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  1. Eh... well....hmmm Then people should just not use tags. A log is a log. I suppose it doesn't need to be fancy. I think the emoticons in the logs are cool though.
  2. I think that tags are too much of a hassle. If people want to use colors, why not have an option for that? I thinking of Wordstarter. (A drop-down box with fonts/colors to choose from.)
  3. They are probably scratching their heads wondering why someone with 17 finds over 3 years is so animated over this issue. There comes the insult.
  4. And user profiles should require a verified email address before use. "thebruce0" I agree with that. The Intro App NEEDS to be better. You don't neccessarily have to get rid of it. I'm just thinking that something drastic needs to be done. But it also needs to be done QUICKLY, this issue has lasted too long. Please fix it ASAP!
  5. Eh..... No. People are using the paid app just fine without the Intro App. WE DON'T NEED IT!
  6. Exactly! Come ON Groundspeak! You have seen the issue, opinions, ALL the ideas that ever will be thought of, and you can see what people think. TAKE ACTION! It has been TWO MONTHS!
  7. DO people agree with me when I say "DOWN WITH THE INTRO APP!" ?
  8. OK, this is ridiculous that people using the INTRO App don't have to have an e-mail OR an account. THAT IS CRAZY!!!! People MUST record an e-mail address so people can contact them. Especially when they DESTROY the cache area! I have to say, Groundspeak needs to do something fast. SET SOME STANDARDS! The INTRO App is a hazard because when new people use it, they don't know what they are doing! And then nobody can tell them what's going on because they don't need an e-mail address.
  9. Forgive me if i'm stupid, what is the problem with the Intro App in Chief's post?
  10. Hmmm... Sounds like the regular one is better. However, I do understand that people want a site that iis capable with slow internet.
  11. I have placed 5 caches with only 17 finds. My caches are creative and a joy to the cachers in my area. I think maybe a few caches should be found, but many people THINK before hiding. They have good ideas about how and where to place one. Actually, sometimes its better to place one FIRST, due to bad examples.
  12. Why don't you plant a new "time capsule?" It would be a great memory for your kids to find later in their lifes.
  13. Why would you abdicate your account? Please stay in the geocaching community!
  14. Good Grief, t.v. wildfire! It seems that people need to get working on new caches then.
  15. You know what the say about small towns...........long names Ruth-er-ford-ton, just seems like it should have stopped after the "ford" Although you can't do that because it's in Rutherford county, NC
  16. oooooo... why don't we do that to jholly? Oh, right, I can.
  17. 180 within 10 mi of "Small Town Friendly" Rutherfordton, NC!
  18. The problem is, the search feature is almost ineffective. When you type in a search term, it gives you ALL forums in which that word is contained. That, at least, could be improved. Because it would be better to search topic TITLES rather than what is contained in the posts.
  19. Nobody ever seems to want to change anything around here. Sometimes there are things to improve and you just have to go with the flow.
  20. What was the wap.geocaching.com site all about? I've never heard of it.
  21. Well you could at least clean out the unnecessary ones.
  22. cachman9

    off topic

    What happened to the Off-Topic forum? I thought that there is one. I have looked and I have not found it yet.
  23. What if Groundspeak did the same thing with some of the forums? In the forum database, there are A LOT of topics and maybe people would like to see it cleaned up a bit. If not, don't chew me up, maybe it's not a big deal. Edit: Let me know if I need to start a new topic on this.
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