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  1. I bought this thinking it would come in handy when my phone wouldn't work. It turns out i'm spoiled with the app and cant switch to the harder way with pocket queries and such. Its in like new condition, works perfectly and I can supply a micro sd if you need. I'm looking to get around $100 dollars for it. Message me to let me know if you are interested! thanks! The Reviews and Specs @ Amazon
  2. I let sapiance know. I tried to place a cache in the same park today but it wound up being to close to the one that needs repairs... Doh. I tried getting as far away as I could without leaving the park too. Guess I need to go back to move it. If that other cache wasn't right in the middle it would be perfect.
  3. Do you mean the Christmas Tree cache? That has 8 maintenance logs going back to November 2009. The COs logged in Aug 1 2011 (15 days ago) so they're still active but they appear to be ignoring that cache. Personally, I'd log a 'Needs Archiving' log and I'd say "Needs reviewer attention. All that's left is a baggie and a soaked log. The NM logs go back to November 2009." BTW, 'Needs Maintenance' logs do not alert Reviewers, a 'Needs Archiving' log will alert the Reviewer who will contact the cache owners and push them to maintain their cache or archive it so others can plant in the area. It's the responsibility of the cache owner to maintain their cache. If you replace it, they can continue to place and abandon caches with no consequence. If you don't want to post a NA, then scroll to the bottom of the logs where you will see the Reviewer's name.....Sapience Trek and contact him privately. Nah, Its Maida Drive Brat Pack Its apparently just been a sheet of paper and a log since June 6th.
  4. I came across a geocache in a park that is nothing more than a platic baggy with a soaked log in it, The original container is nowhere to be seen. It has been this way for months and nobody has fixed it. I tried to contact the owner but haven't heard back. Do you think its alright to give this cache a new container and log? I don't want the person getting mad that I fixed it, but I don't see them coming to rescue it anytime soon.
  5. Yes it is, some more info on it: I've literally used it like once, I have never even taken the screen protector off, there is no battery damage or anything (To answer somebody's question), I haven't used the batteries that came with it, and It will come with a compatable usb cord (I have so many identical usb cords I am not sure which is the right one lol) Its in brand new condition. Oh but I already used the free 30 premium geocaching.com sub that came with it =(
  6. So I when I started geocaching I used my android, but was afraid of breaking it so I bought this, but I had gotten so used to using my phone, I just cant get used to this gpsr. I am selling it for 100. It doesnt come with the box or instructions but functions perfectly, I only used it like once. *Nevermind, I found the box and stuff!* Magellan eXplorist @ Amazon
  7. Its usually 199 on amazon despite what it may say. But 30 dollars off is pretty nice. Too bad I just bought the explorist gc =(
  8. My main question about this receiver is does it have an actual micro sd slot? From what I was reading, it made it seem like the slot was inside the gps and you couldn't even get to it. My other question is, does it show cache details? or atleast names when you load them into it?
  9. Heya, I might be spoiled because I use a geocaching app on my android phone, but can you read cache details on this? Like comments and stuff?
  10. Aw =) thank you so much! I will pay it forward as soon as I am able!
  11. I would love to adopt one, I'm a fairly new geocacher so I don't have any trackables of my own out there. But I do enjoy watching them move. I'm not sure if this thread is dead or not so let me know
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