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  1. What a great story! I hope you find many more caches with the same excitement. It is a great way to get out and explore. Let your daughter have her own account to she can log her finds. Welcome to the hunt, your life will never return to normal!
  2. Shoot - already replied in another thread, but we did six today and one of them was named Turkey Loaf. All along the Chesapeak Bay with water views of the Bay or of tributary Rivers at each cache had a great time.
  3. We went caching today and found 6 caches all in an area we have never been to before and probably never would have gone to otherwise and we were home before 2:30. With that said we are not doing our feast today. I am cooking Thanksgiving Feast on Saturday so a friend of my daughter's who is in the military and far away from his home, but close to ours can come and share our meal. I have off from work tomorrow and plan to get some coords and look for a good hiding spot at the area we've choosen to hide our first cache. Then more caching on Sunday. What a great holiday weekend this is turning out to be. We have a house, we're healthy, we have great kids near and far what more could we ask for? I certainly hope every one else has as great a weekend as I plan to have.
  4. We've never had a FTF (we've never tried) so I thought maybe we could be LTF. We saw a note on the cache page that the cache was going to be archived on 10 Sept. So on that date we went out caching and took a chance that we would beat the owner to the cache. We were correct, we got to the cache before the owner and the cache wasn't too bad, but it did need some TLC. However, the owner never pulled the cache on that date and others logged the find as recent as 15 Nov, but the cache was getting progressively worse from the logs written. Finally on 16 Nov a volunteer reviewer temp archived the cache. I would not like to be LTF because we rehid the cache poorly and it was muggled. I would feel really bad and guilty.
  5. You don't live too far away from us. If you want to go out caching this weekend I'll be happy to go with you and we can go to some we already found. There are some nice ones in Potapsco Valley State Park. I am free for caching on Thurs (thanksgiving), Friday, and Sunday. We have an etrex legend so can assist you with functions and things. You can PM if you like through my profile or just reply here. Dawn
  6. I usually email the owner after I post one or more DNF logs. Then all I've ever asked for is to know if I am at least searching the correct area. I've had cachers email me on caches I found but they could not. When this happens, I give very minimal hints because I don't want to out right tell them where the cache is, but I will tell them if they are searching the right area. It's not my place to tell them where the cache is. Dawn
  7. My legend has a cable that hooks right into my computer so I can download files. I'm sure this will be very useful once we get off our duffs and become premium members. It came with my unit in the same package -I think. In our case the sales guy at Dicks has used several GPSrs. We live near the Chesapeake Bay so there are many people in the area who use the GPSr for boating. If we lived inland it's quite possible the sales person would never have picked up a GPSr except to sell one. We don't need anything more than the space we have on our Legend. I suppose if you will use your GPSr for other things you may need more space. The Legend has a basic map already on it. We are not boaters and only use the Legend for caching and when we go on trips, but mostly caching. So you just need to decide what your usage will be. As you can see both are good units.
  8. I love my legend and wouldn't trade it for the world. I've only been caching since May and it is the only GPSr I've ever had. But I dropped it in my yard once when I was carry a bunch of things into the house from my car and it was pouring down rain. The legend was out in the rain for quite a while before I realized it was gone and then until I found it. I brought it in the house dried off the front and turned it on and it came on without hesitation.
  9. I fully agree that we should allocate more resources to the USFS in order to maintain our parks and forests. I didn't really mean it's the ranger's fault if someone gets hurt. I just meant that is how some people think. Certainly not most of us. Some people will always twist things and events to make the outcome someone else's fault. Even closing the trails completely won't keep someone from trying to sue when their own stupidity is at fault. But at least the rangers can say the entire trail or area was closed and you should have checked at the ranger station first. I understand the ranger's possible reasoning even if I don't like the trail closing.
  10. What a great thing to give to all of us Bomber John. I just printed several of them and will give them to my husband and kids and force them to put in their wallets. When my daughter moves in Jan, I will print blanks for her becasue her info will change. Dawn
  11. I'm not so sure I saw the ranger's answers as protecting us from ourselves as much as protecting the USFS from liable. I know most of us take responsibility for our actions, but there are people who don't. So if someone is hiking a trail where there was a recent fire or flood and a bridge is missing and they try to cross the water and get hurt then they sue becasue the rangers didn't close the trail. It's all the ranger's fault because the hiker didn't have the required skill or equipment but decided to attempt the crossing anyway. The USFS probably doesn't have the resources to check the trails and get them opened in a timely manner which is a shame. Dawn
  12. Geocaching is like dating a man... Some men are interesting, some are not. Some men are large, some are small. Some men have beautiful scenery, others not so much to look at. Even the ones who are not so much to look at can be interesting. After you've been out with some men you wonder why you even bothered. Some men can be rather complex and puzzling, but most are pretty easy to figure out in the end. I'm sure there are more but I'm at work. In order not to offend feel free to insert woman instead of man. Dawn
  13. As the owner of the cache couldn't you tell the person who put down the new cache to go and pick it up? I know they may or may not. Maybe give them a week to pick up their crap and then go check on it yourself and if their micro is still there, pick it up and verify yours is still there or repair/replace yours then go home and delete their log as they never found it to begin with. I know you shouldn't have to do any of this because they never should have dropped a new cache to begin with, but sometimes I have a low tolerance for things. We are just starting to put together our first cache, it would just tick me off to have someone drop another becasue they couldn't find ours.
  14. I've been having cache dreams recently too. In one of them I was with co-workers (who I never see outside of the office) we were all looking for a cache and having a great time. Unfortunately my daughter knocked on the door and woke me up before anyone found the cache. This past weekend I had a cache dream, but I can't remember what it was about. I've only been caching for 6 months.
  15. There are 454 caches within 25 miles of zip code 21146 (Severna Park, MD). I bet if I entered a Baltimore or Washington DC zip I'd find even more.
