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    TB hotels

    Is there a TB hotel within reach of West Georgia Street Vancouver? I found one, but with not knowing the city I am not sure if we could get to it, I need a back up in case I cannot drop a Geocoin in a suitable cache(it is wanting to go to Canada)which was dropped into my own cache. thanks for any help
  2. since my last posting on this subject (easy caches in Vancouver) I have had a travel coin dropped in one of my caches which all came about through a chance meeting with another cacher, Canada was mentioned and they asked if I could drop off the coin in Vancouver to help it get to another Canadian state, (can't remember which state at the moment) so it is all tucked up in an envelope ready to be put in my luggage and hopefully I will find a suitable cache in Stanley Park to place it in, I have printed out a few caches within the park to take with me. ooooooooooh I hope I can do some over there I will need to check before hand that they are still up and running though
  3. What is MIA ? Missing In Action lol I see. thank you
  4. My one and only TB I have placed so far out in the wild hasn't moved an inch since I placed it a few months ago So I am at the other end of the scale. Oh well maybe once the better weather is here someone may find it.
  5. Thanks Amberel and Lovejoy & Tinker I see it now ........................corrrrrr never looked below my logs I must have a thick head on today many thanks.
  6. I cannot remember how to add a photograph to the log page once I have added my log I have done it before but for the life of me I can't think how I did it, I have been all over the site with no luck, any help please. thank you
  7. awwwww lol so cute and cumfy looking. I would love to keep hens.
  8. What a great idea, I hope they reach Scotland and maybe I will get to see/move one on. good luck with th race.
  9. Same here! I noticed they were missing on mine when i looked yesterday.
  10. I am looking at past caches I have found........ well I like to see who has found them after me :-) I notice on the map of areas I have found caches instead of a smiley face for my found caches it is showing as a normal icon for caches. Why is this does anyone know? thank you
  11. Geocaching will take you to places you didn't even know where in your neighbourhood! At least that is what we have found. Yesterday we were in a lovely village a few miles along from our house, even though we had been there before we had never walked the country lanes, but we did so yesterday and found four caches. I don't have a fancy GPS, I bought it second hand from ebay and has served me well so far, since I started last September. I hope you continue to enjoy the sport, I know I am hooked :-)
  12. We left ours in the car boot this afternoon and we needed them as well as we were up and down embankments in the woods geocaching this afternoon
  13. Now that is one thing I hate more than anything else! The other day I was walking along the prom not hearing a cyclist behind me and I happend to step in their path! The cyclist had to stop dead to avoid hitting me but then started using real bad language at me. Well ...... I saw red! I grabbed his handle bars and pointed to his bell while shouting: Do you know what this is for ... do you? I think I scared him to death! This thread is making great reading....... lol re the cyclist we were out the other day on our bikes along a walk/cyclist path, ahead of us were a couple walking, hubby sounded his bell and the poor guy walking jumped about 3ft in the air. We do say "Thank you" when we ring and overtake them. Mind you i have jumped when walking and someone rings their bell :-)
  14. Is it just me? but i love to read the logs folk write when they find one. Some of them are witty and I have a good laugh at them (the logs) there is one near me which is easy but hard to do, if you follow me! The written logs make for good reading. I have yet to try this one but it is one the books................... ok I did try once, but couldn't reach :-( but will try again. Nursing sore legs tonight as we both walked miles! and i mean miles and STILL didn't find the cache :-(
  15. Walking beep beep number of miles (as in this afternoon!) did we find the beep beep cache? did we heckers and now have sore calves tonight lol each time we get up from a chair it's with a "ow"........... or "ahhhhhh". Didn't help that we were on the wrong side of the river to start with and had still walked miles looking for a crossing! only to turn around and eventually found a crossing but STILL didn't get the little blighter....or words to that effect!
  16. Great photo ops where Landsharkz have mentioned, and just so you know...Mrs L has Scots heritage, I believe! If the multi that Landsharkz mentioned was Blue Sky "something," it appears to be out of commission at the moment. Looks like Stanley Park is a favourite :-) I have a few co-ords for there and hope to put in more before we leave in a few weeks time. I now have a Geocoin that wants to get to Canada which was left in one of my caches, so hopefully I will find one in our (Canada) area that will accommodate the Geocoin and allow it to continue onwards on its journey to another part of Canada. Thank you for all help.
  17. Ask Mrs B , she knows, you know! Many thanks Mrs B I will give it a go
  18. my Garmin etrex is great. I bought it secondhand,I'm not proud on ebay, just to see how I got on with geocaching, I am totally hooked on geocaching and will keep using my little Garmin Etrex until it gives up. Hubby wanted to buy me a new one for my BD this month, but if it aint broke........then........ !!
  19. I'm stuck how do I add a photo here please? many thanks
  20. We have had a static TB sticker on our car since last Nov. And other than hinting to someone that we had one and they were near the car, no one else has spotted it, except our daughter when we pulled in to her driveway down in England. I was hoping someone would see it on our travels about the town and elsewhere Mind you I forget to look at cars etc when I am out and about!
  21. Anyone can grab a coin to move it along but don't forget to log the grab and maybe even a courtesy note to other cachers going to your cache to get at it that you picked it up. I have moved geocoins before, but was unsure when it was one in my own hidden cache. I will move it on at some point unless it moves beforehand. thanks
  22. Many thanks for your reply.
  23. In a cache I have hidden there is now a geocoin. If it is still there after a while say maybe a month or so, is it okay for me to take it and place it elsewhere even though I didn't place it in the cache. Thank you.
  24. I always find the site slow in an evening, the rest of the world is waking up.
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