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  1. I will never complain again about our weather here in Britain. My heart goes out to the people of NZ and Japan.
  2. One of our finds in Glasgow today was a nano, it was stuck really fast to a railing and tucked in to a corner. I had a grip of it and was so sure it would go flying into an area I wouldn't have been able to get to to retrieve it. I hung on to it as tight as I could and thankfully it came away from the railing and stayed in my hand. I have just started to carry a "first aid kit" with me, so that is a good idea to carry a spare nano ........... just in case !
  3. We were out at the weekend geoacaching when we heard car toot tooting at us, I turned around and a van going by and looking at us, no idea who it was but assumed it was a fellow geocacher and could see what we were "up to"
  4. Helped them look? Thats nothing.... What about when they actually find one! I am laughing so much at this story.,,.......... sorry but no way could I go down in a ditch if there were snakes, we have them here but nothing like you guys over wherever you are. I have visions of them handing you a tupperware box lol lol :-)
  5. lol I was asked that by a lady walking by one time I was out geocaching, I had parked across the road from the hedge I was peering into, "Have you broken down?"
  6. Our one and only night time cache was in a local park, quite a few geocachers out and about that evening, we all had torches which we could see in the distance. We did hear that one group was asked by a man "Is someone missing?" I wonder sometimes what muggles must think seeing my hubby in a bush when we are out geocaching :-) he has been asked a couple of times mind you. And in another park geocaching by myself the other day a man with his dog asked me "where is your dog". I wish we still had our dog at least it doesn't look as bad wandering about if you do have a dog with you, I am still waiting on a police officer asking me/us what are we doing.......... gulp !
  7. I'm confused. Why go to the trouble of making such an incredible camo job, and then stick a fluorescent green snake on top to make it easier to find? Even with the snake, it's easy to overlook this one. The camo has helped keep it safe from muggles for 18 months. The snake makes it more fun for youngsters to find. This cache was entered into a kid-friendly category of a Cache-and-Release event. I am a wimp and freely admit it when it comes to snakes, no way could I touch it even though it is fake lol couldn't put my hand inside the tin if there were more inside..........told you I was a wimp :-0 I cannot look at them on TV/zoo so I am totally totally a WIMP!! ;-)
  8. Micro's and Nano's!! thats all that are in my area, but lately thank goodness a few small/large ones, so that made a nice change.
  9. I thoroughly enjoy Geocaching so if there is anything I can say to help then I am willing to contribute good luck.
  10. You didn't state where on Georgia Street you would be. Since Georgia St. is a fairly long street, I'm making the assumption that you are in the downtown core, probably near Georgia and Burrard Streets. I did a quick search of caches within 1 mile of N49 17.061; W123 07.257 which returned 22 caches, most with relatively easy ratings. Some of them have fairly high Favorites ratings. Check them out as you are the best one to determine which cache(s) are most suitable for you during your visit. If you extend the search to 2 or 3 miles then it would include Stanley Park which has quite a few non-urban caches. Many thanks I have a note of them now and will have a look. :-)
  11. I find it difficult to understand where I am supposed to write on this geo site. Maybe it is just me :-( with my thick head on. We will be in Vancouver BC for 3 nights then back for 2 nights later on in the holiday. OH isn't as keen on Geo as me but does support me by tagging along ;-)K I will be bringing my GPS along on the off chance and would like to put in co-ords before leaving UK. I didn;t want to join too many sites so that is why I posted on this one. (Still learning my way about the site)
  12. My next milestone is 60 lol but i am pleased i have got that far, OH isn't interested but comes along with me, it has shown us areas of our home town that we did not know about. There is one nearby that i tried the other night (I need to do this at night!!!!) but i couldn't reach it grrrrrr but OH said he would get it for me when in casual wear (he was in his suit)I thought it might have been my 50th but no! so hopefully my 70th as I need to try another closer to home tomorrow, to put a TB in. I am so so hooked on this sport!