  16. Here's my log from GCMZ71: This was such a nice cache we did it twice! We followed all the directions (omitting point . We enjoyed the walk as there were much less briars than the cache we did just before this one. Enjoyed the Beaver Dam. George enjoyed seeing all the deer tracks and rubbings, he knows the deer were taunting him since he can't hunt here. Once at the cache I stood in the wrong spot as George moved right in on the cache and found it in the first place he looked. I asked him why he looked there and he said that object looked different from the others in the same area. Then we had a nice walk back to the car going a different way as we found a path we missed on the way to the cache. Once back at the car George asks me if he gave me the car keys and quickly says I'm not kidding. No I say I don't have them. He says darn, (keeping the log family friendly, he really didn't say darn) I locked them in the trunk. Look the passenger door is unlocked we're saved! Except the keys were not in the trunk or anywhere else in or near the car. Gosh where could they be? They must have fallen out of my pocket at the cache sight when I brought the pen out of my pocket he says. No problem we'll walk back and we'll look for the keys on the way there just in case. Which way did we go? Does that tree look familiar? How can we be certain this is the exact way we walked in? Well they must be with the cache. We get to the cache and look under things but they should really be on top. Maybe they were put in the cache? No not there. Oh darn we're walking home unless we get lucky and find them on the way out. I start to laugh a little and of course he has no idea why. I say I'm just thinking about what I'll say when I log this. Wow, I got an evil glare. We get almost back to the car right at the place where the path turns right and goes up hill toward the street. On the first trip to the cache we strayed from this path and walked straight up through the trees instead of turning left with the path. Maybe they fell out of my pocket there, at least in this area we know which way we went unlike the other places where we just picked our way through. So off I go slowly up the hill about 5 feet up are the car keys (about .10 from the car). Hooray we can go find one more cache before we have to get home to drive our son to work! I could see relief all over his face so I got a hug and a kiss in the woods and then I said I can't wait to log this one and he said one mention about the keys and I'll have a divorce! So anyone interested in a 40ish woman with kids, cats, and her own GPSr?? Thanks for the good time TNLN container is very full.
  17. I always thought signal looked like a boy. But I stopped playing with frogs a long time ago. Everytime I pick one up it seems to pee on my hand. Who needs froggy pee!
  18. YUCH!! But don't take it personally. Possibly my husband would figure it out, I've never had a physics class. I like the cleverness of the hide and the location. I'd be ticked off to pay someone to figure this out for me and find the cache under a lamp post.
  19. I have a friend named Luke who is in the Air Force and this guy is such a gadget freak. He always has the newest thing. We were living in Germany, I don't remember which year but it would have been 2000 or 2001 and I saw Luke and he just had to show me his newest toy. It was a GPSr. I have no idea what kind it was but he walked with me and showed me how the thing tracked where we were going and how it made a line on the screen so we could back track and we wouldn't get lost. I saw absolutely no point in the GPSr thing and I told him I could use a map so I wouldn't get lost and if I truly didn't know where I was I could just ask someone. Poor guy, I really think I had burst his bubble. But I really saw no point in this silly thing. Fast forward to 2004 I was looking for a map of a state park in Florida when I found gc.com accidently. Looks like fun but we need a GPSr. Hah we could never afford one. I was pretty sure Luke told me his was something like $500.00 or more. I told the hubby about the game and forgot about it. A few months later I stumbled on the site yet again and mentioned it to the hubby. So as a gift I received a Garmin etrex Legend in May 05. I love it, have no other use for it besides caching, so I can't see upgrading. It came with some basic map software on it so no need to purchase any.
  20. Walk away slowly and don't look back. Otherwise you will become another casualty of Geocaching. You'll end up like many of us who browse the forums on our employer's time, think about how close that cache is to work and how it will be so easy to grab it at lunch, or on the way home. You won't be able to go anywhere without first checking for cache's in the area. When you can't go caching you'll pout (like I did this weekend). It will be a miserable existance, unless you're out caching. If you choose to stay and cache, remember you've been warned! Welcome and have fun.
  21. I too get paid to post to and read the forums. Occasionally, like now I post and read on my own time. Sometimes I get paid to plan my Saturday morning caching excursions.
  22. I think it sounds like a great idea. Enlarging a hole in a rock is not the same as sticking some sort of metal into a tree, you're not killing the rock. Besides fossil hunters go out with their little hammers and break rocks all the time looking for all sorts of little fossils. He didn't kill or break the rock, the hole would have gotten larger anyway.
  23. Thanks for asking the question, I've been wondering the same thing. I must admit even with AtlantaGal's answer I still don't get it. The TB tag that is left still has not been in any of the cache's. If you want to see people's favorite cache find, ask in the forums. However, I can see logging a travel bug through a cache though. For instance we had two travel bugs that we wanted to put into specific caches. On the day we went caching we stopped at the first cache and dropped off one of the bugs and then we went to the second cache and dropped off the other TB. When we got home and logged our finds we thought it would be a good idea to log TB #2 through the first cache we found that day. It was with us afterall. Unfortunately, we didn't think of it until after we had already dropped the TB into the cache it was residing and I couldn't pull the darn thing out and relog without making a mess of the logs. So we never did it. I guess anytime we have a TB we could log it through all caches we find until we drop the TB, but we don't. Now I wonder like JackSprat'sMom&Dad if I should log a TB through cache's I visit before I drop it. It would add mileage to the bug and the bug did travel there unless we left it at home that day then I wouldn't log it through those caches. I also am with Thrak concerning the bugs at events. We've only been to one event a month after we started to cache. I don't think we had even seen our first real TB yet. People were passing around coins and TB's but we didn't understand what to do with any of it. Lots of things to think about in this thread.
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