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  1. I took a TB from a cache that has instructions to travel around Scotland, I am visiting England this weekend. I am heading home tomorrow up to Scotland and have notified the owner that i will be taking it up there from tomorrow. My question is.......... can I put it in to a cache of my own that I plan on putting out this week, i have checked the co-ords for my cache over a number of weeks. OR do i need to put it in to another one that has already been set up and do I then need to log it again as being in a Scotland cache. thanks for any info
  2. Just done a night time geocach tonight, so I mentioned the TB in the shop window, the person organising the event is going to call in to the shop to ask them to activate it, they are apparently new to geocaching as well.
  3. I Yes it is the correct way around and a static cling in their window. 2 of us checked it, I have thought of calling in next time in that area, just tried again with no luck to log it, so maybe they haven't activated it. strange to have it in the window but not activated.
  4. Just back from a geocaching couple of hours. Whilst out we checked the code in the shop window for the TB. ...........Yep I have written it down correctly. But still it is showing as not in the system. So I am stuck, well and truly Huby just aasked am I putting the code in the correct place, I think so.
  5. I was told there was a TB in this shop window by someone who is a Geochacher, so when i was along in that area I looked and spotted it in the window. It is a cafe. i have tried all ways to put in the code, but I will look again at it in the window at the weekend in case I did write it down wrong, but I stood and cheched it before I went away.
  6. I remember standing and looking at the TB sign and writing it down then looking again to check, but hey maybe I wrote it down wrong grrrrrrr I will have another look at the weekend, oh and I so wanted to log it i want to catch up with other folk one day ......one day watch this space
  7. Thats where I put the code but it will not work. hmmmmmmm I am just about to try it again.
  8. No zero in the code I have tried all combinations with no luck. I was wondering if I am putting in the code in the correct area, I scroll down on the tracking page to near the bottom and type in the code and that is when i get the message that it is not on the system. Someone told me about this one in a shop window last night so I assume it has been there for a while and they have probably logged it online when they spotted it. I saw the TB in the shop window this morning and I am sure I copied it down correctly. thanks anayway
  9. I know last night I managed to log a TB I discovered on a car...........but......... I have slept since then and cannot remember what to do!!!!!!! ............ i have looked at the trackable part of the site and it just tells me the number isn't logged on the system,,,,,,,, I am sure I wrote it down correctly (it was in a shop window) I kept looking at it and double checked it,,.... help please how the heck did i log the one last night??????? I am putting in the code that was beneath the symbol for the TB in the window. grrrrrrrrrrrrr wish i could remember how I did it, even reading the info on the site doesn;t tell me how to log a discovery or do i have my thick head on AGAIN !! many thanks
  10. Thank you i see So I log a discovery and use the number from the TB on the car. many thanks
  11. ok tonight with help I found a TB on a car, my first I have the TB number but what do I do now? I went to the trackable site and put in the TB number.......ok I clicked on "log it/discover it" on the RH side of the page It then asks for tracking code......now is this the code from the bug on the car or the ref number that came up when i put in the code from the car. desperate to log my new find thanks for any help
  12. If they are only worth putting in the bin after dinner, then they're probably not worth putting in a cache. But if you get the more expensive crackers, some do have some worthwhile goodies in them. M&S premium crackers are normally quite good. Trouble is, people will want to hang onto those items after dinner, not bin them or donate them I would make sure they were at least reasonable, sometimes there are nail clippers in the crackers and decent ones at that
  13. I felt the same way and now I am up to the dizzy high number of 16 !!!! There are a few in my town which I (we) have been back to time and time again and I will find the little blighters yet Don't give up, I thought the same, what am I doing wrong, but once you find your first cache there will be no stopping you I was jumping up and down at my first find. look also for clues in the logs online that other geocachers have written when they have found a cache, that can help as someone told me to do that. You can sometimes find a little clue here and there by reading the logs online. Don't give up, I know how you feel oh and they all seem to be micro here in the town so that was difficult but we now know what to look for as some are very very sneaky lol
  14. Any movement is better than none, even it's just .10 mile. Take pictures, tell stories, have fun. Thank you all for the input. I will try to remember next time there is lot in the box that there might be a TB in somewhere, as i don't always remember when I put the co-ords into my gps to make a note. i suppose if it is moved a little way then the next person to find it might be travelling somewhere and take i,t errrrrr if you follow that but I know what i mean many thanks everyone, will keep an eye out for a TB.
