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  1. It isn't a touch screen. All caches are local to us that I thought I had put onto the gps.
  2. It's a Garmin not sure of the model, which is coming up to 5 years old, had no problem up until now. The gps tells us no results found, even though the laptop tells me I have put them on already. We have cleared the gps of old caches just in case.
  3. I have downloaded caches onto my Garmin gps, but when I look at the gps they are not on it! The gps screen tells us "no results found". When I try to add them again, the laptop tells us they are already on the gps. We used the gps last weekend with no problem. We have reset all settings on the gps, but the problem still exists. Can anyone help please? many thanks,
  4. When out caching the other day. We noticed in a log that another cacher had rubber stamped a TB and it's number in the log, for others to discover. I am wondering if they just had it made through a rubber stamp company or is it possible to buy a TB to use in this way. I have looked online but cannot see any for sale. I am in the UK Thanks for any replies.
  5. We geocached within easy reach of the port with our geocaching done in the towns.
  6. Yes we have. We put the caches onto the GPS before we left home, and when in port(s) off we went, it as fun going to places away from where most of the tourists went, so yes. And we have American friends who geocached on a Caribbean crusie.
  7. The geocaching gods are smiling on you. yes they were. Just looked at the material today and it feels kind of like waterproof type material. Will certainly give it a go covering a box or the likes. I know DH would have probably put it into the bin glad I grabbed it
  8. A new friend I met at a mega event in my home town last year sent me a TB. She had a new one as well, so we both decided to see if each TB can reach each others home town, so a kind of race I will see if the one I released can reach USA and her town and hers will see if it can get here. I have one in my geo bag to place somewhere soon that is in a race which came from US. The TBO does know I still have it after a month, as I did ask if I could keep it for a few weeks as there is somewhere I would like to place it when we get there.
  9. It gave me a laugh, the weather must have known a geocacher lived here
  10. DH wast clearing up leaves and rubbish that had blown into our grden the other day. I noticed in his hand as he walked by, a piece of cloth. I thought it was just paper until I looked closer, it was a large (ish) piece of material and camouflaged type colours to boot ? So it is drying out and will be used to cover a cache container at some point. ?
  11. A newbie picked up a TB we had brought back from Tenerife last March, I placed it into a quite busy cache I have adopted. The newbie took the TB and that cache was their first ever find! They haven't found any since then. ? I felt rotten for the TB owner after I was trying to help their TB on it's way, but it is the chance that is taken when we release TB's. In saying that, one TB I had given up on from a few years back, is now back travelling. So you never know.
  12. Nice idea, I would have done that as well if we had been caching when we had our Hana (a BC) I have logged a TB I spotted on a dog's collar before ? The nearest I have got is our TB on the car, we used to say Han Ban to Hana sometimes, so we called the TB Han Ban, daft I know but it is in memory of our lovely BC ?
  13. I took up geoaching when our BC died, to get us out and about again. She would have loved to have gone out with us if had been caching when we had her. After 5 years we still miss her! ??
  14. Did he also set up a roadblock with spike strips? :laughing: My car TB is designed to be quiet. There's no sticker nor number in view. You'd have to walk past with Chirp enabled and detect it without knowing there's a TB to discover (actually it's a Geocoin and you get a cool rare coin logo for your trouble). I mainly use it to Visit cool places. But I also use it to show people the intricacies of Chirp operation. So when cops follow me, it's because they saw me wandering around in the wooded area or messing with a guard rail. I like chirp ones. There are only 2 local to us and we got both of them. That sounds a good idea you have with the chirp. Wish I was nearer to try for it ☺️
  15. Now that would be a desperate cacher ?????? if he did that! I just found it a funny story to read. ?
  16. Glad I stumbled across this posting. I was wondering the other weekend about this as well. Thank you ?
  17. I put one on our car a few years ago. We don't have much luck with cachers spotting it unless I give them a nudge. But then I forget to look in car parks and the likes when we are travelling about and parking in different places. ? I like the story a while back on the forum where a police officer followed a car into a motorway service area because he had noticd a TB on the car window but could not get close enough to get the tracking number, I liked that story ?
  18. Contact him via the new message center. An email validation isn't needed in order to send and receive messages in the message center. If he is using the Geocaching Intro App, he will get an alert that he has a new message. And if he os using one of the pther available apps, you will still wish Groundspeak made everyone have a validated email, because the message center only talks to Geocaching Intro App users. I have just looked at the cache he/she took it from, I placed it in there way back in March, it looks like he isn't caching any more as it is still showing on his cache name as having found that one cache! I know it is the chance you take with TB's but to bring it back from Tenerife just for it to go missing in a cache we place it in once home. And picked up by someone who has only found one cache?, I am annoyed for the cacher who put the TB out, just for it to go missing but then I know dozens and dozens do go missing. Oh well. ?
  19. I brought back a TB from a cache we found when geocaching in Tenife in March. I placed it in one of my own caches once back home which seems to get a good number of cachers. It wasn't a PMO cache. Along comes a cacher who takes the TB! This cache was his first find! Goodness knows where the TB is now, in his pocket or a drawer at home, I cannot contact him as he has not verified his email address. Ok I am "closing the stable door after the horse has bolted" but I have changed the cache to PMO now and all the ones I put out are PMO in the hope it keeps them a bit safer.
  20. Don't feel silly ? Most of us wonder how things work and then when we get help we realise it is relatively easy to do. Well at least I think that way ? I hadn't picked up a TB in months, brought it home and my mind went blank! ? How do I log it again ? Then a bit of searching and it was logged. But I put that down to a "senior moment" ?
  21. when a TB is taken from a cache and the cacher who takes it does not note it on the site that they have it. You think there are a number of TB's in a cache when looking online only to find non in it when you get to the cache, also signatures scrawled across a log especially if the log is tiny. ?
  22. I have noticed when someone is a FTF the CO sometimes puts up a flashing sign stating that "so and so is FTF" and sometimes in colour. I Would like to be able to do this when someone is FTF on one of my caches. But I have no idea how they put a flashing sign up. I am no techie but wondered if there was I way I could do this, Thanks for any info
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