
  12. At most I only retrieve one or two TB's but that is only because I feel I can handle a couple. We found some lovely ones in Edinburgh last week unusual ones, well we hadn't seen these types before, quite a few in that particular cache we visited but I just took one and dropped one in from a cache from my town. I suppose if folk know they are going to move that many asap, then I wouldn't mind one of mine being one of them. So annoying if they are not moved and just forgotten about. I like to look at Time to time at TB's I have moved in the past just to see where they are and hopefully still moving. This is such a fun sport. The TB I got from the christmas card/post card/ TB exchange recently we placed in a chache in Edinburgh, then in less than an hour it was picked up and now into another cache. I am trying to see if it can make it's way back to Baltimore,well at least I am optimistic
  13. We are just back from 2 nights in Edinburgh and managed to find a couple of geocaches. I have dropped the TB that came in my christmas card/TB swap into a cache in the city, and lo and behold it was taken by another cacher the same day. So hopefully *crosses fingers* the Baltimore/Ayr TB, for that is what I called it as it came from Baltimore is soon on it's travels. I have given it as it's mission, to get back to Baltimore and into a nearby cache for the sender to receive it back. At least I am optimistic !
  14. Thank you Toho_NL. Yehhhhhh think we have done it, at least it looks as if the photo is there at long last. Thank you very much, merry christmas from Scotland.
  15. So far a favourite TB I have found and it wasn't in a cache or at an event, was on a little dog's collar. Last year as I was standing talking to a man with a little dog I glanced at the dog and I noticed she had a TB attached to her collar. I was so please lol that I spotted it. The man was walking the dog for his geocaching son. And I wasn't even out caching at the. time ;-)
  16. It just will not recognise it as a photo.................... Okay Gumbys4eva. Once your children show you, please send them to us to show us lol Just tried again........or at least hubby did and still cannot get it to work.......grrrrrrrrr
  17. I also cannot seem to post a pic of my goodies. I have tried 2 different sites for the photo, I have selected all/copied/paste and all I get is the the long code in the body of my posting for on here, no pic. as you can tell I am certainly no techie. what on earth am I doing wrong?
  18. 1. Participating Date 17 October 2. Received Name Date 15 November 3. Mission Complete Date 18 November 4. Mission Received Date 29 November Many many thanks to Roamin Catholic for the great parcel. Now..........if I could just fathom out how to put the photograph up on the forum But i am no techie
  19. Can someone kindly tell me how to add a photograph to the The 2013 TB christmas card postcard mission please. I have looked at the symbols above this posting but cannot see how to add one. I am on an Ipad at the moment if that is of any help. Thank you Had a look on the lap top as well but still cannot see how to add the photo I see the icon at the top of the posting space, but it asks for a http: I am stuck! Told you I am no techie
  20. Same here, i sent mine off a week past Monday so hopefully it is in the USA by now. Unless the sniffer dogs at the post office and airports are wondering what is in it And on reading the customs form stuck to the package I sent they will be thinking.....what's a TB tag?
  21. 1. Participating Date 17 October 2. Received Name Date 15 November 3. Mission Complete Date 18 November 4. Mission Received Date The package started it's journey this morning. Have a good journey little package.
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