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  1. You can always post a 'Needs Archive' log on the cache page. A copy of every NA log will automatically go to one of the NZ Reviewers. If the cache owner takes no action, or further action is required (depending on the circumstances) the Reviewer will then take some action on that cache.


    Some cachers are reluctant to post a Needs Archive log, but they are a valid and acceptable log in such circumstances.

  2. This is interesting because I have the same question. I understand that my WP(if I hide something) are subject to the proximity rule of 161m but does that same rule apply for the WP of my multi? If it does then my plan is a little buggered :)


    All physical waypoints of your multi need to be at least 161 metres (0.1 mile) away from all existing physical waypoints of other caches, but the waypoints within a multi can be close together ie, Stage 1 and and Stage 2 of MyNewCache could be just 10 metres from each other, but each must be at least 161 metres away from HisOldCache.

  3. ... being from New Zealand, where saturation is not a problen. Heck it might never be in that Nation.



    Trust me, keeweechris is by no means alone as a first-time cacher in NZ who gets their cache denied due to the saturation guide. It happens a lot in the main centres to new and long-time cachers. And yes, there are some great caches and locations denied due to a nearby less-than-auspicious existing cache, but that's just the nature of the game.

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