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  1. To receive a copy of the next NNJC newsletter and you are not already a registered member of NNJC, simply register to become a member on NNJC.org, your name will be added to the NNJC membership mailing list. If you are a NNJC member and did not receive the last newsletter, log on and check your profile to make sure you checked off you can receive emailings. The NNJC newsletters can be viewed on NNJC.org under the Information tab. Enjoy! Old Navy
  2. Come join the NNJC's GONE #6 Poker Run event. As a note please use the following coordinates in your GPS's to navigate to the park entrance at N 40 41.752 ~ W 074 53.228. The park road is a one way road, and if you follow your GPS to the Event using the cache page coordinates, from the main road, you may pass the park entrance. Hope to see you all there! Old Navy
  3. The GONE 6 cache page is out GC2DN64 ~ http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c2-27e810486e41 The geocoin artwork in on the cache page along with ordering instructions at NNJC.org. ~ http://nnjc.org/ Please reserve your coin and support NNJC before it's too late!
  4. The Northern New cachers ( NNJC) will host The Geocachers of the North East (GONE) caching and camping event. This year we will hold a NNJC Poker Run Event. - Everyone is welcome! NEW LOCATION: Voorhees State park 251 County Road Route 513 Glen Gardner, NJ 08826 WHEN: Saturday October 2nd, 2010 10AM - 6pm potluck lunch, volunteers welcome! POKER RUN: visit 5 caches pick up a sealed card, the best hand wins! details to follow. CAMPERS: 12noon Saturday - 12noon Sunday (camp site B ) NNJC has rented a group camping site, details will follow. This site is in Voorhees, but at a different location from the event. The cache page with important information will be posted very soon, so mark your calendars!! GEOCOIN: We will have a GONE 6 geocoin minted, details to follow soon here and on nnjc.org I will send out an NNJC.org email to NNJC members requesting pre-orders. If you are interested in a coin please pre-order by sending me an email. Don't miss your opportunity to get a valued GONE #6 geocoin! Any questions, let me or any NNJC officer know. Thanks, Old Navy
  5. Hi Ashley, We all miss your Dad, and he still does come up in conversations. I just gave two S&M coins to fellow cachers recentlly who wanted them for their collections. In fact, I just placed the 10th anniversary of geocaching cache, using your Dad's 50 cal ammo box which went missing from Needful things IV cache at the Tourne Park which I adopted. The cache went missing in 2006 and was found many months later after I replaced the cache. Check out the tribute photo in the Needful things IV photo gallery. I decided it would be a perfect ammo box to use for the 10th anniversary of geocaching, So a S&M cache which was placed by your Dad and probably you and your sisters in 2001 is now being used in 2010 for the 10 anniversary of Geocaching cache! Nice to hear from you, and Happy Birthday! Old Navy
  6. IMSpider's 10,000 Cache Tribute Event GC23JX5 ~ Event Date: Saturday, March 06, 2010 9am~10am
  7. The IMSpider finds his 10,000 cache!! ~ CONGRATULATIONS!! How it all started: On Sunday, November 05, 2006, IMSpider was simply hiking along the cliffs of Garret Mountain and stumbled upon a Geocache, quite by accident he found "The Whole 9 Yards" GCYMUP by Vanm. This first geocache intrigued him, and he has since continued, persevering through rain, sleet and snow, finding 10,000 caches in just over 3 years. WAY TO GO IMSPIDER!!
  8. I just received my FTF Geocacher Premier issue in the mail today...It's very nice, and my "What to bring Geocaching" article is published on page 27, a nice surprise! I also received one of the first FTF path tags (thanks). Call me old fashioned, but in this age of reading everything online, it's nice to be able to read a quality magazine about geocaching without having to stare at a monitor, or print lots of paper! I wish FTF Geocacher continued success! Old Navy.
  9. WOW!!! Way cool George...NNJC's own Indiana Jones sets off on another cool adventure! we're waiting on the photo's !!
  10. Congratulation to IMSpider for being dedicated to reach 1000 consecutive days of caching on 12/11/09. Through rain, sleet and snow, this geocaching bot prevailed! Well done, Nice to be retired, and lucky enough to be able to enjoy the fun sport of Geocaching daily. Way to go Jon! keep on caching!
