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  1. Elias: I opened the forum and saw the new window with the PM (?). Thought I could read about it in the forum, so I closed the window. Now i realize my mistake. Could you please resend the PM/ Thanks, Marc
  2. I have 4 pocket queries which ran between 12:05 and 12:46 AM on 5/23. I have not received them. ??? Had a number of others last week. Had 3 days with 5 each. On two days I received 1 query, but not the other 4. The third day I received nothing. Any ideas, anyone?
  3. 20.6 miles to acquire 100 caches. 26 are mine. 4 are unfound. A year ago - about double th distance, and a lot fewer of my own.
  4. 1800+, one way WI to AZ. All told, my last trip was 8000 miles.
  5. marc_54140

    Tb Motels

    I read a recent posting where someone was inquiring about TB Motels located in a certain area. Would it be useful to have a way of searching (pocket query, category, container size, etc) for TB Motels? Marc
  6. You'll have hundreds of choices. You will have to make decisions! The Grand Canyon (south rim) has about a dozen virtuals, which will take you on a nice tour of the area. I would highly recommend them. Flagstaff has a nice cluster, but snow on the ground might be a problem. Plan on doing some of them, but be prepared for alternaties. Sedona is another cluster area, and has many, many good choices. A lot of them will be short hikes - maybe 1-2 miles. Lots of wonderful views. Have fun Marc
  7. North side of Springfield, when visiting relatives. Or Joliet (!!!), or Oak Park.
  8. Coyote Red has read me right - I woiuld not care if my cache vanished, or SBA, or was archived, etc. I read what is posted, and judge accordingly on whether or not to do cache maintenance. I thought that was implied, and what all cache owners are supposed to be doind! Marc
  9. Does it really matter at all? I have a number of caches placed. If someone were to sit at his or her computer, and enter logs saying they found them (without having done any of the standard things, like actually finding the cache), I could care less. This is a game, hobby, pasttime, or whatever you might call it. As far as I am concerned, everyone can do what they want. Why should I care? Marc
  10. Wheelcahir acessibility can mean a lot of different things, to different people. If you never have had the opportunity to push someone in a wheelchair, I suggest you look for one. All those little bumps, cracks, inclines, potholes, gravel, etc can be a serious challenge for some.
  11. I'm 55. I take my dad along sometimes, and he's 85.
  12. On my list to do: Wisconsin county highway signs. First person has picture by sign County A, then second person by County B, etc. Once Z is reached, start over.
  13. How about something like piggy backing one cache onto another? Obviously the first cache owner would have to agree. The co-ords for the second cache would be listed inside the first. The co-ords on gc.com would be fictitious. User would be referred to the cache he/she needs to find first.
  14. Undercover investigator for local library system - track down .... well maybe I should not say.
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