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  1. Can you clarify... Have you been using this configuration charging eneloop batteries with an USB cord?
  2. Mine has just arrived on Friday ( Portugal ). Finally ..... Unfortunately it had a "dead pixel",and I went to the shop to exchange it. As usual on Ciclonatur this was not an issue for them and I have a brand new one. Two in the last 24 hours. First impressions. It is faster then my last Oregon 450t. It is more readable with direct sun light. I have one first issue. If I set up the power switch to take "screen pictures" all other "Configure Keys" stop to work. Is it just me ?
  3. The number of units delivered is so low that I am starting to think that GARMIN has manufacturing issues with the Oregon. The units in the market would be the ones that have passed the quality test. Garmin product ( as far as I know ) are manufactured in Taiwan – lower price but in many cases also lower manufacturing quality. Aviation related products are still build on US. What do you think ?
  4. Screen protection .. http://www.amazon.co.uk/atFoliX-FX-Clear-screen-protector-Oregon-600/dp/B00B8CGINM
  5. Entertaining ... but not much. I was expecting something like TOP GEAR !!!
  6. You are ALL very lucky !!! No dates yet here in Portugal !!!!
  7. I have asked in the shop where I usually by my GPSs and they have told me that the GARMIN byke support for oregon is universal. It fits all models. Nevertheless it would be nice to have a support that would rotate or allow the rotation of the garmin ( landscape or portrait ).
  8. ... even the digital camera have internal memory. It is used as the primary storage when you take the photos. After that the photos are written to the Memory card. This is why even professional cameras have a limit for fps ( depends on the internal memory ). And sometimes you have to wait some time till the photos are written to the card before being able to take more photos (there are cards faster then others - CLASS 8, 10, etc). Mental note : I have to by a class 10 card for the garmin!!! This is why I was "guessing" the increase in the internal memory. The "t" in the reference also increases the amount of memory, so I would "guess" that topographic maps also need more internal memory ( like a video card on a PC ). One thing that I have found, is that different Garmin sites ( different countries ) have different values for the internal memory ( specially the 600t model).
  9. As far as I know, the 650's have yet to be released, everyone is still waiting. Maybe it has something to do with the camera. Maybe with the camera it needs more internal memory ...
  10. The difference in the build in memory must make some type of difference. Can anyone explain? 650 - 3.5 GB 600 - 1.5 GB Can someone post some photos from the 650? It would be nice to have a more detailed evaluation of the quality and feature of the camera.
  11. Can anyone post some videos ...? PLESASE !!!! Maybe on YOUTUBE?! We still can not find many information, images or review videos on the internet. This site/ forum has been BEST source I have found on the net about the new oregon.
  12. What is this syte? The lower I have found the 650 was €450.
  13. Can you comment on the screen quality? Is it plastic, glass… ? Do you believe it will stand hard “work”, or do you advice the use of a screen protection ?
  14. I live in Portugal... and I was very happy to see ALL this comments. Thanks for those and for the photos. Hopefully they will start arriving next week.
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