  11. The Caching Through the Snow #6 geocoin is in very limited supply, if you are interested Please see NNJC.org for information on pre-ordering. See you all at the event. Old Navy - President - NNJC.org
  12. Cape May in December is a very festive place with all the inns decked out with the holiday lights, the horse drawn carriages are still out with blankets and sleigh bells to set the holiday mood. The Lighthouse is open and there are still some good restaurents open too. There are a lot of caches around cape may, including Higbee beach which is difficult to do in the summer due to the black flys. Just a few miles north is a former golf club, which is now a WMA area with a bunch of caches throughtout the now hard to recognize club. From there you can take a 45 minute ride up to AC for some night life or cross the DE bay by ferry and cache in DE too. Yes, the shore is very quiet this time of year, but it's a real nice quiet with no crowds and your caching not sun bathing, enjoy! Old Navy
  13. REMINDER GONE 5 EVENT THIS WEEKEND!! The Geocachers of the North East (GONE) caching and camping event will celebrate New Jersey's history with the Crossroads of the American Revolution Event - October 2nd through 4th 2009. All are welcome http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...50-e87201fb5cd9 This year's event will be held at a new location in camp Jefferson. See NNJC.org photo gallery tab for camp Jefferson pictures. The historic New Jersey GONE 5 geocoin had been added to the cache page, as well as event and camping information.
  14. The new camp Jefferson trail has been completed by many NNJC volunteers, there are 8 - 10 new treequest and Old Navy caches placed in the Jefferson/Mahlon Dickerson area and will be activated just in time for the Saturday event 10/3. Please mark the date! come for the day event Saturday and stay as little or as long as you want. NNJC will be holding group hikes, a Geo-101 class, Lunch, Dinner, event raffle caches, campfire and a movie at 9:00 PM at the amphitheater, then we also hold a fun night cache hike throughout camp Jefferson. There is plenty of cabins and tent space available for those who wish to stay over and camp out. As Briansnat mentioned, this area is very different then Camp Glen Gray, the facilities are very nice and the trails are great. The New Jersey geocoins and camping reservation info is on the cache page, any question let me know. Hope to see you all at GONE 5! Old Navy
  15. The Geocachers of the North East (GONE) caching and camping event will celebrate New Jersey's history with the Crossroads of the American Revolution Event - October 2nd through 4th 2009. All are welcome http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...50-e87201fb5cd9 This year's event will be held at a new location in camp Jefferson. See NNJC.org photo gallery tab for camp Jefferson pictures. The historic New Jersey GONE 5 geocoin had been added to the cache page, as well as event and camping information. Mark the date...Looking forward to another fun event. Old Navy
  16. email sent...anyone interested in geo-101 classes in Northern New Jersey, contact NNJC.org Old Navy
  17. Kevin and team TRL has done alot for early geocaching in Northern New Jersey, Sorry to see such a wonderful family leave the Garden State. Good Luck Kevin on your new west coast life. I know you will bring the same quality of caching to California. Maybe a Caching through the snow CA- edition! TRL's CTTS event in Sparta Mtn each December will continue!! NNJC will keep the up the tradition. Not to worry about your cache placements, which we have all enjoyed. Whatever caches are out there NNJC will make sure we collect all your fine caches, and put them back out as new caches. Good Luck my friend, and thank you for all your quality NJ geocaching contributions! Regards, John
  18. Mark has done more for geocaching in Northern New Jersey then any other cacher since the begining of geocaching in this area. Avroair events were always the best, and we looked forward to the next creative idea he had up his sleeve. The Washington State caching folks are very lucky to have him. Good Luck my friend, and best wishes on the West coast. Old Navy
  19. It is with great pleasure to introduce the new Northern New Jersey Cachers web site. We are excited to offer this site to the caching community. This new NNJC web site will be updated with events and lots of great information about geocaching and the outdoors. We are still adding photo's and content. Check it out and enjoy. Old Navy, President - NNJC.ORG
  20. Kevin and family, sorry for your loss of such a great hiking companion, I just watched the BrianSnat NNJC Gerbil cache video on youtube of us hiking with lots of shots of Bailey during the hike. She will be missed at the events. Take care. John
  21. CONGRATULATIONS Thadd!! An quality geocacher, and one of the best cache hiders in the State. Always a great experience going after a Treequest cache!
  23. There are a lot of great County and State parks, I agree with BrianSnat that NNJC and its members should hold a CITO event at a park where we can work with the Parks directors to build relationships and give something back. Please send in your suggestions to NNJC.org, and or post here. We at NNJC would like to host monthly events and hikes, and have been discussing locations, so send us your suggestions and if you would like to volunteer. Thanks, Old Navy- President - Northern New Jersey Cachers (NNJC.ORG)
  24. CONGRATULATIONS to IMSpider who persevered through all types of weather, never missing a day in over a year to accomplish a superman like Geocaching feat of finding 5000 caches on the eve of his 2 year Geocaching anniversary! Way to go Spider! stayfloopy look out! Congrats, Old Navy #5000 Cedar Ridge trail #3 GC1HDAG
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