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  1. Another way is to look at the little envelops on the left, the envelops with a dot are threads you have posted to.
  2. Oh I know one! Is it a quick and easy cache? How about Nice Cache & Dash Do I get any points?
  3. Oops. Sorry, will do better next time. Thats what I get for not actually looking it up.
  4. I've never seen a TB with a recipe attached it's a neat idea. We're getting ready to launch some TB's so maybe I'll find my favorite recipe to attach. You may want to edit your post to remove the TB tracking number. Most TB owners go to great lengths to make sure photos of their TB have the tracking number hidden so people can't log the TB unless they actually have the TB. Replace the number with the name of the TB instead. I think you can search for a bug by it's name.
  5. Maybe he had his dates mixed up. Talk Like a Pirate day is Sept 19th: http://www.talklikeapirate.com/piratehome.html I've never heard of Talk Like the Amish Day, but it could be coming soon. To keep on topic, the lists posted earlier with abbreviations were helpful when we first started caching. Every now and then someone makes one up that we have no clue what it means. We prefer to actually spell out our thanks and the only abbreviation we use is TNLNSL or whichever applies to what we did.
  6. drbugman is a cacher in Maryland. When I've read some of his logs he always tells about the bugs he saw along the way. I try to avoid bugs and generally yell when I find one on my person. Yet I really love being in the woods, bugs just freak me out.
  7. Wow- Sorry to hear that happened to you. It happened to us once as well. We found about a dozen tiny blue baggies of white powder strewn on the ground at the National Arboretum while looking for a cache. It looked as though some one dropped them as they were not hidden and in the middle of the path. We left them there and notified the Arboretum security. We thought of picking them up, but in the end decided that we should leave them in case there was any evidence or even residue on the little baggies. Just keep caching and remember we can't change the actions of others. Drugs and crime are everywhere. If I hide a cache and a month later someone finds drugs nearby it doesn't mean I hid my cache in a dangerous place. It just means that the person who put the drugs there also liked the secluded spot. If I get continuing reports of drug or suspicous activity in the area, then I may consider removing the cache. BTW - if you found a container of drugs, you didn't find the cache. Cache containers are normally marked. added: I hope you logged a DNF with the reason why so the cache owner is aware of drug activity near the cache.
  8. Since I can't use the search function to see if anyone has already posted this, does anyone else watch The Amazing Race? I am hooked on that show and I have never been hooked on any reality show, in general I think they're stupid. Anyway, reruns of past shows air on the game show network every night at 9:00 (except Tuesdays when the current series is on CBS). Last night the teams had to ride a camel and use a GPSr to navigate their way to the next check point. They were given the yellow Garmins. I thought that was pretty cool.
  9. Our team consists of me and my husband. I usually do the online logging, but he has on occasion. He usually writes in the log book, but I have on occasion. In the forums it is always me because I have access to a computer all day long and he does not. He has never gone caching w/o me, but I have stopped at a few on my way home from work without him and I always sign as the team. There is one cache we haven't been able to find that he plans to go back to after work one day without me, if he finds it he will sign as our team. We have been a team for 20 years now so it just made sense to be a caching team as well.
  10. Not directed at you Robert. Snoogans said his patience was near an end, I thought he might be getting a bit ticked. So I thought I'd let people know what I did with absolutely wonderful results. I was under the impression that the second paper issue was mailed a while ago and I hadn't gotten one. That is why I emailed Today's Cacher. If anyone wants to know the email address that got me results just let me know. Dawn
  11. Can I have 'Briars all around' for $400.00 please?
  12. I was wondering about my second issue of Today's Cacher too. I tried Today's Cacher online and the contact us button, but my email was returned with a message that the inbox was too full. So I went to my paypal account and verified when I sent the funds and I emailed the address listed on my paypal acount. That address happened to be directly to Jerry Carter (President/Publisher). I explained that I paid for a year's subscription, when I paid via paypal, and that I have not received my 2nd issue. He was very nice and I received my 2nd issue yesterday. I originally emailed him on 9 Dec. so not a bad turn around. Don't get mad or angry, just send a nice email.
  13. Hi- We have 4 cats. One who acts llike a dog, he chases balls and brings them back (very odd). We live in Maryland. If you still want pictures of pets let me know and I can send an email to your parents. Good luck with your experiment. Team Red Oak
  14. There's a cache that is kicking our butts and we've logged DNF's twice so far. We know the cache is there and we've found other cache's by this same hider and we know he is a mean evil person. But I look forward to looking for and finding his caches. Someone even found the cache the same day we posted a DNF which really irks me especially since this find was only number 6 for them! We like to log DNF's usually because there is some story to go along with it. I just hope my DNF logs entertain the owner and the cachers who are thinking of looking for it. Each log is part of the cache history so I never erase them or cahnge them either. If we look for a cache and had to call it quits before we searched completely we still log DNF, but tell why we had to quit searching. That way the owner will know they don't need to check on the cache. If there was another cacher in the area who didn't approach the site because someone was in the area then they know it was us not finding the cache. There is once that we didn't bother logging. We were traveling and noticed a cache nearby. When we parked the car in the area we saw we still had almost a mile to hike to the cache. It was getting late and dark so we decided not to go look. We didn't even get out of the car, so we didn't bother to log anything.
  15. They mean we've accomplished something other than sitting on the couch all day. When we first started to cache we thought the smiles were for finding a cache. But after reading logs like we drove by, or we saw where it once was we know we were mistaken.
  16. I wore my husbands Carhardt jacket to the 'Xtreme' cache in my area that has no path and you have to bushwack through brambles that are the worst I've ever seen. Nothing stuck to the jacket and I didn't feel a thing as I plowed my way through. After reading this thread I wish I would have had a pair of pants as well.