  15. I am still new to geocaching, my question is........... if I find a TB in a cache, I know I don't need to take it, but if I did take it do I put it into ANY cache ? I know it has to be moved a few miles away at least preferably another town/country and quick quickly. i am so excited when I do find a cache and it wasn;t until i was home to log my find that i noticed one of the caches had a TB in, there were a lot of items in the box and I missed the TB but I wouldn't have taken the TB as i wouldn't be able to move it on at this point. Just wondered how it works. many thanks
  16. I'm a newbie and all the ones in my home town are micro okay we have found a few of them that are lock lock containers which is great when we do find them, but some in the town are so tiny (yes we found that one!) but it takes a few visits back to find them, there are still a few we cannot find I feel I need to be on the "nursery slopes" as I only have 13 to my name so far,but hey its climbing
  17. I have left tiny plastic toys when I have taken something out,or a Vegas keyring was another thing which I left. With christmas coming and in Britain we have christmas crackers, I will be looking to see what comes out of the crackers and hopefully "pinch" them to put in any caches I find, saves throwing the novelties away after dinner lol
  18. My daughter just text me this morning to say they are out and found another one . a beautiful morning here so will try one or two today. I see by your profile that you have now found 12! Good for you. How is your daughter's caching going? thanks all for your replies. Yes I am up to the dizzy heights of i think 11 could even be 12 Deep down my hubby enjoyes going out I think he is in control of the GPS and we both hunt lol twice he has been asked "What are you doing" by folk walking by. A couple of times a text has come in when we were searching but I had to say "will text later, under fallen tree at the moment!" Our daughter now has a GPS instead of using her phone, her husband bought her one as a surprise so she is happy I am not sure what number she is up to. I am so enjoying the sport.
  19. If there is a difficult or and easy way to do something you can guarantee I will do it the hard way, yesterday I scrambled up an embankment only for my husband to say "Come back down this way" where he was standing at a different area to where I had climed! ........yep is was a much easier route, but I found the cache
  20. . My daughter just text me this morning to say they are out and found another one . a beautiful morning here so will try one or two today.
  21. hmmmmmmm ask me in 4 years time if I have got there
  22. Almost at the dizzily height of double figures for my cache finds slow but sure ........... I am getting there, takes me a few attempts but never mind lol
  23. Enjoy the fact it gets you out, and is FUN. Enjoy the fact others in your family can enjoy it with you, and take part with you. Enjoy the fact you can talk about the caches you have both/all found, but found when not together. Enjoy the fact you can talk about the caches one of you has found and the other hasn't! If they do find more than you, you have the perfect "PAF" for when you can't find the cache! PAF = Phone A Friend. Unfortunately they live in England and I am in Scotland so will not be out geocaching together until we meet up either down there or up here when they visit. But it is such good fun, even though hubby isn't as keen on the sport he will tag along with me for support.
  24. thank you all oh I wish I could go out just now, beautiful day here, as i so need the practise but have the joiner here working so need to be in, but tomorrow hubby will be off so I have said he can wait in and i will try to find a cache, note TRY !! Yes looks like a competition between me and granddaughters and I just know they will beat me! thanks
  25. One of our daughters is now geocaching in England after joining here just at the end of last week , we are up here in Scotland, she only went out on her first hunt with our little granddaughters and hubby and found their first cache on Saturday!!! My first two I needed a big helping hand and almost a large finger, neon lit pointing down to where the cache was/were. So i cannot let her beat me I have so far only found one without help other than from my hubby and you would have thought I had scooped the lottery when I did find my first one myself, I was so excited lol
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