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  1. I am trying to do my first Wherigo. Having an Android, I downloaded WhereYouGo and I downloaded the cartridge in PocketPC format. I am trying out GC2BA3H - Bethpage State Park Bike Path.


    When I start the cartridge I get the error - "Simulation Mode Play of this Cartridge has been disabled". I hit OK and it brings me back to the program, but there are no locations or anything else. I thought this was because I wasn't close to the start, so I went to the location, started it and it worked.. I didn't have my bike with me so I couldn't do the Wherigo, but I did walk out the first part and answered the questions an saved it. I exited.. went to restart it and I got the same "Simulation Mode Play..." error, then the cartridge wouldn't start. I went to Applications and forced stopped the app.. and when I started it, it started. Shut it down, restarted and got the error again. Now, no matter what I do, I get the "Simulation Mode Play..." error again and it will not start.


    Any ideas?

  2. I don't have a large collection, but I have been collecting benchmark coins. I have been doing benchmarking in order to bring areas back in play that I have previously cleared out all of the geocaches. I have been taking on the challenge of finding some of the old triangulation disks that have never been logged in my area. When it comes to coins, it just followed through.

  3. I posted previously about a couple of benchmark coins and I connected with a couple of great people and got a couple of other benchmark coins..


    I am on the hunt for Center, Whitney and Southern Ocean..


    Besides the benchmarks, I am looking for a Cloud Nine Multievent coin... would love the Long Island version, but I am really not particular.



  4. Thanks for the emails I have received..


    I have been able to get my hands on Morristown and while I was at it, Timpanogos, Las Vegas and now possibly 4 corners.


    Still looking for Center and Whitney.



  5. Since the map shows smileys as well as your own caches and whether a cache is enabled or disabled, I think a useful feature would be to have the map show the DNF icon for caches you post a DNF for.. I know for me, it would help in planning my day before I go out... anyone else?

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