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  1. CONGRATULATIONS JON !!!, MY JERSEY GEOCACHING PODCAST FRIEND. AND OUR LOCAL PODCAST REPORTER ON EVERYTHING GEOCACHING. CHECK OUT JON'S PODCASTS : http://www.jerseygeocaching.com/ AND http://www.podcastalley.com/podcast_detail...p?pod_id=43737#
  2. CONGRATULATIONS Thadd !!!, the woods would not be the same without a treequest hide to seek. One on NJ's best cachers, and super person, who enjoys hiding caches for all of us rather then finding them. I think clever is his middle name!! Way to go.
  3. Boy, I can't wait for Brian to lead the group hike dressed in his funky geo-attire, should be a lot of fun and a real adventure.!!!!
  4. John, all your Geo- friends are with you in spirit on this very cool adventure. Good Luck, be safe, we'll all be watching and routing you on. Regards. John
  5. CONGRATULATIONS !!! DreamCacheR on your 500TH MILESTONE !!! A nice cache location too.
  6. CONGRATULATION BRIAN !!! A cool location to make the 500th!!
  7. Unfortunately two of the series were muggled, and the CO Jon Lambert was not in position to replace them. In fact the CU-1 ammo box was found near the copper mine by a scared muggle, called the police who confiscated it, they informed the muggle that it was a geocache. The Muggle then felt bad and logged onto geocaching to say they were sorry...A little late to save the cache. It a shame that these 2001 caches were muggled. I have been in contact with Jon Lambert and replaced CU-1 with his permission see cache page: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f4-30ad737c7177
  8. CONGRATULATIONS !!! Doug , my phone a friend...
  9. Mark the date, good times ahead!!!
  10. Wow !! CONGRATULATIONS Greg !!!, Sorry I missed the adventure!!!
  11. CONGRATULATIONS KEN, I wish I made the trip with you guys!!
  12. CONGRATULATIONS Ed, and a great place to hike for your milestone !!!
  13. CONGRATULATIONS Gerry, cheers to your 400 !!!
  14. CONGRATULATIONS Andy !!! Way to Go !!!
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