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  1. Mr AB makes some of my cache containers. When out caching if I see something that may work as a container I will pick it up and bring it home. He isn't a cacher but I drag him out with me he does come in handy at times. He enjoys making the containers for me.
  2. If we find a soaked log I replace it with a dry clean one and take the other one out if it is a tiny one, as there would not be room for a second dry one. But if it is a large enough container I leave the original one in and place a clean dry one in, I then let the CO know what I have done. I would be happy enough if someone replaced one of mine if soaked if I could not get to it straight away. Just the other day we placed a small log into a poly bag as it was getting a bit damp, there was still room for the log to go back into the container.
  3. Although Mr AB isn't a cacher, when we are away anywhere be it in the UK or abroad on holiday, we look to see if there will be any caches where we will be visiting, well as I say to DH we are walking about so we may as well look for caches
  4. Paracetamol pain tablets An up to date debit bank card unsigned!
  5. :D exactly The sun came out for the half hour we were all there, and in a sheltered area too boot. A good little turnout.
  6. Going into town in a little while to a flash mob this afternoon. DH saw a police car go past our house (he is a non cacher, but does help me). When he saw the police car he said "Police going past, they must know there will be geocachers in town" . The cheek
  7. One of mine has showed up 2 years after being MIA. A cacher must have forgotten about it ? they had it for all that time, then I got an email a couple of weeks ago saying it had been dropped in a chache. ? so it's always nice when eventually they start moving around again.
  8. In this day and age we do have to be careful, changed days indeed! But the member of the public who contacted the police was only doing what they thought was right. And no harm was done. And it gave geocaching a plug as well. If it had turned out to be drug dealers or the likes and they hadn't contacted the police, then they would have been thinking "if only". We geocachers must look suspicious when we are out geocaching I know lots of us get strange looks, wondering whatever we are up to. My DH isn't a cacher but does come out with me, one time we were searching for a cache at a marina, a magnetic and showing as near gas canisters! Lo and behold a young man from the marina asked if we were ok? DH walked off and left me to explain ourselves. We did eventually get the cache but on the other side of the canal!
  9. Update on card. It has now been handed into the bank. The teller thanked me and said she would cancel it. So the overhead helicopters with search lights over our house and the fraud squad all called off . ??
  10. Rofl @ Terrkan78 and Colonian Cats. ? I will just hand into the bank, and I know I will not be told anything about the card, I'm not intersted, I just want to get it into the bank. But it will fun telling the cashier how I came about it! "Now madam let me explain geocaching to you"................. Will their eyes glaze over or they may become a new recruit? ?
  11. It's the fact someone left a bank card in the cache! that is what I am trying to make a point of.
  12. It wasn't there the other day when we looked. So assumed they took something and left the card in it's place. Yes it is stupid leaving it.
  13. Perhaps... just maybe... quite possibly, the card was left by somebody other than the rightful owner. Ever think of that? I was thinking maybe someone lost the card and the person who found it put it in the cache. No. Someone left it as a swap! It is going to the bank tomorrow.
  14. Even if that did happen it is still a silly thing to leave in there. No one else has signed the log since the card was left. The cache container has been checked by us a few times in the past 2 weeks.
  15. awwww lovely geo duggle examining the great wooden dog container we have a cacher local to us who puts out the most fantastic geocache containers, we say he has too much time on his hands :lol: good fun hunting for his caches. plus he retires soon, so fingers crossed he has even more time on his hands for more caches
  16. We honestly couldn't believe this cash card was in the container, maybe they were taking cache containers literally! . I was going through the treasure rubbish that was left in the container and hubby spotted the card! I agree with you, common sense isn't anymore. I kept saying I couldn't believe someone would leave their cash card!!
  17. we were out hopefully placing a new geocache hide today and as I have already got a cache hidden in this park we thought we would go along and check it as we were walking back to the car. I opened up the container and lo and behold someone had left a bank card! what!!!!!! :o no signature on it, still well in date all their account numbers, name etc on the card. We couldn't believe this! We brought it home and will hand it into the bank on Monday when they open. Now anyone could have taken this, okay no PIN number is known but it still could be used online. Totally shocked to see this in a cache!
  18. Just received an email to say a TB I put out January 2011 which I assumed was MIA has turned up in a cache! The cacher had it for 22 months, so there is hope after all for TB's MIA.
  19. I like when I see a TB in a cache, and if I am able to, I will take it and move it on. There doesn't seem to be too many in my area, so I say "Bingo" when I see one in a cache. ??good luck with yours and I hope it travels far and wide. I have given up on ones I have put out lol, but then I may get a surprise one of these days and they will resurface ?. We are just back from Tenerife where we geocached and at one cache a cacher acknowledged us from the top of a bridge, at least I assume he was a cacher as no other reason for him to acknowledge us. He must have seen me about to climb down to go under the bridge, lo and behold there was a TB in it that he had just placed there as I read that later on back at our hotel. Good luck with yours.
  20. the usual items are in my cache bag but I also take my hubby caching, he doesn't fit into my geocoding bag but he sure comes in handy when I cannot reach a cache! although he isn't a real cacher but just tags along…….he does come in handy at times
  21. So far this hasn't happened to us. Maybe one day ?. We don't often meet other cachers when out geocaching, but today we met 2 lots at two different parks. A bonus for us I love meeting others when we are out. Now I will be looking at all piles of stones twigs etc when out walking wherever we are even if we are not caching at that point ?
  22. Such a shame when you do get to a cache as listed with TB's and none in the container. We noticed yesterday when I did a maintenance on one of our caches, I didn't see any TB's in the box but the site is showing as having 2 in it. Great to read on here of TB's that turn up months or years after being MIA. Gives me hope on the ones I have sent out and never heard of again, ? still I suppose it is the chance you take, certainly put me off sending TB's out. I love finding one in a cache to move on though. ?
  23. I also document some of my caching days on my blog, and sometimes another caching blog asks if he can put them onto his blog that I follow, it's nice to read on his blog other cachers adventures.
  24. I have a TB I received through the Christmas card /TB exchange from Baltimore, so the goal I have given it, is to get back to the person who sent me it to me. And another I put put out for my granddaughters is to see if it can come back to them. Mind you at the moment it is hiding somewhere! Haven't heard about it in a couple of years. So good luck to your son's TB and I hope it returns to him.
  25. If I have a TB and know I will be travelling afar in the coming months, then I also email the owner to ask if it is okay to hold on to it for that length of time, this is what I did at the end of last year, the TB owner was happy for me to keep it until we travelled. Good on you, emailing the owner, it lets them know it will be moving about later and is safe. Happy caching
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