  13. All being well we are off to Vancouver in a few months. As i have never geocached abroad yet and bear in mind i am dragging my OH around with me as it is ME who likes Geocaching and OH comes along to keep the peace! Are there any very easy ones within walking distance of W.Geogia Street Vancouver, where we will be staying. I have looked the site but not too sure of the distance etc, I would so like to be able to find even the one cache in Vancouver just to say i have done so. If i could get the co-ords/names before leaving for a couple that would be great, many thanks for any help.
  14. I have only been geocaching a few months and I am totally hooked. But like you, at the very beginning it was frustrating not being able to find the caches even though my GPS was leading me to the correct locaction, I was advised to look for small/large caches to start with, but as all that seems to be in Ayr is nano or micro that is what I found for the first few weeks. But it has been a learning curve as i now know what to look for and there have been PLENTY of micro's here. Don't give up,read the logs from other geocaches for the caches you are looking for as there are clues in the write ups I have found that this has help me a lot. I am only at 49 but I am so pleased to have found that many and honestly the majority have been tiny ones. Good luck you will get there and you will be woop de wooping like I did when I found my first. :-)
  15. I saw a car parked outside our house just now and jokingly said to Mr AB "i wonder if that is a geocacher" lo and behold it was, I could see a lit up GPS or mobile in the hands of someone in the car, they were looking for the cache i have hidden ( I can see folk looking for it from the house) ~I could see the torches shining as they were looking. All excited here lol my very first cache hidden, albeit and easy peasy one to start with :-)
  16. Yes I do realise they are volunteers. Still no word back, and I keep checking my page. thanks
  17. I wear a bag around my waist (bum bag) in it I have my GPS notebook pen and pencil, a pair of thin rubber gloves, a container of soap you can use without water, a set of small tools to extract small log books out of their containers, I keep meaning to put in plasters as well !, plus items to put in to caches.
  18. I enjoy the urban geocaches, it makes a change from me having to hunt in and around trees. Since this past weekend I have taken two splinters out of my fingers lol that i got geocaching in the woods, no one told me Geocaching was this dangerous ! splinters! ;-) Both types of caches have taken us to places we hadn't been to before in our home town, so we are learning about our home town. Enjoy whichever ones you do.
  19. Many thanks everyone, I have printed out the instructions you all gave me and I see it is awaiting to be reviewed. I am just an impatient person I guess....... :-) Many thanks everyone
  20. Many thanks.......... I take it as I have clicked Enable on the RHS of the page it has gone ok, as it was confusing me saying it could not be reviewed if it hasn't been enabled. The Enable wording is red in colour now so I am assuming it has gone. fingers crossed and thanks again.
  21. How long does it take for a new cache to be reviewed?. I have filled in the form with all of the details, I didn't click the "enable" box at the start as I was still checking everything I was doing as I went along. I wasn't too sure about the enable bit but once I sent it in I realised I could click on "Enable" on the right hand side, so I did that and submitted it, I haven't heard anything back yet. I hope this one is allowed as the first one I tried a number of weeks ago they rejected it :-( I sent it in over 24 hours ago..........ok I am impatient lol I am so enjoying hunting for the caches and I wanted to try to hide one of my own albeit an easy one to start with. So my question again is...........how long? thank you
  22. when I discovered a static TB on a car and logged it, I noticed the geocacher who it belongs to has a map of the TB's journey. How do they put the map on the site? hope this makes sense to you thank you
  23. I "grabbed" (is that the correct term?)my first TB in England on Saturday past, and I have notified the owner that I have it, as the note asked for it to travel around Scotland. We are back home today in Scotland and I am trying very hard to do this correctly. I am still learning as I am sure a lot of folk are. It can be a bit confusing but I am sure once we have put TB's back in to caches we will get the hang of this. I plan on putting it either in to my very own first cache but then again I may just put it in to another one. I asked last night on the forum for help and a very kind person answered my query. :-)
  24. Feel free to put it in your own cache. There is no reason why you should not. The owner, I am sure, would be happy just to have it looged in. Happy caching many thanks for answer
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