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  1. How would you define a 'professional geocacher'? Or is there such a person?


    Total number of finds? And/or hides? And/or years of caching?


    Distance(s) travelled? Number of states/countries cached in?


    Number of times one goes caching per week/month/year?


    Number of events hosted/attended? Volunteering teaching others about caching?


    Amount of money and time spent on geocaching?


    Percentage of finds in Traditionals/Multis/Puzzles, etc? Or having more than, say, 1000 puzzles or multis finds?

  2. I took a brief look for some of these ideas already being posted but did to see them .... but just in case I missed them, sorry.


    1. Move Bookmarks to on top of Favorites on a cacher's public profile page, so it's easier and quicker to find them.


    2. Show DNF logs to the public on a cacher's list .... helps in a group outing and someone misses logging one of them.


    3. On the logging page, in the block where you have the option to encrypt you log, two additions:

    A. Place on my watch list.

    B. Place on my Ignore list.


    4. Consider increasing the size of a Bookmark, to perhaps 5000.

  3. I'm also experiencing problems with PQs. Got one this morning with 11 caches in it, when normally there would be around 800.


    Also, my Ignore List bookmark is corrupted. Yesterday there were 3 caches in it, instead of the some 850 I had had.


    Seems to be a really bad bug in the system somewhere ........

  4. I just discovered this on the Groundspeak pages:


    1.5. Geocachers' Creed


    The Geocachers' Creed is designed to help orient new players to the ethos of the geocaching community and to guide experienced players in questionable situations, so that everyone can enjoy geocaching.


    When placing or seeking geocaches, I will:


    Not endanger myself or others......


    So, what kind of caches or situations would be considered endangering? I'm thinking mainly along the lines of placing a cache. Are there prohibitions against them? If not, should there be?

  5. I like to use a single bookmark list for longer trips. I plan them over months and feed the bookmark list, when new caches come up. I´d like to filter the caches manually to see if they seem like I would try them - so I don´t use "caches along a route" or some fancy GSAK stuff.


    The argument for a trip is a decent one, but it obviously COULD be done with two bookmark lists and two PQs (or the idea of combining two bookmark lists into one PQ, which would be harder to program). I'm also interested in the practicality of this request from OTHER standpoints as well. I'd like people to change my mind.


    Just pointing out I gave another standpoint in post 18


    I typically create and run separate PQs for puzzles, multis, traditionals, etc.


    I love to map caches out, using a variety of different symbols, so I can eyeball what is out there. I then pick an area of interest, and create a bookmark.



  6. I would treat ignore lists completely separately than the standard bookmark lists. If you want to get your ignore list upwards of 10K caches, and then get a PQ of them, I'm all for that, as that would be considered "special circumstances". Since ignore lists already do "something special" I have no problem with the PQ on these being "special" as well.


    But in a regular, non-ignore list bookmark list, I'll ask again: Has anyone ever maxed out a single bookmark list to over 500? Has anyone ever come close?


    Yes, I have several.


    I maintain 4 bookmarks to list all the WSQs in the state.

  7. I am running across a large number of newbies, who are already premium members. One had not even found a cache yet! This membership is a good deal, considering other prices out there .......


    So, I think a fairly large number of cachers would upgrade to a Platinum membership. Perhaps over 40%.

  8. I did not look for other postings on this topic, since it's hard to determine what it might be listed under.


    Is it time for a Platinum Membership?


    Cost: $50-75 a year.


    Benefits: Once a month Entire State PQ

    1-3 times a month a PQ specifying 1-5 cachers - what each has in common

    Standard PQs of a larger size, such as 1000 caches.

  9. As someone mentioned earlier, this topic comes up repeatedly.


    So .....


    1. If you like cemeteries, do the caches. If not, then don't.


    2. Cemeteries are open to the public. Visitors welcome.


    3. They are full of history. Lots of stories to 'tell'.


    4. I know cemeteries that hold art fairs. Car shows. Grave walks. Picnics (My family takes the grandchildren to visit their aunt, and celebrate her birthday).

  10. Total Active Caches:

    10 miles: 344

    20 miles: 917

    50 miles: 2720


    Ones I've Not Found:

    10 miles: 0

    20 miles: 15

    50 miles: 1112


    And you KNOW most of those beyond 50 miles are in the Appleton area, correct?


    Closest 500 caches (within 12 miles) are 343 trads, 46 multis, and 111 puzzles.

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Selzzup!

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