  17. This is probably a long shot but do you happen to have a recliner? We once lost our TV remote and 2 years later found it while we were moving. It slid down the back of our recliner and was in the fabric pocket so it never dropped to the floor. Maybe it could be there if you were using while sitting in the recliner. Which just seems wrong some how.
  18. I found a trackable wooden coin in a cache recently. I logged it out of the cache and yesterday I dropped into a cache but I can't find the NNY website again. I did write down the number of the coin just not the web address. So could someone let me know the NNY Geocacher's website? thanks
  19. For the most part I can't cache alone, not because I don't want to, I just can't. Occasionally I'll find a cache I can stop by on the way home from work and if I see it is in what seems to be a safe area I'll get out of my car and look. But normally I end up driving away. I envy all of you who can cache solo, when I was a kid I always went into the woods alone to hike and I loved the peace and quiet. In 1985 I lived in Texas and I worked at a mall. The store I worked at was a larger retail store and stayed open until 10:00 during the holiday season. One night I had to close, I clocked out and I was right behind a group of co-workers but when I got to the parking lot they were all gone. The only thing I can think is that they had someone waiting to pick them up (they were older women). So I found myself on the curb alone looking across the parking lot at my car parked near a light. I didn't see anyone else. I thought of turning back, but the door had already closed behind me and was locked so no one could enter from the outside and I didn't recall anyone else behind me so I took note of my surroundings. I saw Cheryl's car was still in the parking lot even though I knew she was already gone, then I saw her sitting in the passenger seat of a car parked right in front of my car but backed in. There was a small barrier with a tree between our cars but I could see the parking lights of the car she was in were on. So I stepped off the curb and started to walk to my car. I don't know where the guy came from but he was soon behind me and I knew he was there before I saw or heard him. So I slowed down to let him pass me. He did pass me and I noticed there were other vehicles parked farther down the row so I turned towards my car and unlocked the door. Next thing I know I am being shoved into my car and I am being told to shut up and I won't get hurt (yeah right!). He was trying to push me into the passenger seat, but the stick shift was against the small of by back. Somehow I had managed to turn and face him. I tried kicking him in the nutz but kept missing although I was kicking him. I was screaming and then my right hand came free enough to honk my horn which I did over and over. Finally the guy stopped and I jumped out of my car. I think he stopped because Cheryl and her boyfriend finally heard the horn and got out of the car. I was screaming and the guy ran to a light blue ford pick up truck. Cheryl ran to me and her boyfriend jumped back into his car and gave chase. In the end the guy was never caught and the police said they would file this as a sexual assault even though nothing happened. As they said - what else would his intentions have been. So had I been packing I would not have been able to reach it in the cramped space I was in. Possibly mace would have helped if I had been carrying it in my hand. Since this was before remote entry I probably would have stuck the mace in my coat pocket while I unlocked my car door. What helped me? Just plain fighting back. To this day I sometimes have a terrible problem with people walking up behind me when I am alone. There doesn't seem to be any trigger to my behavior. One day I'll be fine walking somewhere alone and a week later I'll try to walk the same place and I'll be almost crippled with fear. The day after Thanksgiving I did manage to go into the woods alone to take coords for a spot we want to place a cache. But after a while I started getting spooked and it was all I could do not to run like heck outta there and back to my car. Why do I bother telling this horrible story? Just to emphasize that no matter what you have with you, I think you're only going to get out of a situation with your wits and your ability to fight back. Being prepared is always a good idea carry anything that makes you feel safer. But there is no guarentee you'll be able to use your weapon of choice. Also my story shows the 'you're more likely to be attacked in mall parking lot theory'.
  20. I have to groan at the above post. We've only been caching a short while so we haven't experienced the 'wow I've cahced there' feeling. We did live in Germany for several years and we loved to travel off the beaten path. So I have looked up caches in Germany near where we used to live places we visited and all we can say is that we wish we had known about geocaching when we were there. We've actually been to many cache sites and didn't even know it. Well I guess that means we have to back some day.
  21. There's a cache hidden in the city where I grew up. As soon as I read the cache page I knew where the cache was. I haven't been there yet to check it out, but when I visit my mom I plan to try and grab it without my GPSr, if I have problems then I'll turn the thing on and find it. If I sign the log I get the smiley with or with out a GPSr.
  22. You know the thread is going to be loads of fun when the llamas arrive, what's a party without llamas?
  23. Always log DNF even when we have several on the same cache, will eventually resolve all DNF with a find, but leave the DNF logs on the cache page. We didn't find it unless we sign the log so no padding smilies in our account. Always log online when we get home, but I'm real slow at putting up pictures. Even though I may cuss about certain hiders when I'm out searching for their caches I will always be polite when we meet. After all the more you make me cuss in the field, the more likely I am to want to try and find your caches.
  24. After Halloween I was at Wal-Mart and picked up a bunch of glo sticks for 25 cents each, they also had sets of 5 plastic cups with skulls on them and vampire blood make-up for 25 cents. We've dropped off the vampire blood and several glo sticks, but we'll need a larger cache for the cups. Many times you can find little compasses and stuff in a sale bin too. Do you live near a Marshall's store? Sometimes they have small picture frames or useless little do-dads that are inexpensive. What about a thrift store for used paperbacks in decent condition? Or even other interesting items. My daughter works at Old Navy and they sell key chains and things up near the register, sometimes they go on sale (she also gets a discount). There are a few ideas for you.
  25. Glad we could help spread the addiction. Had a great time and would love to do it again, your neck of the woods or ours.
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